Reaper of the Martial World
1052 Nascent 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1052 Nascent 2

There was a reason why remnant souls that took the form of the experts they represented were called spirits and not souls. This was because the image they projected wasn't their true form. If it was their true form, what everyone would see was a vague, gaseous blob of energy, similar to what Dyon saw in the Elvin Tombs.

Those spirits had been dead for so long that they had forgotten their true forms and instead became blobs of lights. The only reason the Holy Princess could remember her form for so long was because she resided within her own statue, how could she forget her form if she lived within it?

However, this baby was the true form of Dyon's soul. It had already, inexplicably, taken form already. And, the most devastating part, and the part that confused the Holy Princess the most, was that she didn't sense the other soul auras here.

The reason she was so confident that Dyon had used an evil technique was because his soul talent was divided into too facets. She had never heard of someone having so many weapon's spirits, then to on top of the have two flame spirits, a heavenly lightning spirit, a sovereign spirit, and an eye spirit. They followed too many diverging paths and couldn't possibly come from a single person. It didn't make sense.

If this nascent soul was the accumulation of those various soul talents, although it would still be surprising, it would at least have an explanation. But, the aura of this soul was too condensed, too pure, to be from more than one person.

'He has to have a method of cleansing away the auras of others before incorporating their talents unto himself. If not, then his personality would have already been overrun by the thoughts and opinions of all of the poor souls that he's absorbed up to now. He needs to die!'

The Holy Princess' delicate hand stretched forward, condensing the soul energy she had once held in her previous life. Even as a remnant soul, her power was not to be underestimated. Dyon's master was capable of blocking a blast from a pseudo heavenly treasure and saving Dyon's life as a remnant soul, let alone the remnant soul of a Holy Princess who had had the protection of the tower.

In the outside world, Dyon's body began to tremble violently. It wasn't out of pain, or injury, but rather an unbridled rage.

The momentum and air of an expert shrouded him, encompassing the entirety of the valley.

The geniuses froze in place. This sort of air, this sort of suppression, it was something they had only felt when they dealt with their family and sect elders.

No! It was worse than that. It was more arrogant, fiercer. It was filled with a Presence and untouchable confidence that stood against the world.

Dyon's inner world shook violently as his manifestation began to roar into the skies. It wanted to get out, it wanted to leave its restraints. It didn't care that its soul was still sealed, it didn't care that it wasn't time for the Sanctuary to be unveiled yet. It wasn't the world to know that it existed, that it was enraged, that there wasn't a single person in existence that it was willing to bow to.

In the distance, in an unknown corner of the core valley, Anak raised his head to the skies as his eyes reddened. His body was fiercely trembling, except unlike Dyon, it was due to involuntary fear. His mind was roaring in anger, but his blood was recoiling, burrowing into his body and digging into its crevices to hide.

He had no doubt in his mind who was causing this scene. It wasn't only him who knew, but every other member of his Emperor Giant Clan as well.

His fists clenched. "I'll definitely kill you and wash away this shame! Since my blood wants to fear yours, I'll simply take it!"

Of those who felt what was going on, Ri and Clara looked up with a frown. With their soul connection to Dyon, how could they not know that this was him? However, at the same time, they could feel his anger. What happened for Dyon to be so angry?

Within Dyon's Mind's Eye, the Holy Princess��� attack had finished charging. Her spirit form had dimmed considerably and she was already facing the backlash, however, she had long since steeled her resolve.

"Don't blame me." The Holy Princess spoke coldly. "Blame your past evil actions. You reap what you sow. You don't deserve a next life."

Just as the Holy Princess was about to unleash her attack, a brilliant array formation appeared, protecting the golden baby.

The Holy Princess trembled with shock, quickly retracting her attack. But, it was too late.

Her arm shattered to pieces, half of her body dissipating in an instant.

"The Seal?!..." She coughed violently as her spirit paled considerably, losing more than 80% of its power in an instant. What a horrible ending for her, she had tried to use a soul-based attack on a person who had their soul protected by a weapon of the 33 heavens as a mere remnant soul? Wasn't she asking for death?

Was this really how she would die? How could such an evil man be so lucky? To monopolize one of the legendary 33 weapons as a youth of barely 30 years old? These weapons were even world shattering on the transcendent plane, let alone here!

"GET OUT HERE!" Suddenly a voice filled with rage made the Holy Princess tremble with fear. Because she had broken the rules of the tower, she had lost its protection and her soul was already dissipating. If this evil man decided to imprison and torture her, there was nothing she could do!


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