Reaper of the Martial World
1056 Master 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1056 Master 3

"Don't even think of going now." The innocent appearance of Dyon's master disappeared, replaced by a very serious expression that more matched the maturity of her main body. "The Legacy World is designed to be difficult for even dao formation experts. Going now will just get you killed. Also, the key for opening the Legacy World is hidden with our long-time allies, Soul Rending Peak."

Dyon wanted to explain the change of the situation in the Soul Rend Quadrant, but if he spoke aloud, it would reveal too many secrets to those standing around. He could only nod as his master streamed more and more information into his mind.

"My main soul likely sealed away the true reason our sect was destroyed, and for good reason. The secret isn't something you should have to hold until you become powerful. The fact that a transcendent came down personally, paying a heavy price even by his metrics, should be enough of a clue.

"You have to understand that the entity chained within our Earth is no normal transcendent. Even on that plane of existence, he was among the three most powerful. If his plan succeeds, he'll be completely unmatched.

"I'm sorry that master can't help you personally, but the only way to win against the entity is for some on this plane to become powerful enough to destroy his body. If we can't accomplish this, I'm afraid that there's no hope left…"

Dyon frowned deeply. Even a former dao expert like Elder Daiyu couldn't even enter a million mile radius of that entity's body. Dyon, himself, had personally stepped a single foot into that inner world at the center of Earth and began trembling with fear at just the simple sight of his hand.

This was a man with a body capable of completely filling the center of a planet that was millions of miles in circumference and still seem massive.

On top of that, if the 25th White Mother's story was correct, the entity had even allowed himself to be caught. Now, Dyon was supposed to become strong enough to destroy the body of a transcendent ranked within the top three on even their plane, all while not transcending himself? What a terrible joke.

When Dyon thought about how this entity was actually the second disciple of the old man, he felt an even bigger headache coming on. If even that man couldn't handle him, what was Dyon supposed to do?

The 25th White Mother sighed. "The only reason we stood a semblance of a chance is because the entity was heavily suppressed. The laws of the universe wouldn't allow a transcendent to run rampant in this plane. However, that doesn't change the fact that the strength of his body is unfathomable.

"Master doesn't say this to scare you, I only want you to be properly prepared. The only chance you have is faith energy."

Dyon blinked. Faith energy?

"The best way to surpass the limits of your cultivation, gaining battle power to overwhelm the heavens is by working with the power of faith. A Legatee of an Emperor God Clan who is, say, a third grade saint expert, could fight on par with a loose cultivator of the second grade saint level. That boost cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately, a mere Emperor God Clan isn't enough…

"Assuming that you become a half-step transcendent before attempting to destroy his body, to reach the power level of such a strong transcendent… I can't even imagine the strength of clan that would require."

Dyon took a deep breath. Anyone else who heard this would be filled with despair, but when he was backed against a wall, he only had one goal: to find the way to succeed. Even if he needed to conquer every remaining universe to succeed, he would do it!

Seeing the fighting spirit lit in Dyon's eyes, the 25th White Mother's illusory eyes threatened to glisten with tears. If she was in her true body, it would definitely be streaming down her face by now.

The good news is that the time needed to integrate the Gama energy of an entire universe was astronomical. One had to remember that the talent supplied at the creation of a universe wasn't just for a fixed point in time, that same energy had to support that universe for the trillions upon trillions of years it existed, from its very first day, to its very last. The idea of absorbing all of that energy was simply mind boggling.

Dyon would make sure to use every bit of that time to his advantage. Only a few thousand years had passed since he began this integration… Dyon would make sure to make that bastard pay for his complacency.

Dyon's master went on to explain many more things. Everything from points in cultivation, to warnings about the mysterious organization that the entity had help him descend. Hours passed by as the geniuses didn't dare to do anything. Since the resonance had clearly not begun yet, there was no benefit in attacking Dyon yet, so they simply waited, very much confused about what the masked man and the 25th White Mother could have to talk about for so long.

Of course, they all assumed that Dyon was communicating with her secretly, while the reality of the matter was that only the 25th White Mother was speaking.

By the time she finally finished, the 25th White Mother had a sad expression on her features. "I don't have a legacy to give you that isn't already in your memories. When your soul unseals, you can use The Seal to pry the rest of my memories open and you can gain many useful insights and techniques."


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