Reaper of the Martial World
1035 Last Chance 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1035 Last Chance 4

Dyon could only shrug at these thoughts. The Soul Tome was too stingy, up till now, it had only given him two techniques.

Of course, when the Soul Tome felt Dyon's thoughts, it shook with rage. Those "only" two techniques were both completely heaven defying. One was the essence dao of array alchemy, and the other was a completely unranked cultivation technique! How was this being stingy at all?!

The tome had plenty of techniques within it, but it had never had a master as weak as Dyon. All of the techniques it had stored within its pages were of the Mystic level at a bare minimum. Even if it showed them to Dyon, what purpose would that have? It would just be sending him off to his death!

The Soul Tome continued to vibrate, making its displeasure known. Its owner actually wanted to fill its pages with puny Earth and Heaven level techniques. It was completely filled with grievances. First Dyon had the audacity to put two corpses within its pages, now this! It had never been treated so terribly in its whole existence!

Dyon slapped its tough leather cover. "Stop complaining, didn't I give you an elementary level faith seed to play with too? What're you complaining for?"

The Soul Tome vibrated out what Dyon assumed was a harrumph, causing the spirits to laugh before choking on their own spit.

This kid dared to steal the faith seed of a clan and use it to feed his treasure? How bold! How arrogant!

Truth be told it wasn't Dyon who stole the faith seed, it was the Dragon King. But, at the same time, Dyon would have done it personally had he not passed out at the time. He was glad the Dragon King took Loki's faith seed. It would greatly help him in comprehending magic in the future. After all, who could have much higher attainments in magic than a transcended being?

Plus, if any other young masters and clans angered him in the future, he would directly steal their faith seeds too. They didn't have a single hope in divining who he was anyway, there wasn't a technique in existence that could see through the pages of the Soul Tome.

"So, how about it, seniors? Don't you want your legacies to grace the libraries of the soon to be greatest sect ever? There's only a few hours left until others start coming.

"Think about it. All of you are seeking a single dose of karma. After I die, the accumulated karma will end. However, if I start a sect with your legacies as the foundation, if I have the potential you all think I do, then wouldn't it be possible for that sect to rule for hundreds of millions of years? In that time, the good karma you accumulate would be several hundred-fold if not much more. Because, in a way, you'll all be the founding fathers and mothers of the greatest sect ever created!"

The Soul Tome continued to vibrate, expressing its discontent. Dyon could feel that it appreciated being with Clara far more than with him.

'Hush, in the future I'll find you some Origin level techniques to swallow up, how does that sound?'

Dyon felt the Soul Tome vibrate again, before it nodded eagerly like an adorable toddler.

Dyon laughed lightly. Unlike his other treasures of the 33 heavens, the Soul Tome seemed to be very child-like.

'Your soul isn't powerful enough to evoke its spirit to appear. You'll understand more in the future.' The Dragon King explained.

"Kid." The spirits finally recovered enough to answer seriously. "Although you're very talented, becoming a sect or creating a clan of the level you're talking about is almost impossible.

"As far as we're aware, the only person to come close to doing so was the Demon Sage."

A look of reverence appeared in the eyes of the body cultivators before it was replaced with pity. The Demon Sage had left his own clan to prove that they had made the wrong choice very early on. In his lifetime, he managed to build his clan to the level of a Peak King God Clan with 24 universes under his rule, the very same as the Uidah Clan of Dyon's quadrant. However, his empire was destroyed after he entered the Timeless Library.

"On top of that, 25 universes is only the entry level of what a true clan should be. In ancient times, an Emperor God Clan was akin to an ant."

Dyon listened attentively to these seniors, after all, they spoke the truth. During his second trial, even the Viserion Emperor God Clan could have been wiped out in an instant by those Mysterious Clans.

Of course, in those times, universes numbers in the trillions. However, just because that was the case didn't mean that they had suddenly become easier to conquer. If anything, because there weren't the campaign gates as an easy proxy for war, conquering universes was many times more difficult in ancient times.

"Kid, you have to understand that it's not that we don't want to believe in you, but just that it's far too improbable. Even though Emperor God Clans have become the standard for power in this era, it hasn't become an easy task to accomplish. And, without an Emperor God Clan, the tower will never allow you to step foot on the highest floor.

"Do you want to know the worst part? You want to become create the greatest sect ever, but have you ever considered why the position of first ranked quadrant has become unshakeable? Have you even considered the competition your facing in this era alone?

"After the rank of Emperor God Clan is achieved, the next large jump in faith comes when a sect conquers 100 universes. It is at that point that said sect officially become a One Comet Sect.

"The current first ranked quadrant, the homeland of the Star Race and the Star Clan, is a Two Comet Clan!"


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