Reaper of the Martial World
1023 Control 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1023 Control 3

The breathing of the men became shallow. An Empress level character was rare beyond belief, in fact, Emperors were incredibly rare as well. But, there was something about seeing a strong woman with rare beauty that fired them all up.

That said, that was all it did. How could any of them dare to have thoughts on a woman that was Anak's? Wasn't that asking for death?

Only Amory clenched his teeth and fists. He had loved Chrysanthemum for a long time, but it seemed his race had lost out to the Emperor Giant race once again…

However, a marriage alliance between the 11th and 9th quadrant was truly a big deal. It wasn't that inter-marrying between quadrants was rare, but just that the identities of these two were so sensitive. Anak was the most talented Emperor Giant to be birth in the last thousand years, while Chrysanthemum was the treasured grand daughter of the sect master of her all female sect.

To top this all off, the highest-ranking members of the Water Mist Sect all had bloodlines that made them among the top percentage of dao partners. Only those of the Flaming Lily Sect surpassed them as another all female sect beat them out. In a lot of ways, the pure yin characteristics of those of the Water Mist Sect made them even more ideal.

The fact Chrysanthemum clearly chose Anak caused countless individuals to sigh with envy.

"I hear that Anak actually wants to marry the twin flowers of the female only sects."

"The twin flowers?"

"Of course. In the last 20 or so years, there have been two females that raised themselves to the top of the Empress world that also came from female only sects. One was Chrysanthemum of the Water Mist Sect. I hear if she performs well in the coming years, they might promote her to Core Disciple before she's even stepped into the celestial realms!"

"And the other?"

"Madeleine, of course!"

The crowd's eyes widened with realization. Who else of the younger generation would be able to stand side by side with Chrysanthemum if not her?

Oddly enough, despite one being from a water sect and the other being from a fire sect, Madeleine still had the gentle and goddess-like demeanor of a woman from a water sect while Chrysanthemum was the exact opposite! In fact, most of the reason why they were so surprised that she was sitting so calmly on Anak's shoulder and looking at him so lovingly was exactly because they were used to her fiery temper.

"Wait… Isn't Madeleine's last name Sacharro?"

"So what?"

"Isn't that Dyon character's last name the same?"

"Don't be ridiculous, with how many people there are in 100 quadrants, how could some people not share the same name? Plus, one comes from the fourth quadrant, while the other comes from the former 100th."

"I would have believed you a few months ago as well, but don't you know why those of the 4th ranked quadrant won't show up this time?"

"Why?" Everyone looked over with keen interest.

"There's actually a campaign war happening right now and all four Emperor God Sects are embroiled in it."

Those listening were shocked to hear this, even those outstanding geniuses who had just appeared perked their ears up.

"But what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, the Flaming Lily Sect released some… Prized information because of this war."

"Stop leaving us in suspense and speak." Amory had a very straight forward attitude and didn't like the story telling skill of the no-name genius.

After breaking out into a cold sweat, the young man continued. He hadn't expected to catch the attention of the geniuses, but now he was scared to offend Anak.

"According the sect elders of the Flaming Lily Sect, M – Madeleine actually came from the Celestial Deer Quadrant and was married to Dyon Sacharro before he entered his trial world. Given that his wife's sect is in danger of being attacked from all sides, he sent his personal guard to clear the Gate for the Flaming Lily Sect."

The atmosphere burst into an uproar. What 'personal guard' could possibly deal with the younger generation of an Emperor God Sect of the 4th ranked quadrant, let alone three of them ganging up on a single one!

There was only one word for this… Arrogant! He didn't even feel the need to show up personally, he sent his henchmen!

From start to finish, Anak didn't say a single word. Of course, considering his status, he had heard of the troubles of the Flaming Lily Sect. He was one of the only 10 geniuses of this generation with King level Presence!

With his status, he had wanted to go and help personally a curry a favor with Madeleine and gain her goodwill. However, he had been rejected. When he wanted to go and help anyway, informally, he had heard news of the Valley of Geniuses and could only give it up.

As for this Dyon, according to reports he hadn't even stepped into the saint realms yet, how could he be worried about such a character now? If he stepped in front of him, he would crush him!

"It��s okay hubby." Chrysanthemum said in a sweet voice, delicately kissing his cheek. "You can have any woman you want."

After this, everyone had thought that all of the antics had concluded. It would only be a moment before the entrance trembled and allowed them all to enter, however, they were all sorely mistaken.


At that moment, a violet wind shook the height in the air as a masked man carrying a beauty every bit as world-shattering as Chrysanthemum appeared.

The imposing aura of Anak, the one that had stifled them all the moment he appeared was suddenly fiercely cut in half, met an equally fierce aura.

Dyon's eyes blazed with fury. With his level of cultivation, how could he not have heard all of the words being said?

In that instant, all of the geniuses forgot to breathe as Dyon's eyes met Anak's. "You'd do well to control the words of your woman."


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