Reaper of the Martial World
1046 Alidor“s Command 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1046 Alidor“s Command 2

This was exactly what Alidor was banking on. Because of the strategic significance Rainbow Flame Tower held, the Golden Crow Sect had stationed both second ranked inner disciples of Flame Rebirth and Fiery Lotus Sect there, knowing that it was of the utmost importance to hold. Yet, the Purple Flame Tower was only defended by their tenth and ninth ranked disciples.

Of course, Alidor didn't know this for sure. He had just taken a chance on what he thought was the most logical reasoning, and in the end, he was correct.

As for the poison, what did Alidor have to fear? Not only was he, himself, an innate aurora wielder, their esteemed leader's wife was already seen as one of the most talented young alchemists in existence!


"General Gaia, they're quickly approaching, what are your orders?" A lower ranking officer respectfully lowered his head before the ninth ranked inner disciple of the Fiery Lotus Sect, who also happened to be the younger brother of Vale Gaia, their first ranked inner disciple.

"Orders?" General Gaia laughed. "What orders do you need? Crush them!"

A General of the Flame Rebirth Sect frowned, "Gale, don't be such a fool. This very same army has already taken out more powerful members of our sects already. Do you believe that they would be so stupid as to ignore the Rainbow Flame Tower if they didn't plan on dealing with the poison fogs of our Purple Flame Tower?"

Gale snorted. "Obviously. They believe that since we're the ninth and tenth ranked members of our sect's inner sanctums, that we're easy to bully. They probably think that they can defeat us before the poison settles in. They're the fools! Don't overthink things Brother Rubrum."

Rubrum paused. What Gale said was reasonable, they might assume that they were easy to deal with. However, just how many inner disciples were there in their various sects? How many geniuses had they trampled over to reach their positions? This was still the 4th ranked quadrant! Even though they were ranked ninth and tenth, there weren't many geniuses ranked below the tenth quadrant that could contend with them.

"Even still, we should be careful. At the very least, we need to find ways to slow the battle down and force them into drawing it out. Going out with intent to crush them would be detrimental to us." Rubrum finally settled on a compromise. It wasn't as though they could just sit by and do nothing.

"Good." Gale nodded, his fighting spirit igniting. "You and your junior take the east, me and mine will take the west. We'll take the aggressive approach and burst through their left wing and circle around back. You'll take the soft approach and slow their advance. By the time they realize, it'll be too late and we would have surrounded them."

The two tenth ranked juniors nodded, and their plan was set into motion.


By now, the Flaming Lily army had already advanced to the outer boundary of the Purple Flame Tower's territory.

Madeleine stood in the skies with Alidor and Delia by her side, looking down into the purple fog that lay before them. This was still a few hours before Egan Goldeen got word of their attack, so the battle had yet to begin.

While Madeleine wore her red velvet mage robes, Delia dressed in an all black gown, exuding a cold air.

Alidor's aura was retracted to the extreme, looking every bit the scholar that he was. Although he seemed stoic and with a care in the world, he was actually squirming on the inside because his little sister Kaeara, had insisted on participating along with them. She was powerful in her own right, but Alidor was too protective and never let her take any trials. If it wasn't for her constant pestering, she wouldn't have been allowed to participate this time either, but Alidor had no choice but to give in.

Madeleine smiled, seeing through Alidor quite easily. "There's no need to worry, the Demon Generals would never let anything happen to her. Let little Kaeara grow a bit."

Alidor nodded stiffly before checking over to make sure that everything was prepared.

The poison they were dealing with was tailored to be just powerful enough for a saint gate. Normally, detoxifying type pills were very rare, which was why Poison Tower of the Sapientia Corner was so popular. One can only imagine the level of complexity a pill that solved the toxin of many different poisons reached. Luckily, those lost pill formulas could be found within the [Dao of Array Alchemy]. If they were dealing with poisons that could affect celestials, it would have been impossible to deal with so easily, though.

"We have exactly 6 hours. If we can't conquer Purple Flame Tower within 5 hours, we use retreat formation and plan A." Alidor communicated with the various Vice Commanders via Dyon's array communication hub.

Unfortunately, because much of the army was comprised of Flaming Lily Sect disciples and their various friends and husbands, as well as the citizens of the Flaming Lily Universes who weren't good enough to make it into the sect, it was impossible for Alidor to implement Dyon's more complex formations. They had no choice but to keep it simple.

"Now." Alidor spoke softly.


The Vice Commander Demon Generals roared into the skies, infusing the gate with their music will.

The land seemed to tremble under their might, oscillating to their wills. Even the purple fog of poisons retracted slightly in fear.

At that moment, the Flaming Lily Sect army was filled with endless will to fight as they all charged forward.


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