Reaper of the Martial World
978 Asura“s Eye 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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978 Asura“s Eye 2

"Tch." Dyon's skin reddened and his muscles flexed, directly allowing him to enter the first stage of the first act of Demon Emperor's Will.

In an instant, Asyna felt like she had gone from hitting flesh and bone to hitting a steel plate. Even the sounds of her fists pounding into Dyon gave off a clear metallic ring that made her ears buzz with discomfort.

Asyna's eyes sharpened, her plant foot sliding back as her other whipped forward like a lethal weapon.

The wind was completely at her beck and call, accelerating her kicks to blinding speeds.

Suddenly, Asyna's attacks reached a completely different level. The combination of her swift kicks and violent punches melded together into a beautiful art, assaulting Dyon's steel-like body and tearing the robes on his with vicious slicing wind.

However, Dyon no longer allowed himself to lose the initiative. Although Asyna had only taken a small step back, it was more than enough for him to begin his retaliation. In that moment, a towering man and a young girl fought with striking dichotomy. One with violent yet beautiful arts, and the other with straight forward, bland responses.

Minutes flew by with very little change. However, Asyna was frowning. Although her attacks were effortless, they were infused with her energy cultivation and powerful body. Coupling that with the fact her divine sense was deployed and she was definitely using all of her abilities. The problem was that not only had Dyon not used a single technique, he hadn't even used any wills either!

Asyna had begun arrogantly, sticking her spear into the ground and charging forward, but hadn't Dyon responded just as arrogantly? Not only had he not used his weapon, he was only using his body to counteract her!

Of course, Asyna had faintly noticed the fact Dyon utilized a strengthening technique earlier on to force her to use her [Violent Void Wind Slicing Kick] technique, however he hadn't used anything else.

The most frustrating part was that Asyna had decided to toy with Dyon, thinking that a technique that strengthened your body couldn't be used for so long with severe backlash. After all, her own Mathilde family had a few techniques that could do this and all of them lasted for half an hour at the most and would leave its user severely injured afterward. However, at least half that time had passed already, yet Dyon wasn't showing any signs of slowing down. How could that be possible?!

Even as Asyna was losing her temper, those who were watching this battle were completely engrossed. The two of them hadn't even moved from their singular position, but that didn't take away from the entertainment at all. Just the level of skill was enough to put everyone watching in awe, even those golden robed elders, and the upper echelons of the branch peaks were learning from watching these youngters.

What shocked them the most was Dyon's battle style. He hardly wasted any movements, and his use of his power was ridiculously efficient, but he didn't seem to be using any special technique or wills. It was truly baffling. Could it be he was still holding back against someone so powerful? Just what level was he at?!

If Dyon knew the thoughts of these people, he would have to sigh. He simply didn't have any attack techniques, and as for his energy cultivation and wills, they were all sealed. He wasn't avoiding using them because he was arrogant, he wasn't using them because he couldn't! In fact, the only reason he was still going easy on Asyna was because he speculated that she was also holding back, while at the same time, he needed to study the dome they were in more. That Lilith character might be beautiful, but he didn't trust her moral compass even the slightest bit.

Suddenly Dyon's eyes widened as he realized something. 'So that's how it is… This bitch!'

Lilith seemed calm on the outside, but inwardly, she was completely shocked. Not only was Dyon more powerful than she thoughts, even with her cheating, it didn't seem to effect him at all!

By this point, Dyon was absolutely pissed.

This dome was a supreme level treasure, although it was well hidden, it couldn't escape Dyon's perceptive eyes nor his level of array alchemy. Because of this, Dyon didn't have a prayer in destroying it unless he made use of the full power of his life stealing broad sword. In all likelihood, if he went all out he would shatter the dome because it was a 1st stage supreme treasure while his sword, although not yet complete, was still at the 4th stage.

The problem was that Dyon didn't want to reveal his trump cards yet and this Asyna, who seemingly wanted to kill him, wasn't worth his weapon.

What Dyon realized in his length of time fighting her was that she was also suppressed. Asyna was a peak first grade sainthood warrior who had cultivated to the 6th stage. Not to mention her arsenal of intents and techniques, this battle power was too low. That meant she was suppressed, just like he was!

This told Dyon many things. For one, maybe he would have trouble if Asyna wasn't suppressed, but she was no match for him now. Two, these group of beauties weren't from this universe, maybe not even from the quadrant, yet had such control of its proceedings. And three, he would make sure to teach these two little girls a lesson they would never forget.


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