Reaper of the Martial World
1034 Last Chance 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1034 Last Chance 3

The female spirit smiled brightly, clapping happily. "You are very correct, Junior Brother. However, it's not usually so exaggerated. Under normal circumstances, it would take quite a long time to have this effect, although this 'long time' to us is blinding speed to any other quadrant. The reason the surrounding of our sect recover so quickly is because of our core treasure. It's what our sect is built on and it's a secret only core elders know.

"When you reach that level, you will naturally know. However, forgive Senior Sister for not telling you. Since our sect still stands, we must follow its rules."

Dyon nodded, not minding at all. Since this beautiful senior sister of his didn't know the current state of the sect, she wasn't willing to break the rules. Dyon didn't want to cause them pain, so he hid the current happenings of the sect from them. Either way, he'd find out what this treasure was eventually.

Considering how greedy the devil path cultivators and those quadrants who allied with them were, the fact they hadn't taken this treasure away meant that it wasn't so easy to take away.

Of course, since his senior brothers and sisters were following the rules, this meant that Dyon wouldn't be able to get their sect's Mystic level technique out of them. But, that was fine too. He didn't want such an evil technique anyway.

What Dyon didn't know was that there was an even greater secret of the former 20th ranked quadrant that these senior brothers and sisters of his didn't even dare to elude to. Something that was very much tied to why the Celestial Deer Sect was allied with them… Something that went further than just comradery between fellow soul cultivators.

For them to be willing to mention an outstanding treasure, but still not dare to speak of this… It could be seen just how important this secret was.

"Seniors, I'm going to make quite a presumptuous request."


The statues perked up with interest. What kind of request could it possibly be?

"I don't want to choose one of your legacies." Dyon paused, a grin slowly growing on his face. "I want them all."

The statues were stunned. Even if they were in the outer ring, even a God level character talented in soul arts would need days to absorb even a single one of their legacies. As for statues nearer the center? It might take months. There were no shortage of stories of geniuses who ran out of time before being forcibly kicked out of the valley.

"Kid, that's impossible. Even with your level of soul talent, we wouldn't dare allow you to resonate with more than three of us at once. Assuming you took three days to finish, at that pace, you could only resonate with 90 of us at the most while there are thousands of us here. You'll destroy yourself if become too greedy."

"Mm," The spirits continued to berate Dyon out of good will. "With your talent, you should also be heading in deeper. You can't spend all of your time here. Even someone with your soul talent would need a week or two to absorb a legacy from the inner valley, let alone the core valley."

"Seniors, you'd all be right if I was choosing a conventional path. But, I have a cheat that just might work."

Dyon continued to grin mischievously. He wanted to one day build an empire that spanned the cosmos. Although the Celestial Deer Sect had a great number of techniques, Dyon was certain that its best teachings were stolen. On top of this, the Celestial Deer Sect was focused on soul cultivation, Dyon didn't want the empire he built to be forced into a single box. He wanted it to be adept at all three paths.

Since he was so ambitious, he would have to find a way to fulfill these requirements, and what better way that the valley of geniuses?

"What cheat?" The spirits began to get curious.

Dyon's spatial ring flashed as an ancient tome appeared in his hand.

There was a stunned silence. Some didn't recognize this treasure immediately. After all, a treasure of the 33 heavens was incredibly rare. This went without saying, there were only 33 of them and more than half of them were lost in time! No matter how old these spirits were, it would take them some time to recognize the Soul Tome!

"This…" A soul cultivator was stunned. "This treasure… The Soul Tome?!"

After hearing this name, an uproar clamored through the spirits. Who wouldn't know the heaven defying effects of the tome?

Its passive ability could heal any ailment of the soul, no matter how overbearing it was! And its active ability? One could instantly learn any techniques transcribed into it depending on your soul's level!

At this moment, because his soul had broken into the celestial realm, the moment Dyon's soul was unsealed, he would be able to instantly learn any heaven level technique transcribed into the tome. Once his soul broke through to the 11th stage? He'd be able to instantly learn any divine level technique!

That was just on the surface. Think about how many billions of years of the tome had existed for, how many hands it had swapped, over all of that time, just how many techniques had it accumulated?!

This snotty nosed brat! He had a tome filled with techniques already, yet he still wanted theirs?! How greedy!


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