Reaper of the Martial World
995 Too Big To Eat 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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995 Too Big To Eat 1

After the Dragon King finished raging at Dyon's teasing, he finally managed to recollect his thoughts. 'Why do you want to start with Planet Cathedral? You spent a lot of time here before you went to Planet Unseen.'

Dyon stood, tidying up the pots of tea he had just finished drinking before heading toward his own room to replace his tattered clothing.

'Back then, I didn't have the status of a core disciple, so I had to be very covert. The only reason why I went to Planet Unseen in the first place instead of directly going to the assessment was just an extra precaution in case they had a method of telling I wasn't a citizen of Planet Cathedral.'

The rules of Soul Rending Peak seemed to be giving and kind-hearted, with the hopes of the general population in mind, but in reality, it was still very oppressive. The only commoners allowed to participate had to be citizens of Planet Cathedral. Of course, you were allowed to join the other five sects of the universe if you resided on their planets, but this wasn't Dyon's home universe. There were hundreds, if not thousands of other inhabited earths in this universe, yet none of the people living there got a chance because of the heavy regulations on travel. This was even worse after one considered that there were a whole 99 other universes in the quadrant no one even thought of.

Of course, Dyon didn't know that Virvor was from one of those 99 other universes, or else he would be very curious as to how Virvor escaped the vetting processes, or even how he got to this planet in the first place.

That aside, Dyon had many things in mind. Since he had come here to gather information covertly, he hadn't gone to any high profile places. He steered clear of The Cathedral entirely, he didn't go to any of their larger stores either. On top of that, there were many places even within Soul Rending Peak itself that were worth checking out. With his status as a core disciple, it would be much easier.

Dyon quickly stripped, washing his body of the day's wear and tear before donning his new core disciple robes, assuming that Rose had laid them out for him. After strapping the badge Violet gave him loosely from his hip, he flashed out of the courtyard.

Soul Rending Peak was organized almost identically to Unseen Peak. Oddly enough, it wasn't grander or larger by any stretch, as though both sects could superimpose with one another without anyone being any wiser.

Dyon casually noted before continuing on his way to leave the sect.

Soon, he found himself in a pavilion identical to the one he used to make an example of Unseen Peak's Punishment Faction. However, this pavilion wasn't for the Inner Sect, but was rather for the core disciples.

It was a bit odd having such a large space for what amounted to only 13 people, with his addition, but this was the truth of the matter. It was likely that in the past, the core disciple ranks were much more robust and thus could make full use of this space. But, in the modern setting of the current 98th quadrant, there were simply too few geniuses capable of passing the rigorous testing.

If Dyon had to find one thing that he respected about this evil quadrant, it was that they never laxed their requirements for becoming a core disciple. Of course, one should likely also recognize that the supposed current core disciples of the sect would rank at the very bottom should this have been the era where Soul Rending Peak was at its prime, but they were core disciples nonetheless.

That said, this had nothing to do with how staunch the 98th quadrant was. Because of the reality of heaven's energies related to Fate and Faith it could provide, once a sect was established according to a certain code, changing that code would shatter the foundation the sect or clan was built upon.

Dyon silently nodded to himself when he thought to this point. If you could so casually change the fundamental realities of a sect or clan, after enough time passed, would that sect or clan really be the very same one that was established? In that case, would it still deserve to monopolize the faith its ancestors fought for?

In the end, this was a major reason for the conservatism of the martial world. Simply put, those old fogies that ruled the world didn't dare to change the rules of their ancestors, thus leading to a cycle of the most powerful also being the most close minded, for fear that they would lose the protection their ancestors built.

If Soul Rending Peak decided to ignore all of this and push forward with its own set of rules, then the suppression that Dyon was feeling for having entered this quadrant would have lost much of its effectiveness, thus destroying a layer of protection this quadrant has for itself.

Of course, this left one question. Likely the most fundamental rule left behind by the ancestors of Soul Rending Peak was that their Mystic Level technique should never be used as intended, but instead only be used as reference for comprehending and creating other techniques. So, why was this suppression still here if Soul Rending Peak clearly ignored this most core of teachings?

Just as Dyon was pondering this, he passed by the two pillars, his brows peaking with interest as something caught his attention.


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