Reaper of the Martial World
1031 Statues 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1031 Statues 4

Dyon wasn't surprised by these reactions.

One might find it odd that statues that should have been geniuses in their era were so eager to hand their legacies to other geniuses. However, there was a simple explanation for this: Karma.

For the same reason ancestors agreed to enter half-dead states to extend their lives and protect their clans from danger, these statues used this as an opportunity to gain more good karma and thus be born with more talent in their next lives.

However, they wouldn't be able to reap these rewards until after they handed over their legacies and thus disappeared from the valley.

Why did they not just hand their legacies over to any random genius they came across then? This reason was also simple. How could you gain a lot of good karma by handing over your legacy to someone who was mediocre? If the genius you chose didn't accomplish much with your legacy, then the karma you received would be smaller by comparison.

"Kid, I found this fist technique within the legacy world of a dao formation expert back when I was an essence gatherer. It's overbearing and perfect for men such as ourselves, accept my legacy!"

"Don't listen to him. Fist techniques have no finesse. Don't you want to impress the women in your life? I know a suave gentleman such as yourself must have more than one. To accomplish such a feat, what could be better than a kicking technique?"

"Ridiculous! Palm techniques are superior!"

"Fools! What's more overbearing than using a single finger to stare down at your opponents with disdain?! Imagine heaven's finger descending from the skies, covering thousands of miles on a whim and crushing all those in sight!"

"What use is technique without power?! Listen kid, I have a Life Stealing technique that directly steals power from your opponents during every exchange! How overbearing is that?!"

"Pft! A pitiful Life Stealing technique? Are your eyes blind? Can you not see that the sword on his back already had such a function? Why would he want the legacy of a fool like you?

"Listen, Kid. The truths of Runic Vein Theory are what us body cultivators indulge in. Wouldn't you like to under how to use your runic flame to absorb the life essence of even the plants on the ground? Imagine being able to turn thousands of miles into a desolate wasteland with a single breath and turning all of that into your own power!"

"You shameless bastard, how is that different from life stealing?!"

"Country bumpkin! You think that everyone is as stupid as you?! Your life stealing technique requires touch. The moment an opponent realizes what is happening, you think it would be so easy to continue to steal strength from them? My technique is obviously of a much higher tier! Whether the enemy is prepared or not is irrelevant because it relies on the earth beneath our feet!"

"Kid, forget these bastards. Wouldn't you like to form an indestructible body? A body capable of entering the center of even the fieriest of suns? To enter into the depths of abyssal cores of the dao level without leaving even a single scratch on your skin?

"To have skin carved of jade and bones steeped in diamond. To have blood like the raging seas and a heart beast as fierce as a Dragon! That is what I can give you!"

"How so very poetic of you, but none of you can give him what I can give him!"

"Nonsense!" They all cried out in unison.

The statues spirit appeared, sneering at the surrounding. "What us martial warriors lack the most is time. Wouldn't you like to complete everything in half the time? Or maybe even a third of the time? Would you like to learn two or even three things at once?

"I can give you a runic vein theory legacy you can use to construct up to two other clones with power equal to your own!" The spirit didn't pause for even a moment, not allowing another to speak. "The best part about the technique is that you can fuse with your clones to increase your cultivation when you deem it right!

"Stuck at a bottle neck? Fuse with your clone! Want to gain the properties of the material used to create your clone? Fuse with your clone! Want to satisfy many women at once? Use your clones!"

By this point, those energy cultivation statues were completely stunned. In fact, if any of the geniuses outside witnessed this scene, they would be shocked beyond belief.

Although this was only the outer ring of the valley, what genius worthy of being here wasn't haughty beyond belief? Yet they were all prostrating in front of a kid in martial world terms, begging him to take their legacies! This was too much!

A major reason was because Dyon had broken into the celestial realms with his body. These statues simply didn't have resistance to such a thing. On top of that, he had fused with the body cultivation talent of billions of individuals! It was no wonder they were falling over each other.

However, the reason the statues were stunned was for a completely different reason. They could accept that Dyon had poor energy cultivation talent but great body cultivation talent, what they couldn't accept was the fact the man who had spoken about the cloning technique wasn't trying to give Dyon his own legacy, but rather the legacy of the clan behind him!

These two concepts were completely different!

The geniuses before were essentially handing over their fateful encounters, these things were their own and had no relation to others. However, none of them dared to hand over the core teachings of their sects and clans because not only would this ruin their karma by mixing, there was a chance that the good karma they received would be cut short by their clans and sects chasing their chosen geniuses.

In the martial world, there was a massive taboo on spreading your sect's core teachings. Although they might let their secular techniques circulate, no clan would tolerate their core teachings being disseminated.

There was another thing. A core teaching of a sect that could raise geniuses worthy of being here would be at the divine level at a minimum, with a chance of reaching the Mystic level! The value was incomparable!


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