Reaper of the Martial World
1042 Loyal Followers 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1042 Loyal Followers 2

"Uhh…" Despite how many things Dyon had seen in his life, how could he not be shocked.

He was very aware of what Virvor's personality was like despite not having known him for long. Kneeling down was not something he would do easily.

After a moment of shock, Virvor finally began to explain exactly why this was happening and it was only then that Dyon began to understand.

Apparently, the legacy world that Virvor had stumbled into was actually the world of one of the former elders of the Celestial Deer Sect. He was only the elder of the working disciples, but he was an elder nonetheless.

After the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect, the leader at the time paid a heavy price to allow their legacy worlds to cross over to the then 20th ranked quadrant.

That was when Dyon remembered that the Celestial Deer Sect wasn't actually from his quadrant at all. During Dyon last talk with his master, she had apologized because their force was among the many that had migrated to his home universe in order to take advantage of its dense energies. It was only now that Dyon understood that the original home of the Celestial Deer Sect was actually the former 20th ranked quadrant!

In fact, this former 20th ranked quadrant also went by another name in the past: Soul Rend Quadrant!

Before the Celestial Deer Sect moved away, it was ranked even higher than 20th, vying for a top three position. It only fell after their strongest sect moved, for obvious reasons.

Of course, this move was confusing to many people. It wasn't often that a top ranked sect moved. This wasn't just a mere inconvenience, it was the equivalent of losing the faith protection your ancestors left for you. The location of the sect or clan was just as important as the rules it was built on. Meaning, if the location was moved, then the faith would disappear as well. This was the same as the Celestial Deer Sect casually tossing away its status as an Emperor God Sect to once again start from the bottom up.

But, Dyon was among the very few who understood why such a power sect would do this. It had to do with the secrets of the Balanced Path and the mystery behind the deaths of the universes. Dyon's universe was likely the final hope and key to understanding what it would take to slow down or even reverse the effects of 'Heat Death'. However, all of that hope was ruined by the entity who was still stealing the very essence of Dyon's home as they spoke.

All of that said, it was clear the Celestial Deer Sect had come to understand a few things. If they hadn't, how would they have become the number ranked sect? It had to be said that before that, their position was third or second at best, yet, when they moved, not only did they not become weaker, they became stronger?

Dyon was even more eager to see his master's statue now. There was simply too much he didn't know.

"Alright, alright." Dyon helped Virvor up. "You don't have to kneel to me. Remember, we're family."

"Successor, you're actually?..." Virvor said with a faint excitement.

"Shh. Now's not the time for people to know."

Virvor laughed uproariously, unable to contain himself. Everyone was wondering who this monstrous Dyon Sacharro was, but who would have known that he was standing before them all this time. It was no wonder he has said that even a hundred Virvors was no match for him. It was the truth! Who among the younger generation would dare to say with any certainty that they could defeat Dyon Sacharro?

How did Virvor figure it out? Well, wasn't it obvious?

The spirit of the legacy world he had found had made him promise to never reveal any of the techniques he received unless he found the successor of the Celestial Deer Sect. And, in the case that he did, he would follow him or her loyally.

At the time, VIrvor had thought that finding Dyon would be like finding a needle in a haystack, and by the time he did, Dyon might not need him anymore. However, the spirit had given him one clue: the first portion of the successor legacy was in the Celestial Deer Quadrant, while the second was hidden within their Soul Rend Quadrant. Unless a person gained the acknowledgement of their Guardian Beast, he would never become the successor.

The moment Virvor had learned of Dyon Sacharro, he was almost certain that he had to be the successor. It was a bit of a leap, but he had already fostered so much loyalty to the Celestial Deer Sect that he refused to believe that its successor would be average.

Thus, now having Dyon tacit agreement to his theory, he was ecstatic. He even believed that Dyon was simply too humble, which made him respect him even more.

"Successor, how did you escape Grand Master Clara? She's very powerful. Although I believe in you, because you want to hide your identity for now, it would have been hard to do both that and escape her."

Dyon laughed. "Although she's a bit abrasive, it's still not to the point that I'd want to escape my own wife."


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