Reaper of the Martial World
1028 Statues 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1028 Statues 1

Dyon's gaze shifted from Anak to the swirling vortex of ice and snow. "Don't cross me again, or I'll kill you. There are some people even you can't afford to offend."

Without waiting for Anak's response or the crowd's reaction, Dyon stepped through the air holding Ri's small hand and disappeared into the tornado.

Many were shocked by his words, and even more shocked by his actions. Even though the vortex was only a small trial, it still shouldn't be so casually conquered. Yet, considering the fact his and Ri's bodies hadn't been thrown out viciously, it was clear that they had passed.

However, it wasn't long before they all understood. Alexandria was a beast meant to embody the very elements meant to be a test for them. Wasn't such a trial a joke in front of her?

The most poignant point was that Anak hadn't responded. Only a fool wouldn't be able to see the fury in his eyes, yet he, as a God level character among the greatest to ever live, actually withstood the slap to his face. It was too inconceivable!

What was unfortunate was that those here still didn't fully understand just what had made this mysterious masked man so angry. Could he really have only been pissed off that Chrysanthemum implied that Anak could take any woman he wanted? And thus took that as an insult to himself?

Chrysanthemum was no stranger to angering others with her words, but she usually did so deliberately. This was the first time in her life that she hadn't even meant to anger someone, yet had anyway…

There were some that thought of the possibility that this masked man might have some relationship with Madeleine and might even be Dyon Sacharro himself. However, that idea was shot down simply by virtue of the existence of the fog barrier. No one had ever heard of a case where a key wielder could exit a tower while maintaining this barrier. The idea of someone silently developing with the protection of the tower was more than just an advantage, it was blatant cheating!

But, how could they know that the tower had broken its own rules, making Dyon's trial tougher than it had to be? Instead of having a clean sweep of first places, Dyon would forever be stuck at 11th for the fourth trial, and that completely pissed him off. If he didn't deserve first place, that would be one thing. But, the fact he did deserve it, yet had it taken away from him was completely unfair.

Of course, that ended up being a blessing in disguise and led to the Aritzias of the world posit that he was very young and therefore not a saint yet. However, Dyon still took his pound of flesh as compensation. Now he would have time to clean up their Corner and fortify its defenses, lest others begin to believe that they could be bullied.

That aside, those who had recorded the happenings of the past few minutes felt like they had a blazing hot stone in their hands that they had to get rid of as quickly as possible. However, at the same time, no one wanted to miss the opportunity to enter the Valley of Geniuses. If they left to sell their recordings now, they would miss out on a once in a lifetime situation.

There was nothing that could be done. The Sapientia had kept a tight seal on the Internet, only allowing one way traffic with them as the distributer. Because of this, there was no simple way to send them information, it would have to be done in person.

Since it was like this, those who had recorded the events could only grit their teeth and enter the vortex. A few months from now, after the valley closed and kicked them all out, it wouldn't be too late to sell their information then. They could only lament the poor, uninformed souls that would offend Dyon from now until then.


The moment Ri and Dyon entered the vortex, there was a strong force that threatened to tear them apart. However, just how high were Ri's attainments in ice will? And just how tough was Dyon's body?

Others outside assumed that Dyon had only entered so easily with Ri's help, but this was a trial. Even if he was holding Ri's hand, the challenge was his own. They would find out this truth soon enough.

Just like that, the husband and wife pair glided through the storm. Ri was completely untouched, it was as though this was an attack of her own forming. Dyon, however, took some nicks and scratches, here and there, but only to his clothing. His skin remained unharmed.

Ri sighed. "Those robes were so expensive."

She didn't blame Dyon too much, though. Without access to his wills, his only option was brute force.

Ri couldn't help but remember the time where her affinity for ice will was poor. Despite that truth, because she was a martial genius, she had still managed to enter the 9th will level before even 15 years of age. However, now that she was constantly returning her bloodline to its origin with the help of her faith seed, her affinity had skyrocketed. Coupling that with the sovereignty path her Elvin Queen's Reign constitution gave her, ice will bowed down obediently to her whims. It was just a shame that she couldn't help out Dyon.


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