Reaper of the Martial World
1047 Alidor“s Command 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1047 Alidor“s Command 3

The Flaming Lily Army was split into about 3000 equal portions, each headed by a separate Demon General. At first, this had caused some dissatisfaction. After all, their Flaming Lily Sect was the second ranked sect of the fourth ranked quadrant, how could they allow mere helpers to command them? Especially considering they were subordinates of another genius.

However, they could only swallow their anger. Madeleine was given full control of this operation, so she had the right to make all decisions.

That said, this dissatisfaction didn't last for long. Seeing the seamless communication, innovative tactics, and sheer ease of it all baffled them. How could they not be convinced after conquering two towers in a mere three days?

At the moment, two-thirds of the army had remained in Flaming Lily Sect territory, prepared to launch an offensive on Rainbow Flame Tower at any given moment. This left 1000 Demon Generals and their subordinates for this offensive. With about 10 000 young geniuses to every grouping, they had ten million for this attack.

Despite this number, it had to be remembered that they were dealing with the combined forces of not one, but three Emperor God Sects on top of the fact the number of geniuses the Golden Crow sect far outweighed that of the other two sects, and was slightly more than the Flaming Lily Sect. Considering the armies guarding the two towers they had reconquered had long since retreated, it wouldn't be long before they all regrouped for a total of more than a hundred million enemies, this was why launching this offensive so quickly was necessary. The Flaming Lily army had used a vast amount of resources laying teleportation formations down to get here as quickly as possible.

The combined armies of the Flame Rebirth and Fiery Lotus Sect froze when they saw the sheer momentum of the Flaming Lily army. By the time they realized they had been intimidated into nonaction, they Flaming Lily sect was already upon them.

Gale stood in the skies with an ugly expression on his face. The roar of the Vice Commanders had intimidated even him. But, what pissed him off was that when he looked at their cultivations, they were mere lower saints. He was filled with a sense of inferiority and irreconciliation.

"Attack!" He roared into the skies, hoping to snap his army out of it. But, it was already too late.

The two armies clashed, and the opposing army immediately became a disorderly mess.

The Flaming Lily Sect cut through with practiced precision, never losing awareness of their position due to the constant reminders of their higher leveled officers. The corners of the army remained firm, not allowing any one of the armies to charge forward and collapse their wings.

Alidor's lips constantly moved, firing out an array of commands. "Maaleshiira, pull back and launch a long-ranged offensive on their right wing.

"Gaylia, be ready with your mist formation and wait for my command. Delia will be ready to help you at a moment's notice.

"Kaeda, you're moving too far forward, I need you further back to heal the front line I'll switch out in about ten minutes."

Gale and Rubrum felt completely overwhelmed. They had never seen an army work so much like a well oiled machine before, it was too baffling.

The worst part was that their armies were becoming disconnected, as though Alidor was slowly biting off piece after piece before swallowing them whole. Their casualties were running sky-high while their enemies had lost a paltry amount. The worst part was that their front lines seemed to constantly switch, immediately forcing them to deal with fresh warriors time and time again.

Gale's eyes went red as he looked into the skies. Across the battlefield, his eyes met with Rubrum as they both came to a tacit agreement before launching themselves Alidor.

Suddenly, a laughter sounded out as a red-haired man with twin black metal knives appeared before the both of them. "You think it's so easy to take the head of our Commander? Wishful thinking!��

Arios smiled wildly, it had been a long time since he unleashed. After all, he was from a family of assassins, how could he not have a murderous side?

Caedlum appeared by his side in the next moment, beating Thor to the action. His shirtless torso rippled along with his red skin, exuding an aura of murder that caused Gale and Rubrum to frown in seriousness.

No matter how arrogant the Demon Generals were, they wouldn't be so arrogant to believe that they could easily defeat a top ten disciple of a sect from the fourth ranked quadrant. They had to take this seriously.

Caedlum slammed his fists together, blasting himself toward Rubrum with a deadly momentum.

Arios didn't lag behind, brandishing his two blades and leaving a trail of fierce winds behind him as he charged toward Gale.

The Fiery Lotus and Flame Rebirth sect armies below couldn't believe what they were seeing. Just before the battle between the four men had erupted, they had all believed there was only one possible result: the win of both Gale and Rubrum. This wasn't blind faith, but rather pure logic. They were both ninth ranked inner disciples of lord level sects, their names had long since become well known on the saint floors and they had the respect that came with that, not to mention the battle power. As for Caedlum and Arios? They were relative unknowns. Who would ever think they had such battle power? It didn't make any sense!

The worst part of it all was that their supposed advantage as the tower defender wasn't having any effect. If anything, they were getting tired faster than their opponents.

It was certain that today, win or lose, everyone would come to know the name of Dyon's Demon Generals.


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