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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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984 Mystic 2

'Shocks even you, hm…'

'Before, I didn't bring this up because the technique had a very hard cap. The size of your inner world and the wills it can manifest are directly proportional to your strength. However, because the land your inner world was imitating was from these modern times, there was a limit to its growth. There would have come a point where your Inner World could no longer sustain stronger wills or house any more energy because the strength of its structure was too weak. It would have been just enough to cross you over into the transcendent level, but no further. In fact, even lower level Laws would have caused your inner world to crumble.


Dyon's eyes widened. 'Primordial Energy.'

'Exactly. Your world completely broke down and reconstructed itself with the strength of ancient lands. Now, I can't see the cap in its potential…

'Also, theoretically, this can also be done with the energy on the transcendent plane as well. If you broke down your inner world again, and infused it with the Origin and Immortal energy of the transcendent plane, just what kind of result would there be…'

'I really have to thank the Energy Core then…'

'Yes. The reason I didn't think of this possibility before was precisely because I never thought you would gain the Energy Core. It's been missing for millions of years, to the point where many speak of the 32 heavenly treasures instead of the 33. You truly have some dog shit luck.'

Dyon smiled, he did think he was pretty lucky as well. But, he couldn't escape the feeling that this was all very convenient…

However, he pushed that thought aside for now. He didn't like wasting energy on things he didn't have enough information on, especially when he couldn't gain more information.

Instead, he was quite content to think about what the result would be if he truly infused the energy of the transcendent plane into his inner world. After all, the reason transcendents were forced to ascend was because their presence in the lower realm would cause it to crumble. Only the upper realm could withstand their existence. So, obviously, constructing an inner world with such energy would have very clear benefits.

That said, it was for this very reason that the existence of The Entity was so confusing.

'That's enough about the future. Tell me about what's going on here.'

'You're really set on knowing this? You know the only reason I'm constantly warning you is because of the laws I'm bound under, right? If it was my true will, I would have tricked you into death a long time ago.'

'Yea, yea. By the time I transcend, I promise you that I won't be afraid to face up to your true body. If you anger me enough, I might even dissect your corpse for the sake of understanding runic vein theory a bit more.'

The Dragon King snorted. What Dyon didn't know was that somewhere in the transcendent plane, a monstrous black scaled Dragon, spanning hundreds of kilometers in length was roaring with a might that would shatter entire quadrants. Clearly Dyon's words angered him beyond belief.

'The first thing you should know is that underestimating this quadrant will lead to your death. They're not ranked 98th because of their lack of potential. In fact, in terms of birthing talents, they're not too far behind your home universe. It's just that their backstory is even more tragic than your own.

'While your talent was stolen away by a transcendent, their talents were rounded up and taken away. The 'geniuses' you see here, aren't the true geniuses of this quadrant at all.'

Dyon's smile disappeared.

Before his master's soul strand disappeared, she had told Dyon the story of their universe and how many experts had coveted them because of not just the energy density, but also their potential to birth talents. Of course, that was all then taken away by the entity. Although his universe could still birth great talents, its ability to do so was heavily crippled.

Just the thought of this was shocking considering just how many God level talents were still being birthed in their quadrant. It was even to the point where they were still comparable to the top most quadrants. Imagining what their talent level would be like had their energies not been stolen away… It was truly mind boggling.

But, now, the Dragon King was telling Dyon they weren't alone in their plight.

'You can consider yourselves lucky compared to them. Although your talent was sealed away, you still got the opportunity to live normal lives. In fact, you created branches of thought never before seen in the martial world. Things like physics and chemistry always existed, but they were never so properly explained nor understood. I can also tell that having that knowledge also helps you with your cultivation and comprehension.

'However, those of this universe were truly pitiful. The reason you have yet to understand the special nature of this universe is precisely because your soul is sealed away. You don't have the ability to sense just why the suppression is so heavy here.

'The energy needed to soul cultivate is similar, but different to that used by the Conventional Path. The hallmark of a good soul cultivation technique is its ability to efficiently convert Conventional Path energies to a usable form for the soul. However, that doesn't mean that readily usable forms of this energy don't exist. In fact, this quadrant, as a whole, is completely flooded with such energy. While Conventional Path energies are scarce, Soul Path energies are even denser than what is seen in the peak most quadrants.'


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