Reaper of the Martial World
990 Dyon“s Prestige 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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990 Dyon“s Prestige 2

While Dyon was slowly piecing together the happenings in the 98th quadrant, the Flaming Lily Sect's battle was just about to begin.

At this moment, Madeleine stood at the edge of a flying ship, hovering outside of two massive pillars etched with intricate arrays. These pillars were, of course, the very same pillars seen across all 100 quadrants and acted as the connecting gates to the campaign inner worlds.

Currently, Madeleine was waiting patiently for the arrival of a few individuals.

During a gate's maintenance period, those who wanted to travel from the Epistemic Tower to the universes could still do so, it was just that they would be teleported directly to the outside of these two pillars instead of directly outside the tower.

Luckily, the gate housing the Epistemic Tower shared a connection between both the Flaming Lily Sect and the Golden Crow Sect. Therefore, Madeleine didn't need to risk entering the Golden Crow universes to receive these guests.

Currently, Madeleine was very relaxed, a far cry from the anxious and nervous atmosphere of her fellow female sect members. Everything from her long, flowing red mage robes, to her matching violet hair and eyes made her look like an otherworldly being.

Although Madeleine hadn't been in their sect for long, or rather, not long compared to martial world terms, she had ingratiated herself well. Since this was a saint gate and the help they were about to receive came from her husband, Madeleine was unilaterally decided upon as leader. The Sect Matriarch had even promised Madeleine that should this endeavor be a success, she would be granted position as a Core Disciple and have the chance to fight for their one remaining Legatee position.

If this were to happen, Madeleine would be the first ever in the history of the Flaming Lily Sect to become a Core Disciple without having first stepped into the upper Celestial ranks. And maybe the most beautiful thing about it all was that there wasn't the same jealousy and envy there would be in another sect. The Flaming Lily Sect was truly a sisterhood, and they took this culture very seriously.

"Junior Sister, could it be that your husband isn't coming? Are you tricking us to make it a surprise?"

The girls of the sect were disappointed when Madeleine broke this news to them. They had been looking forward to meeting the famous Dyon Sacharro, but all of their dreams had been crushed.

Madeleine smiled lightly. "I'm sorry. Dyon is currently doing something very important, but it might not be too long before you meet him. With his personality, staying lowkey isn't really his style."

Of course, they all understood this. After everyone saw that the fog around the current 51st quadrant wasn't dissipating, they assumed that Dyon had still yet to step out of the tower.

When the members of the Flaming Lily Sect realized this, they all began to tease Madeleine for having a husband so much younger than herself. For reasons they already discussed, if Dyon was still in the tower, he was likely still an essence gatherer and therefore likely very young as well.

Unfortunately for Madeleine, she could only smile bitterly at these jokes and fully embrace her "big sister teaching little brother" role, or else she would expose Dyon. Luckily, the assumed age gap wasn't too large. Many speculated Dyon probably entered the tower around 11 to 13 years old, which would explain him not having entered the saint realms yet. Which meant that by now he would be around 24 to 26 or so years old. Madeleine had just turned 31 not too long ago, which let them know that she probably married Dyon when she was around 17 or 18. Such a thing wasn't too rare in the martial world and often happened even when the gender roles were flipped. So, aside from a bit of teasing, no one looked down on Madeleine.

"Don't worry, though." Madeleine continued with a knowing smile. "This little husband of mine is quite a genius and bred an army of his own from a young age. Those who you're about to see are his Demon Generals!"

Almost as though they heard a cue from Madeleine, the two pillars began to shine a bright light before the waters they stood in started to lightly tremble.

In the next moment, thousands of bright lights flashed out from a swirling portal of colors.

The first moment that those of the Flaming Lily Sect saw these warriors was met with skepticism. From what they could see, most of these supposed "helpers" were only of the lower essence gathering level, even the best among them had only reached the middle essence gathering level. Maybe what was the most odd was that this was just a feeling they got from years of experience, something about the cultivation of these warriors was too odd to accurately gauge. They could only make vague estimates.

However, this moment didn't late long… In the next instant, they felt their throats constrict as a heavy weight landed on their chests.

The three thousand Demon Generals stood with an imposing and devilish aura, their white hair whipping violently in the wind. They each wore majestic and robust black armor, everyone of them carrying an assortment of weapons they were most familiar with.

With a single look, one could see that the material of this armor was not normal, nor were the cultivations of these Demon Generals so simple…

The moment they saw Madeleine standing calmly at the edge of the hovering flying ship, they immediately kneeled in the skies, crossing their right arms across their chests.

The voices of three thousand demons boomed through the skies. "We humbly greet Mistress Sacharro!"


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