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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1016 Roll 2

"So… The simple answer is that I don't know. They could have a constitution, or they might just have a congenital disease. There's no way to know unless we examine them, and even in the case we do, both a congenital disease and a constitution on a micro-level are alterations in DNA, it would be impossible to tell the difference between the two unless we had a reference… Of course, there is one more possibility to find out…"

Dyon sighed, how could he not know what Clara was referring to? The problem was those adorable furry little hamsters had disappeared for almost half a year now, if they didn't want to be found, he couldn't do anything about it unless he had major breaks through in time will, but even then, it would be like searching for a single needle in an ocean hundreds of kilometers deep.

"It's fine. I was serious about what I said to them, I wouldn't want them on my side if they chose me for such a shallow reason. Plus, isn't my beautiful wife much smarter than I am, if they were going to choose someone based on intelligence, it should be you." Dyon smiled, lightly pinching Clara's cheeks.

"Don't try and butter me up, you'll make me think you're hiding something."

Dyon laughed. "Like what?"

"An illegitimate child." Clara answered seriously.

Dyon coughed violently, choking on air. "When did I become such a scumbag in your eyes?"

"You've always been. Nothing's changed." The sweet smile on Clara's face was in complete contrast to the devious light in her eye, as though she could see through Dyon entirely.

"It seems I haven't taught you enough of a lesson. You're lucky my soul is sealed, or I would have you screaming even louder." Dyon trained a heated, lust filled gaze on Clara, wantonly following her curves with his large hands.

"Sounds like the excuse of a man who can't satisfy his wife. Mortal men have been doing it without the use of dual cultivation cheats for thousands of years, aren't you a little too lacking?" Clara ruthlessly teased.

Dyon feigned a hurt expression. Of course, he didn't take any of this seriously, Clara always became an obedient and adorable little kitten after they finished their sessions. Considering their souls were connected, he could always tell exactly what she wanted even before she was truly aware, he didn't need his soul to send her into a world of pleasure, but, it would help.

"I'll remember that when you're begging for mercy next."

"And I'll be sure to watch the replay of me kicking your ass next time you want to be smug."

Dyon's eyes widened. "You didn't."

Clara grinned. "I did."

She swiveled in Dyon's lap, flipping her palm to reveal a silver array plate with a glass finish on one side. Her eyes flashed with a golden light, before a replay of Dyon getting slapped around in the air started to play along with light and airy giggling.

Dyon groaned. "I can't believe Ri and Madeleine betrayed me like this."

"Hehe." Clearly Clara was feeling very good about herself right now.

At this point, Dyon had no choice but to change the subject. "What do you plan to do about the Valley of Geniuses?"

Clara shrugged. "I don't think I need it. The Dao of Array Alchemy has more techniques and theories than I could learn with a million years of life, I don't think I care about improving my battle prowess so much. Or more accurately, I want to raise my battle prowess in the right ways.

"The more I study soul cultivation, the more I feel like we're on the edge of something. That divine sense technique that I created using the tome… It was almost too easy, like there was a logical progression of things that only had one answer.

"I'll go because it's a good opportunity, but I'll only resonate if I find a past genius that aligns with my thoughts perfectly. If not, just forget it."

Since Dyon's soul was sealed, there was no reason for him to carry around the soul tome, and since Clara enjoyed studying it, why wouldn't he let her have it for now?

"Plus," Clara continued. "Ri wants to go, so you can appear in your role as her husband while using me as an excuse for disappearing as Dyon Jafari."

Dyon nodded, he was thinking this too. Dyon Jafari was still a minor character, but Alexandria Snow's husband had become a household name. The fact that he hadn't appeared in a while was weird enough, if he didn't show up for such a big event, it would be even more questionable.

The only problem was this would hamper his plan to use himself as bait. However, this was solved easily as well.

The Valley of Geniuses was massive, but it was also separated into tiers of pressure. The more powerful statues were surrounded by stronger pressure so that weak individuals wouldn't overestimate themselves and die by attempting a resonance they weren't strong enough to withstand. Because of this the areas that 'Dyon Jafari' could enter versus the areas 'Ri's husband' could enter, would reflect their vastly different social status, the latter clearly being far more powerful than the former.

It seemed he would have to lead a double life for a while.

There was, of course, another reason that Dyon needed his second identity for this. By now, Aki Void was likely healed. The moment Dyon laid eyes on him, he was a dead man.


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