Reaper of the Martial World
1030 Statues 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1030 Statues 3

Dyon quickly switched out of his torn blue robes and into his Soul Rending Peak disciple robes, strapped his faction badge to his waist and allowed the mask to disappear from his face before unbandaging his broad sword. Since he was going to be in the outer regions for now, there was no need to continue on with his identity as Ri's husband.

It was good that teleportation was random. This could be his excuse for how he escaped Clara. Obviously, someone of Clara's status wouldn't hold hands with someone like Dyon Jafari just for the sake of not losing a servant.

Looking around, Dyon realized that he was in the furthest reaches of the valley, there weren't even any statues here. He would have to continue forward before he reached any of them.

Dyon walked toward the edge of the abyss. He couldn't see to the bottom. In fact, the edge he stood on extended in both directions so far that it looked nothing like the massive bowl he knew that it was, instead, it looked like a straight edged cliff.

Although the size of the valley of geniuses surprised Dyon, after a moment of thinking, it made sense.

The tower had been in existence for hundreds of millions of years, and although only a rare few geniuses would earn a spot in this valley, over such a long period of time, the sheer number of them would baffle anyone.

At the same time, there was a lot of turnover in the outer regions of the valley. Obviously, whenever a legacy was earned, the statue would then disappear to be later replaced by another genius. However, this occurrence was relatively rare. Among the millions that entered, maybe only a few thousand would be lucky enough to resonate completely.

Unfortunately, this was entirely because the past geniuses were stingy. It was just that those of the martial world were vile individuals. Unless one had proper protection while they were resonating, the jealousy of others would run rampant causing quite a few tragedies.

Fighting while resonating was like looking in two directions at once, there was no doubt that your battle prowess would fall drastically. Only the strongest could simultaneously receive a legacy while also fighting off others. It was for this reason that the valley allowed group teleportation.

Dyon allowed his feet to slip, causing him to plummet into the endless fog. 'Old Lizard, do you have a statue here?'

'You think this esteemed ancestor would have a statue on the pitiful saint floors?'

'Hey, watch it. Don't insult my master.'

Although Dyon said this, he did find it weird that his master was on the saint floors. She was the guardian beast of the first ranked sect in the cosmos. Even if she was younger then, her talent had to be unmatched by many. Even though her celestial bloodline had fallen to the transcendent rankings, it was still a celestial bloodline.

On top of that, according to Dyon's understanding, only supreme beasts could be born as humans. Transcendent beasts wouldn't be able to transform into humans until they reached dao formation.

However, when Dyon… 'stumbled', cough, upon his master's intimate relations with his martial uncle, he saw them committing their dirty deeds in their human forms as well as their beast forms. The problem was that according to those same members, Dyon's master had only been a celestial at the time. So, clearly, celestial bloodlines were quite special even at the transcendent level.

'Plus, you have me here. What do you need my statue for?'

Dyon nodded in acknowledge, this was true.


Dyon heavily crashed into the ground before popping back up.

With a quick look around, he realized that his estimation of the amount of time it would take others to get here was bang on. The outer region was completely empty aside from various statues as far as the eye could see. It was likely that anyone who could enter so early had immediately done what Ri had and surged toward the center regions.

Dyon grinned. 'If my theory is correct, I'll have almost half a day to cause havoc here. Don't be mad at me, tower owner. Blame the fact I'm too much of a genius.'

"Hm… Which of you should I start with?"

Suddenly, an uproarious laughter sounded out. "Kid, with your shitty talent, you can forget about resonating with any one of us!"

From what he could see, Dyon was a 1st stage essence gatherer despite already being so old. On top of that, these statues had the ability to test the corresponding talent of those they chose, so they could all see that Dyon only had 7th grade meridians. Who would choose someone like that?

However, just as he spoke, another voice called out. "Shut up hermit! Kid, are you willing to resonate with me? Your body cultivation talent is at a level I've never seen before!"

A chorus of voices sounded out. The body cultivators all wanted Dyon's approval, the energy cultivators looked at him with disdain, while the soul cultivators remained silent. For some reason, they could sense Dyon's soul at all. But, at the same time, the felt an overwhelming pressure coming from it that told them they simply didn't have the right to ask him to accept their legacies.

It was clear that the Epistemic Tower's ability to judge talent far surpassed the 98th quadrant. It could directly ignore the fact that Dyon's soul was sealed and see through him with ease. The only reason they couldn't sense his soul was because his soul was just that overbearing!


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