Reaper of the Martial World
1018 Martial Intent 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1018 Martial Intent 1

It would be no surprise to anyone that by the time Dyon had tamed his beauty, the pair were already running slightly late. But, there was no real use in complaining about it, Dyon could only wait for Ri to recover her strength.

Eventually, the couple tidied up and Dyon let Ri choose his outfit. It seemed she wanted to match, so he acquiesced to wearing sky-blue robes to compliment Ri's white gown and light blue belt that also helf her weapon. If it wasn't for the domineering sword she kept by her hip, one might mistake his wife for a dainty maiden who couldn't protect herself.

After she was finished dressing Dyon and herself, Ri moved to grab her white visor, but before she could, Dyon grabbed her hand. "Must you?"

Ri giggled, seeing Dyon's unwillingness to hide her appearance. "You want to show off how beautiful your wife is while I can't show off how handsome my husband is? What a double standard."

Seeing Dyon's sadness, Ri put the visor away. How could she not understand the heart of her husband? Dyon had been willing to be with her even when those bastards of the Elvin Pillar Clans bullied her for her average appearance.

Dyon didn't want Ri to wear the visor because he didn't like the idea of the Void Clan holding a permanent place in Ri heart. It was also a constant reminder that he hadn't been there for her when she needed it most. Although Ri only saw it as a source of motivation, Dyon saw it as a source of pain that only fueled his anger. How could he enjoy his time with his wife if he constantly felt a boiling rage within himself?

The Demon Sage's blood didn't only affect his personality by way of lust, anger was another major point that left Dyon discontented. He flew into a rage much quicker than he used to and always acted in the extreme. It made him feel like a lesser version of himself, like he was a man who couldn't rein in his own emotions. How pathetic was that?

Ri was perfectly right, had he learned of what Aki did to her before he met Aki, he would have ignored all of his laborious planning for the sake of a single moment. Of course, he wouldn't regret it, but at the same time, he knew he had to be better for the sake of not only his future, but for the futures of everyone around him.

The more Dyon felt this way, the more he thought about his grand teacher and how he had advised him to go to the Crystal Dragon Clan's territory to find an opportunity to use their treasured spring.

From what Dyon knew, Crystal Dragons were among the very few treasures in the world with the capability of naturally restoring their own mental energies. It was likely that this spring that his grand teacher referred to was linked to this in some way.

As for how Dyon would get such an ancient clan to allow him to use their most prized inheritance, he didn't know. But, if it was for the sake of protecting his wives, Dyon was willing to do anything.

"Let's go," Ri smiled sweetly, grabbing a hold of Dyon's arm.


By this point in time, the entrances to the Valley of Geniuses were lined with millions of young geniuses. Of course, like many opportunities provided by the Epistemic Tower, its presentation wasn't so simple.

The Epistemic Tower itself, no matter which floor one was speaking of, except for the top-most few, had relatively similar layouts.

One could imagine the tower's inner world as a massive and perfect circle. The edges of this circle were perfectly carved out into 100 pieces representing each of the 100 quadrants. Of course, these pieces were known as Corners.

Then, there was Central City. The central portion of its name didn't just refer to center from the corners, it was also center from the sky!

Central City was equidistant not only from each of the one hundred Corners, but was also equidistant from the ground and the upper-most limit the saint floor. It was essentially a city, spanning tens of kilometers across, hovering in the air.

Of course, this central hub was designed this way with purpose. Its position allowed all of the mysterious realms of the tower to find their own place in between all of the corners, randomly laid through out.

The tower was truly magical, containing a wide-ranging number of extreme conditions, wild beasts, and comprehension opportunities. And, this all didn't include the exclusive 'event' type occurrences of the Valley of Geniuses that only opened once in a while.

It was for all of these reason that Dyon looked down upon those of the 98th quadrant for not taking advantage of this opportunity because of their cowardice. There were very few places in the outside world better for training than the tower!

Unfortunately, not every quadrant raised disciples too cowardly to enter the tower, or else the coming event would be much easier.

Currently, Ri and Dyon were making their way to the entrance closest to them. Due to the nature of these special events, it wasn't possible to directly teleport there, instead, it was almost like a mini-trial to make it there. As such, Dyon had taken Ri in his arms and was flying at the highest speed one pair of wings would bring him while cutting through a dense arctic-like blizzard.

However… Since this was the closest entrance to Dyon and Ri, wasn't this also the case for the rest of the Kitsune?


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