Reaper of the Martial World
1033 Last Chance 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1033 Last Chance 2

Dyon soon learned that the first spirit to offer him a cloning technique wasn't the only one to have been here long enough to watch their clan be annihilated, while others only just learned of their clans being destroyed.

It made sense, after all, in order to be aware that their clan was destroyed, their main body would have had to be present or they'd have to be near a statue who was conveniently there and also told them about it. They couldn't have transcended or died yet, which left a relatively small period of time, comparatively speaking.

So, many of them, having warmed up to Dyon began asking about the outside world. It was then they learned of the fates of their clans.

Some were happy because their clans had grown much larger than they had been in the past. While others were very sad because their clans had either fallen into mediocrity or were directly destroyed.

Dyon even found some past members of the 98th quadrant. They immediately recognized his Soul Rending Peak robes and were excited to speak with him. As the former 20th ranked quadrant, it made sense their disciples would be outstanding enough to enter the valley. However, they weren't too surprised when Dyon told them of the decline of their clan. After all, they had seen 98th quadrant disciples over the past few centuries, and it was obvious to them that they had fallen. It was just sad to hear Dyon confirm the truth to them.

But, Dyon didn't tell them everything. There was no point in breaking their hearts and informing them about Soul Market.

They were happy enough with Dyon because they could feel how overbearing his soul was. And considering they were a soul-based quadrant, this was obviously the best thing for them.

"Seniors, there are a few confusing things about our sect that I don't understand." Dyon respectfully spoke to the past geniuses of Soul Rending Peak.

"What is that, Junior Brother?"

"A few days ago, I was training in the forest surrounding our sect, and I was quite certain that I had caused a lot of destruction. But, after I went to nearby city to get a few supplies and came back, the destruction was completely gone. Do you know the reason?"

This had been bothering Dyon for a while know. He was very confident in his memory, there was no way he misremembered.

The eyes of the spirits became a mix of excitement of complexity before they sighed. "It seems like the teachings of out Soul Rending Peak have truly fallen, but at least the foundation is still there. If what you say is true, then the core treasures of our sect haven't been stolen yet, this is very good."

Another spirit nodded. "The reason behind this lies in our understanding of the soul. Which is why we say our teachings have truly declined… If the sect had the capabilities of properly guiding a disciple of your caliber, you would have long since understood just what was happening."

The spirits seemed fond of concluding the ideas of each other as yet another jumped in. "The soul is the basis of all life. It's what connects our fleshly bodies to the universe around it.

"It's for this reason that we need our souls for comprehension and its also the medium of communication that allows us to use wills, intents, daos and beyond."

"In line with this," Another hopped in, "The energy used to nurture the soul is completely different from the energy used to cultivation the conventional path.

"What a good soul cultivation technique will do is extract the usable properties of those energies, break them down, break your soul down, and then build them both back up together."

"Ai. What Junior Sister says is true. This is the very reason why our quadrant is so special. Of our 100 universes, more than 50 of them are filled with this already processed energy."

"Mm. If a normal cultivator with poor soul talent entered, they'd believe that the energy in our universe was incredibly thin. This is because the energies of the conventional path are, in fact, technically speaking, thin. However, the reason it's thin is because it's been replaced by this processed energy."

"Essentially, our quadrant is a haven for soul cultivators. Because the energy is already processed and optimized for the soul, it skips a step of soul cultivation, giving you twice the results with half the effort."

"The reason we explained all of this though is because of what makes this processed soul energy so special.

"The soul holds the life essence of an individual. What this energy can do is stimulate and nurture that life essence. The reason this is so important is because the secret to transcending actually lies in the soul. Only fools look down on soul cultivation, blindly seeking battle power over a strong foundation."

"Pa. You can't blame those people. They feel like they have no hope of transcending anyway, so they focus on short term benefits."

"Stop quibbling in front of our handsome junior brother," A female spirit smiled down at Dyon. There was no lust in her eyes, she only wanted to play her big sister role well. "Anyway, I'm sure you understand what this means by now, right? I can't tell you're very smart."

Dyon lightly smiled. "I assume this soul energy is very good at stimulating the life force of things, allowing quicker recovery, even to the point of repairing broken earth and torn plants."


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