Reaper of the Martial World
1037 Last Chance 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1037 Last Chance 6

Dyon clasped his hands in respect as the statues slowly disappeared. He knew very well that this was a big risk they were all taking, yet the took a chance on him anyway. Although there were obviously a few that couldn't bring themselves to, Dyon didn't resent them for it. After all, he had made massive gains already.

With this, he was actually quite expectant for the future. He would definitely do everything in his power to not let those who had trusted in him down.

It had to be said that the trial to earn the right to stand tall in the various Valley of Geniuses was difficult. These seniors had put their lives on the line in order to earn this opportunity for themselves, and for many of them, their main bodies had long since left this world. It could be said that this chance they took on Dyon was the final one they'd make in this life cycle.

Memories weren't carried over into your next life, there were very rare exceptions to this rule that often involved very high class cultivation techniques. The fact these spirits did this was effectively cutting off their own life and moving on forever… Dyon would never forget it.

Just like that, Dyon made a round of the outer regions of the Valley of Geniuses. For obvious reasons, it would be impossible for Dyon to accumulate the legacies of them all. Whether it be because some refused due to Dyon's poor energy cultivation talent, or because they were just unwilling to take a risk on an unknown , all were legitimate reasons. Plus, the outer ring of the valley of geniuses was simply far too large. Still, Dyon managed to accumulate a few hundred legacies, giving him no small bit of happiness.

By now, Dyon's keen senses had begun to pick up on movements other than his own in the outer ring, it seemed that he had run out of time to run amok. So, he decided to leave and enter the deeper regions to test his luck. If he couldn't find anything of use, he would go and see his master.

As for the statues that decided to not take a chance on Dyon? He didn't worry about them divulging his secrets to others. Because of the nature of the Valley of Geniuses, any statue could essentially see through all of the secrets of the geniuses that entered, it was only in this way that they'd be able to make the perfect choice. This was why it was so easy for the statues to understand that Dyon wasn't lying about various things.

Since this was allowed, of course the tower would have protective measures that restricted these spirits, or else no one would ever risk entering the valley at all.

It wasn't long before Dyon reached the very edge of the outer ring. Much like the first time, there was a massive drop into yet another abyss, and from what Dyon could tell, the fog had become denser. Still, without hesitation, Dyon allowed his feet to slip out from underneath him. However, this time, he wasn't greeted by silence or the disdain or spirits, instead, he heard the fierce sounds of battle.

At first, Dyon planned on ignoring it. After all, it was exactly his job to interfere in any and all situations. However, the words he heard caused his feet to pause.

"I don't know how scum like you made it to the inner valley, but you can consider your life forfeit! I was planning on letting you stroll around a bit more, but who knew that your dog shit luck would run out?!"

Dyon immediately recognized this voice. It was the very same Rand character that Clara had banned from entering the Sapientia Corner. And, considering the anger in his voice, he was none too pleased.

From the words he said, it was obvious that he was attacking someone of the 98th quadrant. Even if his guts were a 1000 times larger, Dyon would never believe that he had the audacity to attack Clara. Plus, if it was Clara, he wouldn't have even had the chance to say those words before he was sent flying.

But, there was something even more baffling. Was there really someone within the Soul Rending Peak that could enter the inner circle?

It wasn't that entering the inner circle was so difficult. After all, if members of the 74th quadrant could enter, it couldn't be so difficult. Truth be told, as long as you were a Marquis, you had a good chance although it was difficult. And, as long as you were a Duke, it was well within your abilities. The problem was that those of the 98th quadrant should have had next to zero resistance to illusions due to their purposefully injuring their souls.

Dyon shot off in the direction of the noise. He noticed some geniuses walking around, but he directly ignored them, blasting through the fog. Dyon didn't have any deep seeded attachments to Soul Rending Peak, but after being treated so well by his senior brothers and sisters, on top of being trusted with their final hopes, how could he allow the members of their sect to be bullied?

It wasn't long before Dyon had made it to the vicinity of the sounds and had the scene laid out for him.

In the center of a group of five, Virvor stood with his recently bought rod, a serious expression on his face.

Dyon sighed. 'This guy really has bad luck…'


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