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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1015 Roll 1

Clara frowned as she listened to Dyon's description of the twins. Even though she hadn't been there, she too couldn't help but feel pity.

Before she had begun to cultivate her soul, her looks were within the parameters of a mortal. Although she could be considered to be among the top percentage of female mortals, she still fell short when compared to Madeleine and Ri. It wasn't until after she stepped onto the path of cultivation and began to cleanse her impurities with the universe's energies that she managed to catch up to her two sister wives, and not until she awakened her constitutions that she firmly became their equal.

This was all to say that even a woman as unworried about the thoughts of others as Clara was deeply concerned over her appearance. Not for the sake of herself, or for the outside world, but she always wanted to look her best for Dyon, because she loved him. With this being true, how could she not feel pity for two women who had their appearances compromised like this?

Although the twins had use of their bewitching techniques, just how useful could such a thing be? They were only able to use it so easily in the 98th quadrant because everyone either had poor soul talent, or had crippled their soul talent.

What if they stepped into the outside world? Even if they became powerful enough, so powerful that their bewitching techniques worked on any and everyone, when the day came that they fell in love and chose the individual they would meld their souls with, no matter how powerful they were, they wouldn't be able to hide anything from that individual. The same way Clara could tell whether or not Dyon was telling the truth and see his true self, whoever their dao partners were would be able to do the same.

Of course, it was possible to have sex without taking this soul melding step. Only true partners for life would trust each other to take this final leap of faith together, it was for this very reason that Dyon called Clara, Ri, Madeleine and Amphorae his wives despite not having given them a ceremony or ring, why would they need such things if they had taken a step much more meaningful than that?

However, it was because this step was so important that anyone you chose not to take this step with couldn't be considered your true partner in life.

It was an inescapable of fate… They were truly too pitiful.

After listening, Clara sighed. "As a thank you from the Sapientia main family, I was actually allowed into the main library for a month. I assume they thought that even with that amount of time, I wouldn't be able to make much of a dent into their ancient texts."

Dyon lightly chuckled, it seemed the Sapientia family had underestimated his wife a little too much.

The Speed-Reading technique was something that Libro had given Dyon well back during his Focus Academy days. However, that technique could only be considered a mere fraction of the true Sapientia technique which was easily a Heaven Grade technique, while the one Libro gave Dyon was only a lower common grade technique.

What they didn't know was that Dyon had modified the technique to use one's Mind's Eye. Of course, the mind's eye was the true name of one's aurora, something Dyon had learned long ago as well. Using this slight modification made Dyon's version hundreds of times faster than the common level technique. It was just that only those with Innate Auroras could use it, but luckily, Clara happened to be one of them.

"It was there that I found most of the information I have on constitutions now…"

Clara went on to explain things that the Dragon King had already told Dyon, but clearly in much more detail.

"… It seems that there are constitutions that surpass the God Level, however even the Sapientia don't have information on them. Or, maybe they have an even higher level library I wasn't allowed to enter that might have information on them."

Dyon knew that once a martial expert's technique reached a high enough level, it could be acknowledged by the heavens and start being passed down via organic means. For example, the mind's eye was actually a technique created by Dyon's grand teacher. It approached perfection to such a level that the cosmos had no choice but to acknowledge it, and thus, for generations to come, the rare few began to inherit innate auroras.

Constitutions fell into the same designation. However, because of the length of time that had passed since their creation, constitutions had begun to weaken, even requiring them to be 'awakened' via pills or other means.

The aurora hadn't reached this point yet, although those with innate auroras were becoming more and more rare. That said, Dyon wasn't worried about this considering he had the Aurora Steps. As soon as he found a soul talent he took a liking to, he would awaken their aurora without even needing any resources.

That aside, according to Clara, the book she read theorized that there was a higher-level past God constitutions, but they had become rarer and rarer over time, and practically becoming extinct.

Even worse, the book was pure speculation. It just posited an equation that calculated the rate of degeneration of the technique across generations, before concluding what it should have been at its peak. Although the methodology was sound, at the end of the day, it was a theory.


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