Reaper of the Martial World
1057 Master 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1057 Master 4

"How is your Array Alchemy?"

Dyon smiled. "I should be comparable to a 6th stage Comet expert."

This was the first time Dyon had spoken in hours. When the geniuses heard his words, they choked on their own air before they began cleaning out their ears to make sure they had heard correctly.

Under 1000 years old? 6th stage comet expert? No matter what secondary profession he was referring to, it was too ridiculous!

If they had known that he was talking about array alchemy as a whole, they'd be even more surprised. This was definitely not the same as succeeding in either formation theory or alchemy theory.

They were certain he had to be lying, but when the 25th White Mother nodded seriously with a tinge of pride in her eyes they couldn't help but breathe out the breath they had been involuntarily holding.

One had to know the sheer rarity of comet level experts were. Moon, Planet and Star level experts were almost non-existence. In addition, comet level experts were already good enough to create treasures and pills suitable for use for dao formation level experts.

In addition, the gap between the grandmaster stage and the comet stage was like heaven and earth. That wasn't even mentioning the gap between the first and second comet stages, let alone the first and sixth stages. It was simply too inconceivable.

Even if their clan's elders were here, they would have no choice but to address Dyon as a peer instead of a junior. What the hell was going on?!

It had to be said, even the greatest expert of the secondary professions here were Moon level experts at the very best. There were no Planet or Star level experts. For Dyon to be such a young Comet level expert… His future was with a ceiling!

"Your cultivation is still lacking, but I understand that it's because you've been sealed. You will comprehension surprises even me, you're on an excellent path, my little disciple."

"Do you know how long?" Dyon asked vaguely, not wanting them to understand.

"With the help of the tower, I can see how long it'll take you to be unsealed, yes. You still need about 15 more years. It seems that the difficulty is increased by the infusion of that strange energy, is that really Primordial Energy?"

Dyon nodded. He didn't know how the Energy Core did it so quickly, but it had complete sucked away the Primordial Energy of an entire universe away for his use. It was truly baffling. The entity needed millions of years to integrate the energy of their universe, but the Energy Core had done it in seconds.

Of course, there were a few key differences.

For one, it only took the Primordial Energy, which is still a far cry from the sum total of all energies. Secondly, it didn't refine the energy, it only absorbed it, which is, again, different from what the entity is doing.

Dyon's master smiled, almost as though she was saying goodbye. She had given Dyon everything he needed, it was time for them to separate once again.

At that moment, Dyon felt a weight on his chest, before he began to get agitated. He wanted to find a way to tell his master to enter his Mind's Eye and rest there. Although he didn't have enough energy to support both of their souls, if his master went into a deep slumber, it wouldn't affect him at all. Then he could use the technique he received to construct a new body for her as an apology for all the times her soul was shattered because of him.

However, explaining that aloud was definitely difficult. Letting others know that he had this ability would be far too troublesome.

Just as Dyon was wracking his brain to find a way to say what he needed to say in a way only his master would understand, he thought of something. It would be dangerous, and would likely cause him to be attacked from all sides, but it was definitely worth it.

"Senior, we can begin resonance now."

The 25th White Mother was stunned as she involuntarily looked around at all the geniuses that were here. If Dyon had his soul and wills unsealed, she wouldn't be so worried, but this was a reality that she couldn't change.

On top of this, because Dyon's soul was sealed, he couldn't resonate with her. So what was he thinking?

The 25th White Mother's eyes widened with realization. 'He must want me to enter his Mind's Eye? But why?'

Hearing these words though, the geniuses involuntarily reached for their weapons. Normally, they wouldn't dare to lightly offend Dyon, however, there was another reason to attack someone that was resonating.

If one defeats a person during their resonance, it was possible to fight over the legacy before it was able to return to the statue. This was why they all stayed here despite not having the necessary soul talent to gain the legacy voluntarily.

On top of this, they felt Dyon was far too arrogant. He could have said his second profession ranking silently. He could have also said that he wanted to begin resonance silently too. Yet, he had said both of these things aloud. They, as geniuses themselves, saw this as a slap to the face!

Cullen and Amory shook their heads, backing away to watch the show. Their thoughts were clear. They would definitely not participate, not after seeing Dyon's clash with Anak. They needed to see what was real and what wasn't first.

Just as the geniuses were preparing to attack, yet distortion of the nearby fog occurred, causing all of their eyes to follow. When they saw the group of tailed individuals, the simply nodded and turned their attention back.

The moment Dyon turned back his whole body froze before a deep killing intent shook the world around them.

"You can begin senior." Dyon said without turning back to his master.

Aki Void's gaze met Dyon's, causing him to be stunned. Especially the momentum of his killing intent, he suddenly felt the need to turn tail and run.

However, he quickly regained his composure. He had the most powerful members of the Kitsune Clan with him, if he caught Dyon, or even killed him, getting to Ri would be far easier.

His features steeled. "Kill!"


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