Reaper of the Martial World
1039 Birthed Spirit 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1039 Birthed Spirit 2

The four remaining Dukes of the 74th quadrant stood, completely stunned. How many centuries had they spent bullying the 98th quadrant geniuses? Not once had anything like this happened. Even if Rand wasn't the strongest among their youth, his level wasn't so far below that of their best that he would so easily lose… This meant only one thing: Virvor was even stronger than their Legatee!

They didn't want to believe their eyes at all. Wasn't that a manifestation? Didn't those 98th quadrant fools cripple their own souls? How could he possibly have a manifestation? And such a powerful one at that?

Virvor's saber manifestation raised his saber intent by two levels! That was completely unheard of in their circle of geniuses!

To go from the one with mind level, directly to the one with body… That leap wasn't something that could be ignored, especially considering the difficulty in comprehending weapon wills.

By this point, Dyon was silently chuckling to himself. This Virvor character didn't need his help at all. But, what was curious was that he had manifested his soul…

Manifesting one's soul wasn't like manifesting your bloodline. For example, Dyon doesn't need a special technique to invoke his martial uncle's demon qilin spirit, he only needs to be angry which would result in him resonating with the bloodline. It happened very rarely, but it did happen, like when Ulu tried to take away Ri's ability to ever have children.

However, soul manifestations required a specialized technique. Of course, this technique meant next to nothing to Dyon considering he had several copies of his own, but in a quadrant like the 98th? Where could Virvor have possibly gotten it?

At this point, Dyon still had no idea that Virvor wasn't from Planet Cathedral. In fact, Virvor wasn't from the Cathedral Universe at all. The only thing that was certain about him was that he came from the 98th quadrant, everything else was a mystery.

Virvor lightly held his saber, his grip was so loose, in fact, that it seemed like the blade could fall from his hands at any time. "Who's next?"

The four dukes stood frozen. Should they run? Should the fight? Did their face mean anything when confronting their own death?

They glanced at each other before bolting in four separate directions, clearly leaving whoever lived or died up to chance. However, what they didn't know was that Virvor disdained to chase after them. With his way of the saber, he saw no benefit in it. It was better if they went to find a more powerful backer so that he could continue to temper himself.

Those who were looking forward to a good show instead began to look upon Virvor with respect. In the tower, where you couldn't rely on the power elders of your various clans, your personal strength was the most important. And, clearly, Virvor had that.

At the same time, they were wary of him. The Duke title was the one with the most variance in strength. This was because the gap between Duke and King was only secondary to the gap between Emperor and God, and equal to the gap between King and Emperors. So, there was no lack of peak level Dukes that could handle dozens of weaker Dukes at once.

What they wanted to know was where on this spectrum of Dukes Virvor fell… If he really was a peak level Duke existence, they wouldn't provoke him even if they had a hundred times more guts.

Suddenly, the sound of clapping and laughing sounded out.

A handsome young man wearing black robes identical to this mysterious Virvor character walked out with a grin on his face.

"Junior Brother Virvor, you're truly powerful." Dyon smiled widely.

Now it was Virvor's turn to be stunned. He was certain that he'd be the only member of the 98th quadrant to enter this far, but here was Dyon Jafari standing before him. The most shocking part was that just earlier, he had seen Donari.

At the same time, his vigilance was raised. Dyon had definitely seen his manifestation, with the rules of the 98th quadrant being as they were, didn't that mean that Dyon would be his enemy now?

Dyon shook his head. "Don't you know what my last name is? You think I take the rules of our quadrant seriously? If anything, my life's goal is to topple that bullshit system."

Virvor blinked. It was only at this point that he remembered Dyon's vow to save that girl who was taken away for her soul talent. Maybe if that hadn't happened, Virvor wouldn't so easily trust Dyon. But, at that point, Virvor was a no name character. It would have been impossible for Dyon to plan all of this.

Of course, Virvor was correct. Dyon had acted out of emotion at that time, without any forbearance.

"What do you want?" Virvor replied cooly.

"There are too many people here, let's go somewhere else?" Dyon invited.

With a quick glance around, Virvor nodded. Then, the two young men flashed away at top speeds, disappearing into the fog and causing the disappointment of the crowd. However, they could only accept it.

It wasn't long before the pair had cut through the fog and travelled a few dozen kilometers. After making sure that they weren't followed, Dyon began to carelessly scan the statues to see if there was anything of interest. He wasn't surprised to see that the statues of the inner valley didn't speak to him, clearly they were even more arrogant that those of the outer valley.


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