Reaper of the Martial World
1014 Grandmaster 4
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1014 Grandmaster 4

Violet only sighed. Dyon was a wild one from the very beginning, there really was no controlling him. However, no one noticed the sly smile on her face as she turned back

'Let's see you dare to run away from me now. You forced me to see you naked, tainting my innocence. Now you've tainted it once again by forcing me to defend you. The fact you'll be punished is also a good thing, you'll learn that the best woman you can afford to be with in this life is me. You'll learn that you were lucky to not be killed this time around…'

In Violet's own world, she couldn't imagine a world where anyone who called themselves a man would dare to taint the innocence of a maiden twice, and still not take responsibility.


It wasn't long before Clara had dragged Dyon to the weapon's master tower, ignoring the odd gazes they received, and up to the top floor. Her prestige here was so great that none of them dared to stop her.

After reaching the third floor, Clara stepped onto a formation that brought them to the off-limits fourth floor, a place reserved for apprentices, then directly went to the sixth floor, a place reserved for Grandmasters.

As soon as Clara stepped onto that floor, those there sensed it. There were only three total individuals with the rights to come here, so it was obvious that one of them coming here was a rare occurrence. However, when the other two learned that it was Clara dragging along what looked like a slave with her, they ignored it. They had once pursued Clara as well, but she had sliced them apart with her words one too many times, so they could only let it be.

With that, Clara dragged Dyon into her personal forgery, slamming the doors shut and activating all of its arrays before glaring at Dyon.


Dyon coughed lightly, "I have no idea what she was talking about."

"You expect me to believe that women just go around claiming boyfriends because they feel like it? What did you do to her?"

"Nothing!" Dyon felt aggrieved. "I was taking a dip in a stream and she peeped on me, I'm innocent!"

"Hmph." Clara rolled her eyes. Of course, she could tell that Dyon wasn't lying, their souls were connected after all.

"Are you going to undo these, my beautiful wife? You can't do this to your husband."

Clara waved her hand, unlocking to the two restraints.

"See, isn't it better like this?" Dyon wrapped a strong arm around Clara's waist, pulling her in tightly. "These robes suit you."

Clara seemed to lose her strength, collapsing into Dyon's arms. "Did you find any clues about Soul Market?"

It was no surprise that Clara knew about Soul Market already, after all, Dyon spoke to his wives quite often with the use of her invention. The problem was that they were cut off from Madeleine now since the gates didn't have any reception towers for Clara to make use of.

"Not much," Dyon responded with a frown, "But, if I managed to resonate with a statue from the Valley of Geniuses, they might lose patience and forcibly take me away."

"They actually want to do something like that?" Clara's voice quivered with anger. "You can't use yourself for bait like that, it's too dangerous. For all we know, there are far more powerful individuals hidden within the Cathedral."

Dyon sighed. "I have no choice. I have a feeling that Soul Market will be closing down soon. If I don't save them before that happens, what do you think they'll do with ones they haven't used yet? It's no good."

"Fine. But if things start going badly, you need to run with the best of your abilities. It isn't you job to save everyone."

Lightly stroking Clara's cheek, Dyon bent slightly to kiss her cherry lips.

A slight and bone numbing moan escaped from Clara just as her small and soft tongue intertwined with Dyon's.

The husband and wife pair stood flush against each other, as though even a single centimeter of space was too much, completely losing themselves in pleasure.

It wasn't until Dyon snapped out of it, realizing there was no suitable place to take Clara right here and now that he calmed himself and pulled away, vowing that he'd take this little vixen another time.

"Come, show me how much your weapon's forging has improved." Dyon said with a slight teasing tone.

Clara snorted adorably. "You might have me beat in formations, but you've fallen behind me in alchemy and you'll never be my equal in weapon's forging. You can't just sit down and read your little books to understand weapon's forging."

Dyon laughed, but Clara was right. Dyon's comprehension abilities were so fierce that he could do what many only dreamed of. Simply by reading and inwardly comprehending, he could execute the things others needed years of practice to produce. However, this was an exceptionally difficult trend to continue with alchemy, and even more so for weapon's forging.

Simply put, if Dyon didn't practice, he would soon lose his ability to progress his secondary professions along with his soul strength.

"I'll show you the armor I created for the Demon Generals. They're still prototypes right now, but that's all I had time for. Creating 3000 sets of armor, especially in such high quality, in only 13 years… Clearly you were trying to kill me."

Although Clara said this, she had much less than 13 years. More than half of that time was spent in her trial worlds, while at least two were spent preparing the internet for mass usage. Dyon really had put too much pressure on his little wife.

But, at least now, the Demon Generals were well protected for their reveal to the world. Those Golden Crow Sect bastards would suffer a lot for sure.

Because of this, Dyon didn't hold back in showering his wife with praise, listening attentively as she walked him through all of her decisions and the difficulties she had faced. It was a refreshing time for the both of them.

"I just remembered something." Dyon suddenly said hours later. "I ran into a pair of twins that were truly too pitiful. I'm not entirely sure, but I think it might be a constitution sickness of some sort. While you were researching constitutions to pick your own, did you come across anything that might help them?"

Of course, Dyon was referring to Bella and Mia, the two sister nuns. If he could get them on his side, this whole Soul Market ordeal would go much smoother.


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