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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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1002 Scar 2

"Big brother, your voice is so deep and rich, is that really your real voice?" The younger twin sister asked.

Dyon's eyes flashed with realization. 'They probably wanted to make sure I had fallen into their spell before they made inquiries about me. It obviously wasn't everyday that a core disciple came here, but they want to be clear on my identity before they try to rope me in completely.'

"Of course this is my real voice, how could I dare to fool you two beautiful sisters? I would be angering the heavens if I did something like that."

Hearing Dyon's response, the two sisters smiled sweetly.

Dyon Perception didn't catch any suspicion in their eyes, but Dyon was obviously lying. He had changed both his inflections and the tone of his voice. With his attainments in body cultivation, doing something like that was as easy as flipping over his hand.

The elder twin sister pouted. "But you're hiding your face from us two sisters. Can't you show us your handsome face?"

Dyon sighed, shaking his head. "I'm afraid that my appearance isn't so good. Normally, when I have to appear in public without my mask on I use a few disguising techniques to hide my terrible birth mark, but it's much easier to just cover it with a mask.

"I actually came here today to try to get over this heart devil of mine. It's much too shameful for a martial warrior like me to be so caught up in what he looks like. I wanted to learn from our esteemed ancestors so I could cleanse this shadow over my heart so my future cultivation would be smoother."

A slight look of pity crossed the eyes of the twin sisters that surprised Dyon. This was the first genuine emotion he had seen from these two sisters and it further proved that he believed what he had said.

Dyon had come up with this story randomly, but it still perfectly explained a lot of things from the reason for his mask to the reason for his appearance here.

"We all have stories like this," The younger sister said softly, grabbing Dyon's large hand between her two delicate ones. "For one reason or another, we need the core teachings of The Cathedral to show us the light. Come, we two sisters will show you some more. When you're ready to take off your mask, we'll be here for you."

At this moment, the bewitching techniques of the two sisters faltered slightly. It was only for a fraction of a second, a time frame that a normal cultivator would have missed completely, but it was more than long enough for Dyon to see what he needed to see to understand the plight of these two sisters.

They were just as beautiful as ever. The same delicate oval faces, and the same bright blue eyes. However, stretching from their hidden necks and up the sides of their cheeks, were two fiercely ugly and red scars. They cracked and flaked as though they were decomposing from the inside out and even went so far as to cover an entire half of their once flawless features.

When Dyon caught a glimpse of their hands, he realized that the scar was worse than he thought. It didn't just stretch down an entire half of their face, it was an entire half of their bodies!

Just as quickly as the glimpse of reality came, was just as quickly as it disappeared, allowing the peak beauty of these two tragic sisters to come back.

The eyes of the two sisters showed a slight panic once they realized what happened. If it was a normal cultivator in front of them, they wouldn't have been worried because of how quickly they recovered, but this was a core disciple! What if he saw them for how ugly they truly were? How could they face the world again?

However, Dyon pretended as though he hadn't seen a thing. He even hid the pity he felt deep within himself so as not to alert the two sisters to anything, instead pretending as though he had been observing another glass work of art.

Seeing Dyon's appearance, the two sisters breathed a sigh of relief.

Although their scars seemed much worse than what that descriptive word entailed, and also seemed to be alive, as far as they could tell, they were born this way. The younger sister's scar was on her left, while the elder was on her right.

Maybe the most tragic thing was that the scar used to be much smaller. According to those who grew up with them, it had only been a mole when they were a few weeks old, but as the years passed, that mole grew in ferocity, eating away at their appearances more and more everyday.

The two sisters were already prepared for the day that their entire bodies would be rife with that very same rotten infestation, and there was nothing they could do about it…

It was no wonder they felt true pity for Dyon. They felt like his story was very similar to their own.

At the same time, they respected him even more. Because unlike them, he was looking for a way to move forward and accept the way he was born.

These two sisters no longer doubted Dyon. Maybe it was a bit foolish of them, but their hearts had been completely swayed.

"Two beautiful sisters," Dyon suddenly broke his attention away from the work of art before him. "It's been so long yet I still don't know your names!"

Because of Dyon's fabricated back story, the two sisters knew it would be rude to ask for his name after he had already opened up to them, so they simply replied without asking for anything back.

"My name is Bella!" The younger sister spoke in a bubbly voice completely unlike her former seduction filled one.

"My name is Mia!" Just like her younger sister, the Mia's demeanor seemingly changed. Losing her dominatrix type vibe, her voice became like clear water, filled with a calming sensuality that made her a joy to listen to.


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