Reaper of the Martial World
1043 Loyal Followers 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1043 Loyal Followers 3

Virvor choked for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. There were many beauties in the tower that seemed completely untouchable, and Clara was definitely one of them. Everyone assumed that her husband was made up by her in order to dodge the constant annoyance of being courted by every other young master.

It was at this point that Virvor suddenly understood. When Clara had said that her husband was an even better alchemist than her, no one had believed it. It was largely for this reason that everyone thought she had made it up. But, to Virvor, who could possibly rival the successor of the Celestial Deer Sect in alchemy?!

Dyon only grinned. It was rare that he got the opportunity to show off his wives. In fact, he wanted to claim them all for the world to see, it was just unfortunate that he couldn't now. So, he would take full advantage when he could.

"Successor, I thought I should tell you that Donari was here as well."

Dyon raised an eyebrow. "Looks like I've underestimated his constitution again. By all rights, he should have high soul talent, but I'm also certain that his soul was crippled."

"Successor, I'm sure if you healed his soul for him, you'd gain another powerful backer. His potential is very good, he's just being held back by our quadrant."

Of course, Dyon knew this. With the Soul Tome, he could heal any and all soul related ailments, it was just that the time needed to accomplish this healing varied depending on a few factors… However, Dyon couldn't simply heal someone just because. He wasn't certain that he could trust Donari.

"Donari definitely shares our sentiments about the 98th quadrant, even to the point where he left his family. However, I still want to test him a bit more." Dyon knew that if he wanted to accomplish the things he set out to do, he needed the help of many talented geniuses. It could be said that the Demon Generals were an excellent start as each of them could compare to the best of geniuses. However, three thousand wasn't nearly enough.

In truth, many forces would kill to have 3000 individuals of the caliber that the Demon Generals had reached. One couldn't forget that these 3000 generals were hand picked by the Demon Sage across time and space. In addition, each of them had massive attainments in cultivation without any guidance whatsoever. They didn't even have their own techniques to use.

It could be said that the Demon Generals would have completely taken over the Epistemic Tower rankings had it not been for the fact that their cultivations and wills were sealed.

However, even with all of this said, there were simply too few of them.

Even still… they were about to kick up a storm that shocked the whole of the martial world.


"What is going on?!" A man with short, golden hair and blazing red eyes slammed his fist, incinerating it to nothingness.

In just the last few days, they had gotten reports of the losses of not one, but two tower points. This didn't make any sense at all, the Flaming Lily Sect should have been on its heels, defending with all their might, but now they were attacking? And with such success at that? They couldn't understand losing to towers in the span of three days. Even back when they caught the Flaming Lily Sect off guard, it had taken months to win three towers!

The man who had spoken was the chosen leader of the Golden Crow Sect, Egan Goldeen. Because they were allied with both the Fiery Lotus and Flame Rebirth sects, they hadn't felt the need to send their very best, instead deciding to rely on their allies to take on the front lines.

Of course, this led to a lot of dissatisfaction. Even though they were technically ranked below the Golden Crow Sect, the Fiery Lotus and the Flame Rebirth Sects were still sects of the mighty fourth quadrant, how could they take such an insult lying down? However… That was exactly what they had done…

It was no secret to any of them that the only reason that they hadn't been annexed by either the Golden Crow or the Flaming Lily Sect was because both those two powerhouses were keeping each other in check. If they stepped out of line, they would definitely suffer. But, if they listened and the Golden Crow Sect repaid them with what was promised, they would definitely win out in the end.

Still, the idea of listening to a mere 7th ranked Inner Disciple rubbed them all the wrong way. Putting this little fool as the head commander was too clear of a slap to their faces. However, this 'little fool' was the youngest son of the esteemed Goldeen family, a pillar clan of the Golden Crow Sect. Even if they were thousands of times braver, they didn't dare to show any dissatisfaction.

"Commander Goldeen," A young man wearing black-red robes inscribed with the lotus of the Fiery Lotus Sect spoke up, his name was Vale Gaia, "According to our reports, the Flaming Lily Sect released information that their top ranked inner disciple, Madeleine Sacharro, is actually the wife of God Sacharro. After hearing that his wife's sect was in danger, God Sacharro went into a rage and decided to send over his Demon Generals. It's because of them that we're on our back foot right now."


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