Reaper of the Martial World
1055 Master 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1055 Master 2

The 25th White Mother truly lived up to her name. She wore a long white gown that blended into her flowing white hair. Her white, gem-like eyes were gentle and inviting, all while giving off the air of an expert. And her features were soft and delicate, beaming with air of innocence that lacked in the distinctly mature aura Dyon felt the first time he met his master. Clearly, this was a much younger version of her.

Despite being the younger version of herself, how could the 25th White Mother not recognize her own disciple? Just like the spirits, she was well aware of what her main body, or in this case, main soul experienced.

However, she could only sigh. She very much wanted the world to know that this was her disciple, but she was also highly intelligent. The fact Dyon was wearing a mask right now only meant one thing: he wanted to hide his identity.

That said, this wouldn't stop her from communicating with Dyon quietly.

"Why do you look so sad? Is your master's appearance so ugly?" The 25th White mother joked.

Dyon couldn't help but chuckle lightly. He liked this version of his master, she still retained much of her youthfulness. It was just unfortunate that he couldn't communicate with her back without speaking aloud.

"Of course not. If Senior wasn't already married, I would definitely take senior as my wife."

The surrounding geniuses couldn't believe their ears. Cullen had just now fallen into a depression because he even slightly alluded to such a thing, but this mysterious masked man didn't have any qualms at all!

The most shocking part was that they had all tried their luck to get the 25th White Mother to appear, showing off their abilities and talents one by one, yet all he had done was bow?!

It was at that moment that they remembered, this masked man was known as a weapon's crafting genius. Or, rather, everyone assumed that he was given the bandaged package on his back. Therefore, his soul talent had to be the reason she appeared so quickly. Right?

However, at this point, they all sneered inwardly. With his words just now, how could he still have the right to earn her legacy? This was no different than insulting the 25th White Mother.

Who didn't know how seriously women of the martial world had to take their reputation? Aside from those who followed seductive paths of cultivation, no woman dared to be loose with her words, nor with the words she accepted. There was no shortage of jealous men waiting in the wings to insult the women who rejected them. They were disgusting low-lives, yes, but they still existed.

In the next instant though, they were all stunned once more, because the 25th White Mother actually began to laugh!

Even if they were hundreds of times smarter, they would never guess that Dyon was her disciple.

For one, any disciple that the 25th White Mother took should have definitely been making waves in the world by now considering that it had been thousands of years since she died. Either that, or they would have perished along with the Celestial Deer Sect.

Secondly, they had never heard of the guardian beast of the Celestial Deer Sect taking a disciple. Such an event would have been earth shattering and worthy of a large ceremony many powerful figures would be invited to.

Lastly, who joked with their masters like this? Most master-disciple relationships were one of stiff respect and protocol. Not many truly became as they should be… Not many became like the mother to son relationship Dyon and the 25th White Mother had.

Although Dyon and the 25th White Mother hadn't spent long together, every time they were brought together was for an event neither one of them would forget in their lives. Not to mention the fact that the 25th White Mother had secretly followed Dyon for years, hidden with The Seal, waiting for the right time to reveal herself. They were closer than what simple time could provide.

After their brief exchange, the 25th White Mother began to speak again.

"I know you came for the core teachings of our Celestial Deer Sect, how, if I had them, I would have given them to you a long time ago," She spoke sadly. She wanted to help her disciple, but she couldn't. It made her feel like she didn't deserve to have such a talented Dyon under her wing.

"The truth is that our sect master destroyed the core teachings and erased its truths from our memories before the sect fell. He then the final copy, along with his own Legacy World to the Soul Rend Quadrant. Our final core teachings are hidden there.

"According to the year it is, and calculating the orbits of the universes, planets and galaxies…" The 25th White Mother spoke quickly, using an ancient calculation means to provide Dyon the exact position of the Legacy World.

"You don't have to be in too much of a hurry. Orbits of such large bodies are very slow, so at least for the next ten thousand years, the position I've given you won't be too far from what I've told you. But, you'll have to recalculate the position of the planet when the time comes, or else you'll have to search the entire solar system."


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