Reaper of the Martial World
1051 Nascent 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1051 Nascent 1

Dyon's body seized. At that moment, there was no doubt in his mind that he would die.

Memories flashed by, his entire life being put on display. What a joke, he was only 30 years old, yet the first 13 years of his life was spent in a room filled with computers and the last 13 years was spent putting his life on the line for the sake of becoming stronger. He had spent a total of 2 years in a coma, all after fighting some of the hardest battles in his life. It could be said that he had only truly lived for 2 years total…

He regretted too much. He regretted not spending more time with his wives, he regretted not accepting Clara earlier, he regretted not being able to find Amphorae, he regretted not being able protect his friends, his family.

Then Dyon felt anger. Who was this Holy Princess to arbitrarily cast judgement? Who was she to take his life away? Even if the Holy Goddess herself was here, she wouldn't have that right!

An overwhelming pressure swept toward Dyon's soul, threatening to crush it to dust.

The Holy Princess Spirit appeared in Dyon's Mind's Eye. In order to bypass the restrictions of the tower, she had to pay a very heavy price, but this just proved her willingness to sacrifice everything all for the sake of killing Dyon. She would have her existence wiped out completely, without any hope for the karma she had gained over her life carrying over, nor would it matter due to the fact she would lose the ability to be reincarnated at all.

However, what she had sensed when she checked Dyon's soul was something that she couldn't ignore. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for her to see through Dyon to that level, however, the tower gave the spirits the ability to do so. When that was coupled with her own overwhelming insights, seeing the fact that Dyon's soul was actually the compiled talent of many was simple.

With a Holy Princess's depth of experience, how could she not know how evil a technique capable of doing such a thing was? The worst part was that when she entered Dyon's body, she realized that it wasn't just his soul that was like this, it was also his body. Just thinking about all of the sacrifices needed to raise a person's talent to this level made her tremble with an uncontrollable rage. She had never felt this angry in her life!

In truth, the Holy Princess was not wrong. There was no doubt that the technique Dyon benefitted from was of the utmost evil. How could the sealing of the talent of an entire universe of people for your own benefit not be an evil technique?

However, she had still falsely accused Dyon. What she believed was that Dyon had done this knowingly, but she was completely wrong.

That said, how could she understand the nuance of the situation. And, even if Dyon knew that this was the case, he still wanted to tear this ignorant Holy Princess limb from limb. How could he care if it was an honest mistake? He would make anyone who dared to try and take him away from this life pay their debt in full.

The Holy Princess weaved through the world of gold, seeking out the center of Dyon's Mind's Eye. She couldn't help but be surprised about how vast Dyon's Mind's Eye was, but this only further angered her. How else could it be so large if not for the evil technique he used?

The Mind's Eye was the Aurora, not the soul itself. However, it was the easiest way to access someone's soul, especially with the spirit form that the Holy Princess was in.

It wasn't long before she had reached the core of the world. Although a lot of time seemed to have passed within, the truth was that the sound of her berating Dyon outside was still echoing.

When the core of the Mind's Eye was displayed for her, her eyes widened once more. She saw a soul in the form of a child nestled in its mother's wombs, chained with fierce diamond chains, etched with complex arrays beyond even her comprehension.

The baby curled in on itself, sucking its thumb and sleeping soundly, completely unaware of the danger it was in. It was as though the chains weren't wrapped around it at all, either that, or they felt as comfortable as a blanket.

The Holy Princess was stunned. How could the soul of such an evil person have such an innocent appearance? And the soul wasn't supposed to take form until one reached the Half-Step Transcendent stage, at which point the baby would have to awaken in order for one to call down the energies of the transcendent plane in order to transcend. So, how could the soul of a mere essence gatherer have reached this level already? Even if his soul strength was at the Celestial Level, it was still far away from this stage.

It had to be said that the manifestation of a soul and its true form were two completely different concepts. Dyon's manifestation was overbearing and filled with majesty, but that was only in comparison to souls of this plane of existence. In terms of the transcendent plane? It was nothing more than an innocent baby…


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