Reaper of the Martial World
1045 Alidor“s Command 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1045 Alidor“s Command 1

Deep within the Golden Flame Quadrant's main gate, in the territory of the Purple Flame Tower, the flames of war were being sparked to the utmost degree. News of the Flaming Lily Sect's incoming attack had already spread, but it was met with complacency. All of the generals tasked with holding down the fort at this particular tower were all aware of the advantages they had, so why wouldn't they be complacent?

Although they weren't completely immune to the poison fog of the tower, because they were the defending party, according to the rules of the tower, the poison affected them far less than the attacking party, meaning they could expend less energy staving off the poison. Such an advantage made this tower almost impossible to conquer, which was why it had been held by the Golden Crow Sect for so long.

While Commander Goldeen, along with the first ranked inner disciples of both the Fiery Lotus and Rebirth Sects, were stationed at the Epistemic Tower, the Purple Flame tower was handed to the tenth and ninth ranking inner disciples of the two sects. For obvious reasons, the more powerful disciples were defending other towers.

Among the two towers reconquered by the Flaming Lily Sect in the past three days, they were both headed by the seventh and sixth ranked disciples of the two allied sects respectively. The Golden Crow Sect had assumed that disciples of that rank should have been enough to defend for a few days until they were prepared to launch their final attack, but it was this that ended up being their fatal mistake.

The two seventh and sixth ranked disciples were powerful geniuses in their own right, but the Demon Generals were too much, especially in the face of the joint command of Alidor and Madeleine.

Over the past 14 or so years, Alidor had thrust himself into training, preparing for the day he could get his revenge on the Uidah family for the death of his entire clan. By this point, he had firmly earned Dyon's trust and was perfect for being the lead strategist of this undertaking.

In addition to him, there were other familiar faces that had appeared aside from the Demon Generals, namely Caedlum Pakal, Thor and Ava, all of whom had been training very hard for the past few years. Each of them had long since stepped into the rank of sainthood. Without the restrictions of poor energy density, their talent exploded to its true levels and each of them had already made a name for themselves. It was just that Dyon's name was so dazzling that others paid little to no attention to the other of the Celestial Deer Quadrant.

Ava's elder brother, Arios, had long since told Dyon that his younger sister had a Heaven stage constitution. After receiving a constitution awakening pill from Clara, Ava had taken a massive leap forward. Her Silver Mirror Constitution raised her battle effectiveness to untold heights and she too had earned the right to be named a Demon General while also becoming a Queen level character.

Caedlum Pakal didn't lag behind at all. He had the Asura faith seed and had begun to get more and more used to his legacy, mastering it more and more every day. Not only had he gained the right to be called a Demon General, gaining the acknowledgement of the rest, he had also earned the title of Emperor.

Thor spoke for himself. Although he could no longer use his faith seed for fear of being located by the Ragnor Emperor God Clan, surprisingly, that didn't dampen his talent at all. If anything, forging his own path in lightning will had made him even more powerful. He, too, had become an Emperor.

Delia had also decided to come. Although she didn't like the idea of leaving Eli, Madeleine was also someone she saw as her very own big sister. How could she leave her in her time of need? In addition, it was necessary for Eli to stay within the tower so that he wasn't kidnapped by the hidden association of Heaven's Children.

Delia was still a Duke because she never took her King trials, and as such, hadn't passed Dyon's requirements to become a Demon General, but who would dare to underestimate her? She was a young woman who had a top three God level constitution, her power was unquestionable as she too had long since stepped into sainthood.

With characters of this level, any one of them could match up to a seventh or sixth ranked inner disciple of the Fiery Lotus or Flame Rebirth Sect. They hadn't even waited a moment before splitting into two armies and sweeping through the Blue Flame and Black Flame Tower.

After that, everyone had assumed the next battle would take place at Rainbow Flame Tower, a choke point to the Epistemic Tower. Everyone knew that it was impossible to even think of attacking the Epistemic Tower without either the Rainbow Flame or the Purple Flame Tower. This was because in the case of failure, a path to retreat was necessary. Even in the case of a long drawn out fight, supply and reinforcement lines also needed to be secured. Those two towers were by far the best choices. However, since the Purple Flame Tower was opposite the area controlled by the Flaming Lily Sect, who would have thought that they would attack it first? It had caught the Golden Crow Sect and their allies completely off guard!


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