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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1003 Scar 3

Dyon inwardly sighed, but continued to follow the two sisters. It was no wonder they questioned if his voice was real considering they were also changing theirs so completely as well.

It didn't take long for Dyon to understand that they hid their true personalities for a reason. What that reason was? He didn't know. It could be anything from it being easier to utilize their bewitching technique to simply hiding from the reality of their lives.

'Old Lizard, you saw, right?'

'I did. But, I've never seen such a condition. Whether it be my true body or all the bodies I've taken over since, none of them know anything about the scars on their bodies.'

'It seems… Almost alive. Like something is eating them from the inside out… In all likelihood, they've been dealing with this for a long time, yet whatever it is that's eating them hasn't finished its job yet. They also seem to be in constant pain, but it isn't to the point where they can't function normally… Do you think this is the work of The Cathedral again?'

The Cathedral had done many horrible things, Dyon didn't put it past them to experiment on children. These two sisters couldn't have been more than 20 years old. Their cultivation also seemed to be hidden for one reason or another too…

'It's also possible that they simply have special constitutions.'

'If they had special constitutions, wouldn't they have been taken to Soul Market by now? Although not every constitution has high soul talent, high ranking constitutions definitely provide just enough soul talent to be viable for use for that Mystic technique.'

Constitutions provided a boost to all forms of talent. Depending on the ranking of your own, this boost could be small or large. Of course, peak level soul talents were incredibly rare, but the requirements for Soul Market weren't so high.

In reality, the restriction on the soul talent was only in place so that the soul would be robust enough to survive the transfer from one person to another.

For example, Dyon's soul talent was so amazing that even after burning his soul, he survived for hours before his soul was eventually sealed away by his cultivation technique. This allowed him to effectively survive something he had no business surviving, until he finally met Amphorae who completely healed his soul.

This logic was the very for the Mystic ranked technique. It was impossible to use effectively unless the victim in question had a strong enough soul.

All of this was to say that although the requirements were strict, it wasn't so strict that those with constitutions not specializing in the soul couldn't meet them.

'Well, aren't they technically in the hands of The Cathedral right now? They're using the bewitching technique not only to hide their own appearance, but to also probe you, remember? It's clear that they're not here for sake of giving tours, but rather to make sure that nothing goes awry.'

Dyon sunk into deep thought. He wasn't new to the idea of constitutions hurting their host at all. For example, his own wife, Madeleine, would have died to her Goddess' Disposition if he hadn't found the remains of the Celestial Deer Sect, and thus awakened it for her. Of course, Akihiko claimed that he could do this for her as well, but his only plan was to steal her talent away.

It wasn't outside the realm of possibilities that these twin sisters could also have such a double edged constitution. And considering the state of this 98th quadrant, there was no way they could get their hands on the constitution awakening pill.

The only problem with this was that Dyon had never heard of such a constitution. Although he didn't research them as stringently as Clara had, he still had a rough idea about them all…

'I haven't heard of this constitution either,' The Dragon King continued. 'But, you're still a little too tender. Haven't you wondered why constitutions are constantly repeated? Why so many people share the same constitutions, even to the point where they've 'all' been documented and understood?

'There are 33 God Constitutions, 33 Heaven constitutions and 33 Earth constitions. This number is almost double if you consider the separation for both genders – although, not exactly double because there is some overlap between constitutions as some of them are gender neutral – do you know why this is?'

'I once hypothesized that constitutions existed as a clue left by the laws of the heavens. As though they were telling us that were should take all three core paths of cultivation, the soul, the body and their energies, seriously.'

'That's part of the truth.' The Dragon King said in slight surprise. 'However, it isn't the heavens who left this clue, it was the powerful members of a generation even older than mine.'

'You mean?'

'Constitutions are a more perfect form of the faith seed. Although they are generally less powerful, they also don't have the same drawbacks.

'It��s a lot like how your aurora flames are. Ancient aurora flames are much more powerful, just like faith seeds are, however, if you tried to fuse them with your soul, you'd do irreparable harm to yourself. In the same way, if you rely too heavily of a faith seed, it will effect your cultivation in the future because your dao will no longer be your own.

'In order to use aurora flames, they had to be weakened and made more docile. Following this same logic, constitutions are generally seen as weaker than faith seeds, but they also don't put up the same road blocks to future cultivation.

'The reason this is, is because a group of ancient cultivators gave up their right to transcend to create these constitutions, imprinting their legacy across time.'


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