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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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983 Mystic 1

'This really isn't something you should look into.' The Dragon King's ancient voice sounded in Dyon's mind. 'I try to give you techniques even the best quadrants would start wars over, yet you ignore them for the sake of saving people you don't even know. Truly wasting heaven's treasures.'

The Dragon King wasn't exaggerating even a little bit. Two of the techniques he mentioned to Dyon, one of which was a dual cultivation technique, and the other of which was a sovereign path technique used for mastering and strengthening wills, were both legendary techniques that surpassed the divine level.

According to the memories of Dyon's master, there were two levels surpassing the Divine level, each of which was separated into four levels just like the previous stages. Thus, in addition to Common, Earth, Heaven and Divine techniques, there were also Mystic, Ancestral and Origin techniques.

Normally, these top-level techniques would have next to nothing to do with Dyon. This was because without the proper power level, using them was impossible, while using common to divine level techniques didn't have such restrictions.

That said, the usability of such techniques wasn't that straight forward. This was because cultivation type techniques could obviously be used without restriction. This restriction is mostly for attack and defense-based techniques, as well as movement type techniques.

To put it simply, even a person with no cultivation whatsoever could use an Origin level cultivation technique. However, if this same individual tried to use an Origin level attack technique, they would enter cultivation deviation and die.

Without the strength of a Transcendent, using Ancestral and Origin level techniques was nothing more than a pipe dream. It would result in near instantaneous death.

In addition, without the strength of a high-level dao formation expert, using a Mystic level technique would lead to death in just the same way. In fact, maybe on half-step transcendents could truly use them without consequences.

Luckily, the Dragon King understood this, and as such, both techniques he gave Dyon were cultivation type techniques. One improved the soul, body and energy, while the other improved will comprehension.

'What level are those techniques that you have to advertise them so fiercely?'

The Dragon King snorted. 'They're techniques my true body found on the Transcendent Plane, what level do you think they are? Even those bastards up there want to kill me for them, and you dare to turn your nose up.'

Dyon's eyes lit up, 'Ancestral level technique?'

'Peak Ancestral level technique. You should know that even most transcendents are forced into having to stick with Divine Level techniques. Only the luckier ones might have Mystic techniques.

'It took me millions of years before I found these. Unfortunately, I don't have suitable women to dual cultivate with, so only the latter technique is helpful.'

'The wills technique is still useful to you?'

'Of course it is. Did you think that a dao was the highest level there were? Transcendents can master Laws and the best among us can form our own Origin Source.'

"Origin Source…" Dyon mumbled under his breath.

'I had to completely restart my comprehension in order to use the technique, and it nearly crumbled my dao heart, but now it's much firmer.'

'It was worth it?'

'Now I'll live for much longer, how could it not be worth it?'

Dyon nodded inwardly when he heard this. Transcendents didn't have a set lifespan, or, rather, their lifespan was contingent on the strength of their dao hearts. Considering this technique threatened to destroy your dao heart at every turn, it obviously tempered at the same time.

It was no wonder the Dragon King would be chased for such a technique. A method capable of extending your life and make you more powerful, who wouldn't want it?

'No wonder why your main body is so mad at me. He's constantly running away from beings that could kill me with a single thought, yet I can leisurely enjoy his hard labor without consequences.'

'You should probably avoid transcending if you can. Either that or you should get rid of me. If you transcend while still taking me as a weapon, my main body would be able to find you with ease because we're connected.'

'Depends,' Dyon said thoughtfully. 'How willing is your main body to offend my two grand teachers?'

'You mean that old man and the First White Mother? They're in the middle of a massive war, how could they have time to protect you?'

'I see… This isn't something that concerns me now, I guess.'

'The only chance you have is if you somehow master Laws to a decent degree before transcending. Transcendents don't have cultivation levels after reaching that plane, everything is contingent on comprehension.'

'Really?' Dyon was intrigued. The world of transcendents wasn't something a person of his stature should be learning about, yet, here he was.

'Well, that's not entirely true. It's just that cultivation techniques with the capability to train the bodies and energies of transcendents are all of the Origin level, and they've long since all been lost. Supposedly anyway.'

Dyon raised an eyebrow at this. 'Supposedly? What's that mean?'

'To be very honest, I have no idea what the level your current cultivation technique is at. [Inner World: Sanctuary] isn't the name of a technique I've heard of, even on the transcendent plane. However, a technique capable of circumventing quadrant level suppression shocks even me…'


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