Reaper of the Martial World
1053 Nascent 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1053 Nascent 3

Deadly aurora flames surged from Dyon's hand as he extracted it from a stone, piercing through his body and arriving within his Mind's Eye.

The violent flames wrapped around the Holy Princess' half torn body, forcefully dragging her out against her will.

Dyon's eyes were blinded by rage, completely reddening with pulsing veins of golden blood. From within his spatial ring, he pulled out what looked like a spherical array.

Inside, there was an odd spirit. It seemed to be screaming in agony, constantly forming then collapsing as though it had lost its mind.

This array was something Dyon had created the last time he was blinded by rage. It housed Matriarch Niveus, the woman responsible for annihilating his homeland. He hadn't allowed her soul to be dissipated, instead, she had been constantly tortured for her deeds for the last 14+ years. 14 years of torture might have made the mind of a normal mortal collapse by now, but one had to remember that Matriarch Niveus had lived for over 9800 years, 14 years was too short of a punishment for her.

When the Holy Princess was pulled out of Dyon's Mind's Eye, this was the very first thing she saw. By this point, how could she not be absolutely certain that Dyon was some sort of reincarnated demon? He was evil to the point of being will to torture this poor senior for who knows how long?

"Evil! Scoundrel!" The Holy Princess screamed out and struggled, but it meant next to nothing.

In one swift motion, she was thrown in along with Matriarch Niveus, their screams becoming one before being shoved back into Dyon's spatial ring.

Even after doing this, Dyon's rage still hadn't seemed to subside.

His fists flew forward, smashing heavily into the Holy Princess' statue.


A violent torrential rain of punches bombarded the statue, but the material was simply too tough. Even with Dyon's strongest power, there was no hope in denting it. But, he still let all of his emotions go. He hated the feeling of being powerless, yet that feeling seemed to be happening more and more often. Even if he didn't die just now, whose to say that the next expert who deems his life meaningless wouldn't succeed?


Emotions Dyon had buried for a long time surged upward. Thoughts of his home being destroyed with the flick of a finger. Images of Amphorae giving her life to save him. Flashes of Luna's last smile before she committed suicide.

"Calm down!" The Dragon King's ancient voice sounded in Dyon's mind. Although he much preferred his master's demonic side, as a weapon, he was bound by heaven's rules. Since he was aware that Dyon didn't want to fall to such a side, then he had an obligation to stop him.

The voice snapped Dyon back to reality. He could only stare down at the now exposed bone of his blood drenched fists, clenching them tightly.

Dyon didn't care what reasons the Holy Princess had, as far as he was concerned, she could rot in hell along with Matriarch Niveus for all of eternity. In the martial world, intent never mattered as much as the result, so what obligation did Dyon have to forgive her? If he was too weak, he would be dead. Then who would have to forgive who?

"Dyon!" Two voices rang in Dyon's ears as imaged of Clara and Ri appeared in the skies. Although there weren't any Sapientia relay towers here, their distance from each other was close enough that it didn't matter.

Dyon shook his head. "I'm fine. Those who should be paying for their mistakes are paying for them."

The two women sighed in relief.

"What happened?" Clara couldn't help but ask.

Seeing their worried expressions, Dyon could only explain briefly. Despite the fact he had kept out most of the details, the two beauties couldn't help but pale in fright. Were they really that close to losing their husband?

"We should be together." Ri spoke up. If she and Clara had been there, maybe things wouldn't have happened like that. At the very least, they could have vouched for Dyon's character.

Dyon sighed. "Clara, it's best you help Ri claim the legacy. That Chrysanthemum, although she lost an exchange with Little Feu Glace, isn't so far behind her that she would lose if Ri was distracted by a resonance."

Although Dyon didn't want the connection between Clara, Ri and him to be known before, after thinking about it, he preferred to take the risk in order to make sure Ri was protected. After all, there was no one questioning Ri's origins since it was confirmed that she was a member of the Snow Clan, they could just pass off Ri and Clara becoming friends as a coincidental meeting.

Clara nodded. "I've already refined that dome treasure you gave me. No one will come even close to us."

Dyon had decided to give the treasure he stole from Lilith to Clara. After all, with his soul sealed, he couldn't properly refine it. At the same time, it could give them an added layer of protection. It was especially suited to Clara's fighting style.

"Oh, also, I found your master's statue a few days ago," Clara suddenly said, "But the range on the necklaces was too short for me to contact you then. There are already a few people fighting over her then, so you should hurry over."

Dyon nodded. He wasn't too worried, after all, his master had been here for thousands of years already. It was obvious she wouldn't pick someone easily. It was likely that people were only fighting over her because she was relatively new compared to the other statues here. What he was more interested in was why the saint floors had such powerful individual.

Either way, his fists were itching. His rage still hadn't subsided yet so he was really curious to find out what fools dare to try and take his master's legacy from him.


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