Reaper of the Martial World
1040 Birthed Spirit 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1040 Birthed Spirit 3

"Do you have a soul protection treasure too?" Virvor suddenly asked, unable to handle the silence. He remembered that the soul talent crystal had no reaction to Dyon, but the fact he could enter this deeply, only a fool would trust those results.

Dyon laughed. "You could say so."

Virvor nodded. "And why are you so certain that I won't rob you after you tell me this?"

"Didn't you just confirm that you have one as well? Why are you so sure that it wouldn't be me attacking you?"

"My intuition is very strong. If it wasn't, I would have died a long time ago."

Dyon blinked, but still nodded in acknowledgement. Those with high soul talent usually had great intuition, it came along with their strong 6th sense.

One had to know that one first developed their 6th sense before it then evolved into divine sense, and then immortal sense later on. Before Dyon's soul was sealed, he often relied on his 6th sense.

"Why did you want to speak with me?"

"Because your secrets intrigue me." Dyon responded without hiding anything.

Virvor's face turned cold. "What do my secrets have to do with you?"

"Believe it or not," Dyon replied slowly. "More than you think."

Virvor suddenly laughed disdainfully. "The only reason I came here is to thank you for not allowing me to step off my saber cultivation path. But, if you want to pry things that don't belong to you out of me with such a shameless tactic, you're sorely mistaken."

It didn't take Dyon long to understand what Virvor was referring to. Back during the assessments, Donari's elder brother had been goading Virvor to fight him, calling him a coward. At that time, Virvor almost stopped and turned back to kill Olaf. However, Dyon had stopped him from doing so.

It was only after that Virvor realized how important that moment was to him. Although he followed a path of killing with his saber, it was also a path of assuredness. He had to be confident in his every choice. Had he attacked simply because of mere taunting, his saber path would have been forever tainted.

Dyon smiled. "You're welcome. But, you're mistaking my intentions. My secrets aren't something I can tell you right now. No matter what my own intuition tells me about you, that isn't a risk I can take."

"Then you should understand my answer already." Virvor snorted. He was the same, how could he trust Dyon just because of intuition? The only reason he so easily mentioned the soul protecting treasure was because it was obvious they both had something like it, or else they wouldn't have passed the assessment without getting taken away.

"Ah, ah. Don't be so quick to refuse." Dyon spoke with confidence. "While my secret is still mostly protected, yours isn't. My guess is that whatever secret you have mostly has to do with the capital and soul techniques that you have. While my secrets have to do with the life and death of trillions of people. How can they compare?"

"Trillions?" Virvor was stunned. But, he was almost certain that Dyon had to be exaggerating.

Unfortunately, Dyon's expression was completely serious. If it was revealed that he was Dyon Sacharro, according to his deal with the tower, the fog barrier would disappear. At that time, their corner would be revealed.

Although Dyon could use his key wielding abilities to stop others from teleporting to their corner, and thus to their universe, those of the Kitsune Clan would learn of Ri's connection to him. While everyone else would believe that the celestial deer quadrant was too powerful to mess with, the kitsune would know that their quadrant was actually quite weak and easy to mess with.

As for the unspoken rules of the quadrant, Dyon didn't trust in them even one bit. If others actually listened to these rules, how could the Demon Sage's empire be wiped out? How could his celestial deer sect be so completely crippled, even to the point where their core teachings were stolen? Clearly, if enough quadrants benefitted from breaking these rules, they'd do so! The only reason they banded together to stop the Star Race was because it was an existence that threatened them all.

Until Dyon strengthened the Shruti Clan to the point where it could wipe out or severely weaken the kistune, he couldn't allow the connection between Dyon Sacharro and the masked man to be revealed.

Virvor shook his head. "What benefit could I possibly have to reveal my secrets to you?"

"For one," Dyon said with a smile, his serious appearance disappearing. "Following me has much more benefit than being on your own?"

"Following?" Virvor frowned. "Not interested."

What a joke. He didn't believe that there was a member of the younger generation he had met yet that could beat him. Although he had witnessed Dyon's fight with Asyna, because of the dome, the fluctuations of energy were blocked. It was difficult to make an accurate gauge of just how powerful they were, which was why Virvor was still so confident.

Of course, that was exactly the point. Lilith hadn't want to reveal too much.

Dyon shook his head.


A world-shaking pressure erupted from his body, pressing down with a vast pressure. Dyon's eyes seemed to pierce into Virvor's soul, threatening to shatter it entirely.

A cold sweat matted Virvor's forehead. But, at the same time, a flash of excitement lit in his eyes, filling him with fighting spirit.

"Even a hundred of you are no match for me."


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