Reaper of the Martial World
1050 Scoundrel 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1050 Scoundrel 3

Dyon sat down cross legged before the statue, looking up at her beautiful carved features.

"Shouldn't you at least talk to me lady?" Dyon said after more than half an hour had passed. He had never been blatantly ignored by a statue. Even within the inner valley, as long as he stopped before a statue, with his talent, he would definitely get a response. This was even more so for soul cultivation based statues.

However, he was still greeted by silence.

'Could it be that her soul really has disappeared? I don't have the ability to check that…'

Without his soul, Dyon's senses were far too dulled. That didn't even mention the various protections that the remnant souls here received. But, none of that should matter. Dyon dared to say that there wasn't a single other person in existence with as much soul talent as him, if this princess didn't choose him, then who could she possibly choose? Was she that insistent on picking a woman?

It was possible that her legacy was one that only women could practice, but even in that case, Dyon would want it so that he could give it to his wives. The more protection they had, the better. At least then he could worry a little bit less about them.

But this core region was also quite curious. By all rights, if Aritzia was correct, even one of the Holy Arc's Princesses should have been worth far more than the mere saint floors. If Dyon thought his master was worth more, how could the junior sister of his master's ancestor not be?

Dyon sighed, getting up and dusting himself off. He couldn't stay here forever waiting for something that wasn't going to happen.

As he was about to walk away, he suddenly had an evil idea. "If you don't come out after this, you're either more tolerant than you should be, or your soul really has dissipated after all this time."

Dyon grinned as he walked up to the statue, rubbing his hands.

With a single leap, two black wings appeared on his back. In the next moment, he was hovering above the towering chest of statue. Unfortunately, there was no deep ravine to look down into due to the conservative dress of the Holy Princess. However, that didn't stop Dyon from stretching out a hand coated in aurora flames.

As Dyon's hand grew closer, he almost felt as though he saw the statue vibrate. But, it disappeared instantly, so Dyon thought he had perceived something that wasn't there.

"Alright, Holy Princess. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Dyon's evil hands touched flushed against the cold stone breast, pouring aurora flames into it.

The statue began to vibrate violently. This time, there was no mistaking it, it had definitely moved.

Dyon grinned evilly. "I'm not letting go until you come out." Using the aurora flames took a toll on him, but it was definitely worth it. It was only with them that Dyon could make the remnant spirit feel as though it was actually being touched.

"Y – Y – You SCOUNDREL!"

An adorable voice that sounded more like it came from a teen than a mighty Holy Princess sounded out as a spirit appeared with furiously blushing cheeks.

The Holy Princess had never in her life been treated this way. Everyone who visited her statue was filled with the utmost respect, even when she ignored them all, none of them dared to say a word of disrespect. It had already been millions of years, yet she had never heard anyone ever say anything negative about her. How could things go from that, to her being groped by someone she saw as nothing more than a child?!

"Stop raging," Dyon rolled his eyes. "It's not like I enjoyed."

The spirit grit her teeth in anger. Even if it was true that he was only touching stone, with her holy identity, he actually dared to say that he didn't enjoy it?!

"Leave! Or I'll… I'll…."

"You'll what?" Dyon's ears perked up. The same way the spirits were protected from the geniuses, the geniuses were also protected from the spirits. What could she do to him?

The adorable Holy Princess stuttered, not knowing what to do.

"You only have to give me your legacy, and I'll stop bothering you."


"Why not?"

"Because you're not worthy!"

"Am I not? A mere Princess of a long destroyed Holy Arc dares to still be so arrogant?"


"Do you dare to say that your soul talent is better than mine?"

The Holy Princess wanted to immediately respond with yes, but the truth was she never bothered to check Dyon's soul talent, in fact, she hadn't bothered to check anyone who had come to her statue. Her role here was much more complicated than that.

However, out of curiosity for Dyon's confidence, she decided to casually take a look.

"This…" The Holy Princess was stunned, before her face started fuming in anger. "What evil technique did you use to raise your soul talent?! How many lives did you sacrifice?! How many families did you destroy?! You! Evil! Scoundrel! Evil! Scoundrel! Evil!"

Dyon almost burst into a fit of laughter. It seemed that the only bad words this little innocent beauty knew were 'Evil' and 'Scoundrel'.

"You dare to laugh?! Even if I have to have my existence wiped from the heavens, I'll kill you and wash your evil from the world!"

Dyon's laugh froze, a sudden overwhelming danger enveloped him, leaving only one thought: death.


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