Reaper of the Martial World
1036 Last Chance 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1036 Last Chance 5

Dyon's eyes widened. Common sense was telling him that this spirit senior was telling him that this Star Race had conquered 200 universes, but the moment he thought this, there were many things he didn't understand.

For one, how was his Celestial Deer Quadrant ranked first those few millennia ago if there was such an existence here? Secondly, weren't their only 10000 universes left? Now there were 10100 universes? That didn't even mention the hidden universes that housed the devil path cultivators.

But then Dyon began to re-evaluate. The 10 000 universe number he had long since kept in his mind was a number the younger Belmont Prince had given him, how credible could it possibly be? The number was likely taken an estimate he made after reading about the fact there were 100 Epistemic Towers. Since there was one for every quadrant, assuming the ten thousand figure was reasonable.

Obviously, since the Star Race was under the rule of a single clan, they didn't need two towers for both their quadrants.

That said, this was all Dyon's guess. One way or another, he had found it weird that there were exactly ten thousand universes left. The number was too… perfect. Real life was rarely so rounded out.

What was truly surprising was that the difference between first and everybody else was so large…

The second ranked Drago-Qilin lands didn't even have a single Emperor God Clan, let alone a Comet level clan. The fourth ranked Golden Flame Quadrant had four Emperor God Sects. Similarly, down the rankings, a quadrant usually had at least two Emperor God Clans. None were even close…

"There's a lot about this cosmos we don't know. The Star Race only appeared a few thousand years ago and completely swallowed up a quadrant that used to house a minor quadrant, not even ranked in the top 70. At that time, they had already become a One Comet Clan, so what could such a weak quadrant do?

"They would have continued their conquest, but it seemed they didn't know about the interconnectivity of our quadrants before they attacked. From what we understand, they just happened to discover that poor quadrant nearby and saw it as an easy pie to swallow.

"By the time other quadrants realized what was happening, it was already too late. And, for obvious reasons, the Star Race wouldn't just cough up something they had already eaten, so we could only allow the one time breaking of our unspoken rules."

Dyon nodded. For the Epistemic Tower system to work as it had for so long, there of course had to be some unspoken rules, or else what was stopping powerhouses like the Emperor Giants from conquering one weak quadrant after another?

It was also for this reason that almost all quadrant had Emperor God Clans, yet there was such a large difference between the quadrants themselves.

Under normal circumstances, only the most powerful would be able to reach that level. But, in the current system of things, the strong of individual quadrants could rise up although they'd be considered weak elsewhere.

Obviously, the Star Race rushing in and not minding these unspoken rules at all completely destroyed this balance. In order to not earn the wrath of all 99 remaining quadrants, they could only issue a stiff explanation of their ignorance before falling silent for many years. Of course they would never apologize, they were much too arrogant for such a thing.

Dyon sighed. "Are you seniors finished with trying to scare me? To tell you the truth, not only do I have to Soul Tome and am the husband to the holder of both Kukan's and Amethyst's faith seeds, I am also the successor to the Demon Sage.

"Who better than me to finish off what he couldn't?"

The spirits blinked and attempted to rub their eyes. Quite a funny scene of their illusory hands slipping through their heads was seen before exclamations of shock once again roared through the valley of geniuses.

They had never seen such a collection of treasures on a single person. How could they not sense the similarity between Dyon's blood essence and the Demon Sage's now that it was pointed out to them? Just what kind of karmic luck did this little brat have? It made no sense!

One of the spirits took a deep breath. "Alright little brother, this old one here will take a chance on you. I've been here for so long anyway, for all I know, I've already reincarnated as a pig and this means nothing."

An orb of light shot out from the spirit. Usually, this would then enter a young genius's body for them to then begin the resonance process, but Dyon had no need to do that. Instead, he opened a blank page of the Soul Tome and accepted the orb of light happily.

Of course, he didn't have to worry about ever running out of pages. How could a treasure on the level of the Soul Tome have such an ordinary flaw? From the outside, the tome seemed to only have a few hundred thick pages, but the reality was that its pages were infinite!

Dyon looked down at the technique that appeared in the tome before smiling happily. It was a fist technique that relied on the concept of vibration. Dyon had long since been interested in concepts and how they compared and contrasted with wills, it seemed he would finally get a chance to study them. Concepts weren't anything ground breaking to Dyon. In simple terms, they were the foundation in which will paths were built upon.

After the spirit sent over his legacy, he smiled as though a weight had been lifted off his shoulders before he smiled and disappeared along with his statue.

As though he had opened the flood gates, dozens of orbs of light began to flow toward Dyon before being greedily eaten up by the immature Soul Tome.


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