Reaper of the Martial World
994 Too Cocky 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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994 Too Cocky 3

Seeing this change, Sokzac was maybe the only one who was dissatisfied. This was the first time he had seen Lilith take a step back, but it actually wasn't for him! They had been betrothed for more than a decade already, yet the words he exchanged with her weren't any more than she exchanged with anyone else. It was no wonder why he was so dissatisfied.

In Sokzac's mind, Lilith was a woman that everyone wanted, therefore it was only natural that she should be his. At the end of the day, even if she inherited Nightmare Palace, it would be him who was truly in charge as her husband. Who would dare disrespect the only man Lilith allowed to touch her? Of course his status would be high.

He had already begun to dream about the day he would rule over two of the five super powers. When that time came, he would be the most powerful man in their Devil quadrants. Then, he would begin to slowly conquer their worlds, before going on to those of the conventional path.

Of course, he knew that Nightmare Palace saw him as a chess piece to control the Fulgur clan, he wasn't stupid. But, since he knew that, how could he be manipulated so easily? Nightmare Palace didn't have any suitable male heirs, and even if they did, none would surpass Lilith. In this case, he was the most suitable candidate.

After all of those old fogies died, it would be his turn to rule. He had full confidence that he would have Lilith begging and groveling at his feet like a woman should as long as he had enough time.

All of this would be even easier if he could find the appropriate treasures to supplement his Black Lightning in these conventional quadrants. At that point, he would be matchless in the world!

Seeing all of this happening around him was like watching his dreams crumble apart. He sometimes hated Lilith almost as much as RolRol and Asyna did.

"You still haven't told us the name of this person." Sokzac was still a controlled individual. After living in the Nightmare Palace environment for so long, he had learned to be shrewd.

"Dyon Jafari." Lilith said slowly. However, she still felt the need to remind them about something. "Remember you can't act outrageously. He has become a core disciple of Soul Rending Peak. Not only is killing him not so easily, he took away the Imperium Dome treasure so you can't even use your full power without risk of exposing yourselves. Don't repeat my mistakes."

Lilith was forced to keep her words vague because many of those who came with them didn't know the truth about Soul Market. If those like RolRol knew about it, they would likely break down in tears before throwing a fit. However, he words were more so pointed at Sokzac, so the warning was clear.

"What?!" Those around were incomparably shocked. They had been wondering how Lilith got injured, but now they suddenly understood… This Dyon had shattered her connection with the Imperium Dome!

It was at this moment that they no longer doubted Asyna about this Dyon having his attainments in soul cultivation. It was either that, or he had a treasure capable of doing it for him. However, such a treasure, capable of breaking the connection between a person with a soul as powerful Lilith and a Supreme treasure… Simply didn't exist!

This also explained the extent of Lilith's injuries. If it had been a lesser treasure, this level of damage would have never happened.

The binding requirements of a Supreme level treasure far out ranked that of any lesser treasure. Maybe if the treasure was lower ranked, Lilith would have only felt a small bit of pain before recovering. However, this was completely different.

Hearing that their supreme treasure had been taken, those of Nightmare Palace felt like going out to fight it out with this Dyon right now. But… Could any one of them say they were capable of defeating someone who put Lilith in such a bind? At this point, they could only rely on Sokzac.

Aside from Lilith, the Nightmare Palace had only sent two others, both of whom were little boys aged only about 12 or 13. They were actually both Lilith's half-blood brothers. In any case, they weren't in any position to fight for their sister right now because they had only just stepped into the saint realm.

"You can all do whatever you want to do…" Lilith said weakly. "However, leave this Dyon to me. If you want to compete with him, I'll allow it. But, if any one of you kills him, you'll be my enemy!"

Lilith's weak voice suddenly gained a strength that made them all shiver. Suddenly, all their dreams of gaining her favor vanished into thin air.

"You can all go now. RolRol, I can only say that I'm sorry about Asyna. Use the Holy Arc piece on her…"

At this point, Lilith had already said many things that were completely out of character. But, this was maybe the most shocking of all… No one had expected that Lilith would take out such an item. According to her normal actions, she wouldn't even use it on herself!

RolRol's large brown eyes widened before glistening in thanks. Her adorable bob cut hair bounced as she accepted the holy item before taking Asyna's unconscious body away. "Thank you!"

With that, Lilith closed her eyes as everyone dispersed, sighing lightly.

Suddenly sensing something, her brows furrowed. "Why are you still here?"

Sokzac was clearly unsatisfied with Lilith's response. He was her fiancé, was it a crime to spend time with her? To be in her room? Even if he wanted to bed her right now there shouldn't be any resistance from her. What was the point in delaying?

However, he didn't say any of this. He had long since learned that the most satisfying part of conquering a woman was her willingness and consent. Lilith's heart would be his sooner or later. It only made sense that it took time to crack such an amazing woman.

"You know very well that we could heal both you and Asyna almost immediately." Sokzac started.

Although Lilith frowned, she didn't say anything.

"As long as you absorb the soul of a soul slave with comparable soul strength to your own, or even if it's just a few who have weaker souls than you, the result would be the same. Also, one or two refined body slaves would be enough to heal Asyna in a couple days.

"If you don't want the young ones to know, that's fine. Just let me handle it."

Lilith knew just how important timing was to their plans. If she wasted a few years healing her soul, she might not be able to complete the God trials before the auction. In that case, she would be forced to undertake a lower leveled trial just to gain the proper credentials to take part in the auction.

Of course, she had thought of the possibility of allowing one of the others to simply take part in the quadrant for her, but there were two problems with that.

For one, only those high ranking members of Nightmare Palace knew exactly what she needed from the auction. Even Sokzac didn't know because it had to do with a massive secret much too important to divulge.

Secondly, there was no guarantee that any one of them would finish on time either. It had to be known that the auction would be in a little over a decade, maybe a decade and a half at the most. Finishing a high leveled trial at such a pace was something only the top, top, top most geniuses could do. Usually, it took dozens of years, if not centuries.

Knowing all of this, Lilith only sealed her eyes tighter before nodding.

Having gained Lilith's approval, Sokzac smiled. "I know that you're a strong woman Lilith, I don't want to encroach on that. But, leaning on your husband a bit isn't a bad thing. I hope in the future you'll allow me to protect you too."

Without waiting for Lilith's response, Sokzac left, leaving an odd light in her eyes and an inexplicable quake in her heart.


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