Reaper of the Martial World
993 Too Cocky 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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993 Too Cocky 2

Seeing Sokzac's surprise, RolRol snorted adorably. "He was only 29 years old and he didn't use any wills or energy cultivation to defeat them. In fact, Asyna speculated that he had very high attainments in formation theory, yet he didn't use his soul at all."

"29 years old?" A member of the Fulgur clan snorted with disdain. To them, there was no glory in defeating Lilith and Asyna if you were so old.

"You idiots are still at it!" RolRol raged. "This isn't our home! The rules here are different! He's 29 years old, yet his Presence is so powerful, don't you understand what that means?!"

The young man who spoke earlier felt like there was a fly caught in his throat. That was right… If he was 29 and had such a high level of Presence, that meant that he had already completed his trials. Considering his power, the trial level he completed shouldn't be low either.

"According to the title testing stone, he had potential surpassing a Duke. But, the stone shattered before it could accurately assess him. I suspect that he's lying about the fact he's a Duke for one reason or another. Even if I couldn't feel his Presence, Asyna's soul had already evolved into the celestial realm and her manifestation cultivation wasn't that far behind either. Yet he shattered one and nearly shattered the other! That's not something a mere Duke could do." RolRol continued, clearly exasperated.

"Our elders told us that the first thing we should have done when coming here was to get protective treasures for safeguarding against Presence, but you all disdained the idea of doing so because you're too stubborn and arrogant! Now we've suffered not one, but two losses because of it.

"We have no pills good enough to repair Lilith's soul because it's too powerful. We also don't have any pills to heal Asyna because her body is also too strong. It'll take months for both of them to recover. In fact, because of the nature of Lilith's injury, it could take her years to fully recover! We might even be forced to use the funds we would have used on that treasure to heal her instead, delaying their trials even further and affecting their trial results!

"All of this could have been avoided!"

Being reprimanded by a cute 14-year-old girl made them all feel uncomfortable, but her words were true. Their elders had warned them of the dangers of Presence.

Among all the young masters of the Conventional Path, many of the more talented ones who received the grace of their sects and clans were protected against the Presence of others. This was because the difference between those with and without Presence was far too great. There was a reason that it was the hallmark of the rulers of the martial world.

Having such protective treasures would allow them to not be so wary of members of the younger generation and would also stop those with more powerful Presences to so easily beat those who hadn't fostered it properly yet.

It wasn't that Devil Path cultivators didn't have Presence, because they did. The problem was that they didn't have a targeted training method for it like the Epistemic Tower trials. In addition, they were very young. There was a reason why Conventional Path young geniuses were much older than them, it was because it took time to cultivate things like Presence and Perception. Even the eldest among them, Sokzac, had only turned 20 just recently, almost a decade younger than Dyon!

The room fell into silence. Maybe they really had been too cocky. They had all been so excited to show the young geniuses of the conventional path their prowess, but now they had suffered to a no name youngster from a mere 98th quadrant? Many of them began to feel their dao hearts being eaten at. They were too young to suffer such a mental blow…

If the 98th quadrant dealt with them so easily, what about the 90th? The 50th? The 10th? The 1st?!

Seeing that this was happening, RolRol's eyes flashed with a bit of panic. She didn't mean to cause such a thing. If the confidence of a cultivator was destroyed at such a young age, they might never recover.

It was at this point that Lilith's delicate and pale pink lips twitched. "If you want to regain your confidence, listen to me and enter Soul Rending Peak like we were meant to from the beginning."

RolRol was surprised that Lilith woke up, but she was even more surprised by her words. This didn't seem like her normal response to such a situation. In her experience, Lilith would have definitely called them all cowards. But… This sounded like… Encouragement? She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Which young genius didn't want to be encouraged by such a beauty? Maybe if they could be the one to defeat this Dyon, they would gain Lilith's favor! Although Sokzac was her fiancé, the Devil Path Cultivators decided things based on strength, and with Lilith's personality, they had never seen her show any affection toward him at all.

Suddenly, the young men swelled with fighting spirit. The young women that came with them could only roll their eyes. Most women didn't find their pride in their battle prowess anyway, so they were the least effected to begin with. However, that didn't mean Lilith's words didn't fuel them as well. They were eager to test themselves in this new world.


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