Reaper of the Martial World
1026 Pseudo Celestial 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1026 Pseudo Celestial 3

Chrysanthemum large brown eyes trembled with rage. "Coward!"

When had she ever been so blatantly ignored by anyone? And so publicly at that? On top of her having just suffered a loss? How could she allow such a thing to slid?

"Who are you?" Anak's voice sounded out, reminiscent of an earthquake shattering the lands. It was hard to believe that such a voice came from a young man less than 50 years old.

Despite the waves crashing through Anak's chest, his features were completely calm, as though nothing was happening to him. However, despite his calm appearance, it wasn't long before those around began to notice the trembling of the clansmen behind him.

What was going on? Many wanted to ask this question, but they didn't dare to speak. The atmosphere was far too stifling. However, that didn't stop others from recording what was happening. It was certain that the Sapientia News Network would pay an arm and a leg for the recordings of what happened today! Even if only Ri and Chrysanthemum were the only ones to fight, the result was world-shaking news!

It was at this moment that Saru's elder brother arrived. But, seeing the situation, he only watched silently. Even his normal carefree personality was tempered in the face of Anak, he didn't dare to act recklessly.

"Now you're interested in knowing who I am? Before, you seemed very content to ignore my identity entirely." Dyon's rage filled voice rumbled, not losing out to Anak's overbearingness in the least.

Badum Badum Badum

The distinct sounds of beating hearts cut through the fierce winds of the ice world. At first, those around thought that they were simply hearing their own beating hearts. After all, a clash of such tycoons was far too much for small characters like them to handle.

However, just as they were concluding this, a lower saint of the Emperor Giant Clan violently vomited a mouthful of blood, unable to stop himself from clenching his chest.

Confusion colored the faces of those around. Presence wasn't capable of doing something like this! It could freeze a person's battle prowess and even make them shiver in fear, not daring to move. But, it didn't physically harm a person… The only possibility was if Presence forcibly stopped someone from circulating a technique. If that happened, then maybe the backlash from that would cause someone to cough up blood. But, it didn't seem like that youngster of the Emperor Giant Clan was circulating a technique…

Not a single one of them thought of bloodline suppression. How ridiculous. The Emperor Giant Clan were the descendants of angels, even those monsters of the first ranked quadrant couldn't use their bloodlines to suppress them. It was too far from any of their minds for any of them to think of it.

Anak was completely un-resigned. He was a genius of geniuses, how could he be suppressed by some no name character?

The more he looked at Dyon's wings, the more he wanted to rip them off of his back!

"You have guts to dare stand above me." Anak spoke calmly. "KNEEL!"


A Presence that could topple worlds erupted from Anak, enveloping the world of snow.

Without exception, genius after genius fell to their knees, trembling in fear. Their own wills were crushed, their heads never to raise up again. It was as though they had fallen into their own pits of despair, completely unwilling to fight for their futures and completely willing to forever kneel at the feet of Anak.

Even his own clansmen weren't spared, one after another, each fell to the ground, kneeling in reverence to Anak.

Amory, Cullen and the Gemini Sextuplets grit their teeth, activating their Presence protecting treasures, completely unwilling to be embarrassed in such a way. For them to have treasures capable of protecting against a King level Presence, it was clear how much their clans valued them.

However, they all shook in rage despite being unaffected. This Anak character was far too unbridled! He didn't even spare them!

They all knew how Presence worked. A genius like Anak could easily direct his aura in a controlled manner, there was no need to implicate the millions that were here. Yet, that was exactly what he did!

'Bastard!' They all thought at once.

Chrysanthemum sneered. As the young princess of her Water Mist Sect, of course she had her own protective treasure. But, she knew a mere 30th ranked quadrant couldn't afford a treasure capable of protecting against King Presences.

She turned a fierce gaze toward Ri and Dyon, completely prepared to leap forward and thrash both of them for angering her so much. 'We'll see what being a mere beast does for you when you're suffering under the Presence of my husband. First, I'll let you kneel for him, then I'll teach you a lesson!'

However, the moment she was so looking forward to never came.

The moment Anak's Presence erupted, Dyon's mask clapped with thunder, eliciting dark clouds to roll in the sky.

The geniuses around immediately realized what was happening.

"Tribulation Lightning Protective Treasure!" The yelled out in unison.

There were many types of treasures that protected against Presence, however, none were more effective than tribulation lightning! However, they were far too rare! A material capable of housing tribulation lightning was valuable beyond belief and even a single one could buy out an innumerable number of clans!

At the same time, this type of protection was by far the most effective. How could the lightning of heaven allow a mere young genius to dare to try and suppress it? Were you trying to go against the heavens? Just how much guts did you have?!


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