Reaper of the Martial World
997 Too Big To Eat 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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997 Too Big To Eat 3

The moment Dyon accelerated to his top speed, he felt as though those pair of eyes had left him. He soon reached the outskirts of Cathedral City.

Taking his broad sword off of his back, he placed it into his ring, knowing that if he kept it, wearing a mask wouldn't have any purpose considering how famous his blade had become.

Afterward, he allowed the mask to appear on his face.

The instant it appeared, it was as though Dyon's presence was completely erased from the world. Someone would only be able to spot him if they had their eyes on him. If they dared to probe with their divine sense, they would suffer the backlash of tribulation lightning within the mask.

Dyon took out an aurora stone, grimacing as he slowly channeled the violent flames into his body.

Slowly, but surely, a change form array formed, before covering his silver-gold mask.

Since Dyon had appeared with this particular mask already, it wouldn't do him any good to appear with it in that same form. He didn't want his identity as Ri's husband to be connected to his identity as Dyon Jafari, not yet anyway.

Soon afterward, the mask changed from its silver-gold appearance to a dark black mask.

'Ugh,' Dyon nearly collapsed to the ground, sweating profusely. 'I pushed myself too hard… to think I'd struggle so much with a mere grandmaster level array.'

Dyon knew that he had no choice, though. If he settled for a lesser array, those soul experts from the devil quadrants would see through it. Then they might begin to wonder why he would hide the appearance of his mask, and that would have obvious terrible repercussions, namely putting Ri in danger.

Wiping the sweat off his brow, Dyon looked around to find a massive rock. After changing the Dragon King into a long knife, he cut a small cave into it before locking himself in to recuperate. He didn't want to use Clara's pills to heal the damage to his legs, so he could only slowly circulate his Runic Flame. The problem was that his attainments in runic vein theory were… shallow, to say the least. So, it took him a lot of time and he needed to be very careful.

The more Dyon dealt with situations like this, the more and more he missed his soul…


Back in the core sect of Soul Rending Peak, the largest core disciple mansion was receiving a guest.

"Senior Sister Violet." A young man with a pale appearance and reserved disposition bowed respectfully. However, the surprising part wasn't his respect, but rather the fact he showed such respect despite wearing core disciple robes.

"What are you doing here? You know that I don't like to be disturbed."

Violet was currently observing the water flow of her courtyard spring. What was interesting was that this mansion, and in particular, this spring, was meant to be reserved for the top core disciple. But, Violet wasn't ranked number one, she was ranked number six.

Understanding this, it was truly odd that she'd live in this particular courtyard…

That aside, to a layman, it looked like this petite, brown haired beauty was just dipping her feet in the water and relaxing. It was only those who understood the specialty of this spring that knew that Violet was actually cultivating.

"We… We lost him." The pale young man said slowly.

"Lost him?" Violet's brow furrowed. "How is that possible? Did you not send Bonni like I asked you?"

Hearing these words, the pale young man was incomparably aggrieved. He had not only followed Violet's words, he had gone above and beyond. However, this leader of his wouldn't care about that, she only cared about the results… And the result was his failure.

As for Bonni, although she was only an inner disciple, that wasn't because of her lack of strength. In the future, she would definitely be an outer sect elder at the minimum, with her most likely peak being an inner sect elder.

One has to remember that becoming a core disciple isn't just about power, it's also about talent and passing the trial. There were many inner disciples with cultivation that far surpassed that of core disciples, and Bonni was one of them. Not only that, she was also adept at movement and stealth techniques. The idea of her losing track of a 29-year-old made next to no sense.

Seeing that the pale young man didn't answer, Violet's frown could only deepen. She knew that that meant he had followed all of her orders to the letter.

"Did he notice he was being followed? Bonni would at least know this, right?"

"According to Bonni, he didn't notice her presence, or else she would have sensed him lock onto her. From her accounts, he just seemed to have accelerated his speed for no particular reason. It could just be that he was following the sect's no flying rules, so he had no qualms after he stepped outside of the sect."

Violet nodded, this made sense. It was logical to increase your speed after stepping out of the sect.

This was also a breath of relief because this meant Dyon was likely not on guard against her. But, it was troubling that he had so much speed…

In Violet's eyes, they had only seen the tip of the iceberg that was Dyon. The fact that he revealed so much of his strength just now likely meant he didn't know he was being watched.

"There's something else you should know, senior sister."

"What is it?"

"The other reason Bonni lost track of him was because there were no energy fluctuations with his increase in speed."

"You mean?..."

"He didn't use his energy cultivation, nor his wills, to lose Bonni… He's much more powerful that any of us knew… It's almost too shocking to believe that he's only 29…"

Hearing this, Violet's eyes brightened with a mix of emotions ranging from lust, the will to conquer, and apprehension. This Dyon was almost too big a bite for her to eat…


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