Reaper of the Martial World
1013 Grandmaster 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1013 Grandmaster 3

The culdesac fell into absolute silent. Not only was the voice of this beauty far too sweet, none of them had ever seen a woman so beautiful. However, what shook them to their absolute core was that this beauty wore silver robes with 12 total golden bands on them! This otherworldly beauty was actually a 12th stage grandmaster!

"Do you think this is your 74th quadrant?!"

"This…" Rand stuttered, unable to overlap the fairy-like beauty with the rage in her sky-blue eyes.

"This, what?" The beauty pressed forward. "Are you not aware of the rules of the Sapientia Corner? Do you not understand why the shopkeeper didn't dare to personally seek an explanation from him? Are you too stupid to comprehend?!"


"Leave! You and that shopkeeper are banned indefinitely! If I see you here again, don't blame me for being impolite!"

Rand's face turned ashen white. Banned indefinitely? How would he buy his equipment? The Valley of Geniuses was just about to open too!

However, he didn't dare to say anything… This beauty was only a single step from entering the ranks of comet experts, yet she was so young. The number of clans willing to worship at her feet were innumerable! What did he, the pitiful Duke of a mere 74th quadrant have to say to such a woman? If he even dared to have any untoward thoughts, she would kill him where he stood, and his clan wouldn't dare to retaliate.

Rand clutched his fists, before glaring at Dyon hatefully and leaving.

From start to finish, Dyon was hardly paying attention to him at all, instead, his eyes were glued to the back-view of the beauty in front of him, scanning over her curves again and again.

When the beauty turned around and saw Dyon's gaze, there was a slight dissatisfaction in her eyes. However, Dyon only grinned. "You're quite beautiful, Grandmaster Clara. I've long since heard your esteemed name."

When Violet and the disciples of Soul Rending Peak heard this, along with the crowd, they felt like fainting from anger. This beauty had just gone out of her way to save you, yet now you want to harass her? Men really were scum.

The feeling was even worse for those of the 98th quadrant because they felt like they had just dodged a bullet, not Dyon was putting them right back in the line of fire. Although they all acknowledged that Dyon was easily among the most handsome men they had ever seen, that wasn't enough to deserve the attention of a beauty. Clara was an Empress, Dyon was a Duke, the difference between them was too large!

Even the women who flipped social norms and built their own harems wouldn't add men too far below their station or else it would cheapen themselves. Just what was Dyon doing?!

Of course, none of them guessed that Dyon was the only man in the world Clara would allow to speak to her like this. Why wouldn't she allow her husband some advantages?

However, Clara was still Clara. Taking advantage of the fact that Dyon didn't want their identity as husband and wife to be exposed so soon, she smiled evilly. "What did you say?"

Dyon felt a bad premonition coming.

"Grandmaster, please forgive him for not knowing his place." Violet stepped forward and bowed in the place of Dyon.

Seeing a beauty step up to defend Dyon, Clara raised an eyebrow. Despite not being as beautiful as Clara, Violet was definitely a woman who deserved a second and a third look. "And what's your relationship with him?"

Hearing these words, Dyon broke out into a cold sweat. 'Please don't say anything stupid. Please don't say anything stupid.'

Violet, thinking that she had found a way out for Dyon leaped at it. "He's my boyfriend, he's always been too honest with his words and without sense of propriety, please forgive him."

"Your boyfriend you say, hm?" Clara looked over from Violet to Dyon who was trying to find anywhere but forward to place his eyes.

"Yes, please have pity." Violet said, bowing again.

"Alright. But, he still needs to be punished." Clara spoke slowly. "He'll be my assistant for one month, whether that be in forging or in combat. Any objections?"

Although Violet was feeling gloomy because they really needed Dyon's battle power for the coming days, she still nodded.

By this point, Dyon didn't even dare to speak anymore. When had he become Violet's boyfriend? Now he was Clara's assistant?


Suddenly, a pair of cuffs appeared in Clara's hands and snapped onto Dyon's wrists without giving him a chance to retaliate. The speed was so quick that no one noticed until it was too late.

At that point, while the men around championed Dyon's bravery in flirting with Clara, even while in front of his own woman, they were also feeling pity, because everyone was clear on Clara's fiery personality. Whether or not Dyon survived this month was completely up in the air…

Dyon was then unceremoniously pulled away by Clara, already dreading the coming days. But, he still turned back and winked toward Virvor and them, trying to say that he'd be alright.

Luka's face twisted in disgust. "Fucking idiot! Provoking an Empress!" He was even angrier that Violet had given up her perceived innocence to protect him, yet he didn't seem grateful at all!


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