Reaper of the Martial World
998 Bewitch 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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998 Bewitch 1

At the moment, Dyon was slowly healing his bone, he had no idea just how many benefits his inability to use major parts of his cultivation was to him at the moment. At least for now, Violet didn't know that Dyon was aware that he had been being watched. Which, one would think, was a good thing.

'Old Lizard, do you think there's a connection between my Devour technique and the Mystic ranked core teaching of Soul Rending Peak?'

Obviously, Dyon hadn't used Devour in a long time because it was a soul type technique. In addition, he rarely got the opportunity to use it because just like other soul techniques, it was incredibly dangerous to put into action and could cause severe backlash. All of this said, the technique was very useful to him.

It was hard to ignore the similarities between Devour and this mysterious Mystic ranked technique.

For one, they were both soul based techniques. Secondly, they both involved absorbing the soul of its victims. And, finally, in one way or another, they both involved the memories of the owner of the soul being absorbed.

As far as Dyon could remember, he had only used the absorb memory ability of Devour once, during his first campaign, however it did exist. It was just that he preferred to use Devour to replenish his soul strength.

As for this Mystic ranked technique, it could allow other to instantly learn anything the originator of the soul knew to the same level of proficiency.

Drawing connections between the two was inevitable.

'The odd thing is that I don't see anything in my master's memories that categorized Devour as an 'evil technique'… If I knew that it was, I wouldn't use it so liberally.'

There was another connection that couldn't be ignored. This 98th quadrant was formerly the strongest soul path quadrant in existence. While Celestial Deer Quadrant, Dyon's home, although, yes, it was the former 1st ranked quadrant, it also had very high attainments in the soul as well.

The reason why it was this quadrant known as the highest ranked of the soul path, and not the quadrant from Dyon's master's era, was because the Celestial Deer Quadrant was about much more than just the soul. Plus, it was also the quadrant that was the ancestral grounds of otherworldly body cultivators such as the Demon Sage and the Ragnor and Pakal ancestors. This didn't even mention the elves who had high attainments with their bodies as well.

It could be said that this quadrant was the only true members of the Soul Path. This was not only because it was the only path they once followed, but also because of the type of energy that hung in its air… Energy Dyon couldn't sense because his soul was still sealed, and energy the Dragon King wasn't qualified to sense because his soul talent was too poor.

'It's not impossible.' The Dragon King finally answered. 'This quadrant and the Celestial Deer Sect had very good relations, for obvious reasons. In fact, no one truly dared to set their sights them until after the Celestial Deer Sect was destroyed. It's not out of the realm of possibility to believe that the elders of Soul Rending Peak might have given over their technique to the elders of the Celestial Deer Sect for research purposes.'

Dyon frowned. 'Don't you think that's important information you should have told me before? Do I have to poke and prod information out of you?'

'I assumed you knew, you have your master's memories, don't you?'

'My master sealed a portion of her memories for my safety. Although I have ownership of The Seal now, and can undo those restraints at will, I obviously can't use my soul right now, so how could I check those sealed memories?'

'Well, it's because your mind is protected by that treasure that I can't see through it despite being linked to you. Don't expect me to understand all of your intentions, hmph.'

Dyon rolled his eyes. Was this really an ancestor dragon who had lived for millions of years, or was he an angsty teen. Shouldn't it be beneath him to squabble with Dyon like this?

'This is good information to have, though. Another layer to the mystery. If my master thought that knowing information about this quadrant would be detrimental to me, there's a reason for that I should figure out slowly.'

After about half a day passed, Dyon felt that he had reached his peak condition again. Truth be told, he didn't need to spend so much time healing since a few fractures in his legs wouldn't hinder him too much. Plus, he had a lot of experience fighting with this exact injury, especially during his second, third and fourth trials. However, he was currently in enemy territory. He wanted to be at his peak just in case anything untoward happened.

Dyon left the rock he hid in, taking mind to seal the entrance once again to make it look as though he was never there. Then he left the area, quickly finding a dirt road from his off-road position that led directly to the city.

Soon, Dyon found himself approaching massive city gates.

Having taken off his mask long ago, he strolled past the guards with an amiable smile on his face. After greeting them politely, he strolled in.

The guards didn't bother to vet Dyon, after seeing his core disciple robes, their expressions were filled with awe and worship. How could they dare to follow the strict laws of Cathedral City now? What were rules in the face of power?


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