Reaper of the Martial World
1027 Pseudo Celestial 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1027 Pseudo Celestial 4

Dyon obviously had no need to use this sort of protection. His mask was only here to hide his identity and his aura. However, he didn't have a choice in the matter.

The [Swallowing Lightning Willow's Dance] mask was made of Lightning Willow that underwent nine revolutions of ten million years. Even though its purpose was to store a lightning legacy and protect one's identity, because of its nature, it also acted as a protective treasure.

The moment it sensed such a fierce Presence aimed toward its owner, it lashed out.

By the time the lightning clouds formed, Dyon had already stepped forward, grabbing Ri's hand and completely dispelling Anak's Presence from her using his own. What did a mere lower King Presence have in the face of Dyon's Peak King Presence?

The clouds rumbled, forming overhead and bearing its angry fangs toward Anak.

At that moment, Anak didn't dare to be careless. He slapped his own chest, causing a reverberating boom to sound of the iced plains.

His own protective treasure activated, creating a shield of blinding light just as a thick bolt of lightning descended from the skies.


After venting its rage, the lightning clouds slowly parted, purposely taking its time as a final warning. To dare to use your Presence to try and suppress the heavens, weren't you seeking death?

Anak's slightly disheveled figure soon emerged from the blinding light. It didn't seem like he was seriously hurt, but one could see the raging flames behind his eyes despite his calm appearance.

Normal lightning couldn't harm him. Even normal tribulation lightning couldn't harm him, after all, he had already surpassed his saint tribulation with flying colors. However, that tribulation that just came down was at the celestial transcending into the dao realm level!

Dyon's treasure wasn't a normal tribulation lightning treasure, it was among the best of the best of them!

What background could he possibly come from to be capable of having such a treasure?!

One had to understand that Anak didn't have a lack of treasures. As someone who ranked within the top eleven of all three most important God trials, his rewards were obviously great. However, the question was how did this man have one? Did he earn them through trials as well? Or was his clan just that powerful? Who was he?!

It was at this moment that Anak remember the bloodline suppression and his heart once again began to thump violently.

A clan that could afford to give such a treasure to a junior… A clan with a bloodline capable of suppressing his own… A clan that would have reason to hide its identity even being so powerful… It couldn't be?!

Anak's actions had thoroughly enraged Dyon. First he had thoughts on his wife, then he dared to try and make not only himself kneel, but Ri as well?

What was also lamentable was that he actually forced the swallowing willow mask to use a portion of its tribulation lightning. It was already depleted, yet now it was even more so. The only good news was that a saint wasn't enough to make it use too much of its power. That that didn't change the fact that Dyon was completely pissed off.

Even if he had to use all of trump cards, it would be worth it to teach this bastard a lesson!

The moment he thought this, he felt Ri lightly squeeze his hand. "He's not worth your time or your effort. He'll come to know in the future that he can only become a character below you."

Ri's sweet smile caused the angered hearts of those geniuses who had been forced to kneel by Anak to throb for a completely different reason. How could would it be for her confidence and smile to be directed toward them?

However, her words implied something spine tingling. Was she blinded by love? Or could this mysterious character really match up against Anak?

One had to know that Anak was already a Pseudo-Celestial, his cultivation had technically left the normal saint realms.

Remember, the foundation stage and the meridian formation realm both came before the essence gathering realm. But, both of those involved tempering the body and meridians with essence level energy. Wouldn't a true genius want to repeat these very steps with saint energy and then celestial energy?

Those who did so were known as the pseudo cultivators of the realm they were going to step into. And it was also because of this "re-tempering" that, despite having the body of a celestial, Dyon could still struggle against first and second grade saints.

Currently, Anak was in the process of repeating the 'foundation stage' with the use of celestial energy instead of essence energy. Technically, he was still a saint, but his body was elevating to the levels of a celestial. Cultivators who reached this level were known as Pseudo-Celestials.

With this level of power, not to mention his wills and technique, plus the fact Dyon's soul and energy cultivation were sealed, it would be almost impossible for Dyon to defeat him. As it stood now, there was a less than 1% likelihood that he could. It was unfair, but it was also the truth.

Of course, Ri would never bet against her husband. Dyon was a man who fought a celestial and a peak saint with the cultivation of a meridian formation expert and came out alive. Only a fool would bet against such a man, let alone his own wife. However, if Dyon revealed too many things, individuals like Aritzia would have too many clues and hints to use to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It just wasn't worth it.

Dyon continued to stare at Anak, his eyes nearly spewing fire.

It was at that moment that the entrance began to rumble. A vortex of icicles and snow warped into a violet portal. This was the final test, only those who could survive the violent churning would have the right to step into the Valley of Geniuses.


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