Reaper of the Martial World
1009 Sapientia Corner 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1009 Sapientia Corner 3

It wasn't long before the faction had entered the Sapientia Corner. After arriving, they split into their own various group, while Dyon, Violet, Wess and Luka headed toward the deeper regions to stock up for the faction as a whole.

For obvious reasons, the disciples of Soul Rending Peak couldn't afford much here, so the outer and inner disciples were forced to stay on the outskirts and try to find good deals here and there. Violet, however, was the sect Master's daughter. Her funds, as well as the funds of those from the Caedes family, couldn't be so easily dismissed. That said, she was also aware that she didn't have the capital to be a spend thrift, so they also had to look for good deals themselves.

The Sapientia Corner was a hub of activity. Aside from Central City, it was likely the busiest region of the tower, in fact, it was often busier than Central City.

The corner itself was rife with alchemists, formation experts and weapon's masters, and that didn't mention the myriad of other useful professions such as runic vein masters. It was essentially a miny reflection of the Sapientia Quadrant, the only difference being that the things bought here were regulated and created by apprentices of the saint realm.

Obviously, not everyone was like Dyon and Clara who had soul strength surpassing their energy and body cultivation, in fact, Clara's wouldn't if she didn't dual cultivate with Dyon. It could be said that Dyon was the only true soul cultivator who could achieve such a feat on his own.

All of this was to say that the products available here weren't top of the line. After all, even the best of geniuses here would only have saint level souls at the best, or a 7th or 8th stage soul. However, that didn't mean that they could create grandmaster level pills and weapons, most were still practioners, with the best being at the master level.

The reason for this was simple. The number of years of dedication that it took to ascend the ranks of any secondary profession were long and grueling, not to mention the fact that the trials for being officially recognized were even stricter. The strength of one's soul only represents the upper limit of what someone can accomplish, but doesn't necessarily mean that one can accomplish it.

In terms of number of grandmasters, there were only a maximum of three per profession on the saint floors, and they were all undisputed geniuses. Many of them were already hundreds of years old, with the youngest being dozens of years old at the least. Of course, Dyon was quite proud that his wife was among them, so he had no need to worry about affording pills on these floors.

Soon, the group of four made it to a culdesac of sorts, surrounded by seven identical towers, each with three floors. These towers were reserved for each one of the professions. Formation masters, alchemy master, beast masters, weapons masters, poison master, magic masters and runic vein masters.

The limit of Dyon's knowledge on the Sapientia Quadrant was what Clara had told him, so he was still quite surprised the poison masters had such high position in the martial world. Usually, even in the human world, those who specialized in poison would be seen as the scourge of society, but here they were, heads held as high as any of the other arrogant geniuses of second professions.

It wasn't that Dyon looked down on poison masters, after all, if it wasn't for the existence of their dao, he would have likely died in his second trial. He was just surprised. Maybe poison masters had a use he was ignorant of.

"Alright." Violet suddenly stopped the four of them before they entered the alchemy tower, making sure not to get in anyone's way. She was currently a farcry from the overbearing daughter of the sect Master. Every action she took was deliberate and filled with caution, clearly she didn't want to offend anybody. "Before we go in, you all should know that this is no longer our 98th quadrant," She continued in a small voice. "Follow me and only speak when you absolutely have to. Cool your heads and think about the bigger picture."

Wess and Luka nodded seriously, but Dyon only smiled a knowing smile before nodding lightly. There was no need for him to cause unnecessary trouble for Violet, after all, she had yet to truly act against him.

"Good. The tower is split into three floors, however, only Dukes and above can enter the second floor." Violet looked at Dyon with an expectant gaze. "We'll have to rely on you to buy a few pills on that floor, unfortunately, I'm still a Marquis."

"No problem." Dyon nodded.

This quick and easy response surprised Luka. He, much like everyone else he disliked Dyon for various reasons, assumed that he had made up his status as a Duke. In fact, even Violet was currently testing Dyon, which was why she hadn't said this any earlier despite them having had a meeting just a couple hours before. Clearly, she didn't want Dyon to find an excuse to disappear.

Violet smiled sweetly, confirming many things in her heart. "Alright. We'll start on the first floor and buy a batch of pills there first, then we'll buy a few on the second floor." She couldn't hide the faint excitement in her voice, she had never had the opportunity to step into Duke exclusive floors, this would be her first time.


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