Reaper of the Martial World
977 Asura“s Eye 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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977 Asura“s Eye 1

Asyna was stunned by Dyon's words. What was that supposed to mean? She had not a single clue. It was clear that he was accusing her, or rather, her clan, of something. But, she didn't know what that could possibly be.

Seeing Asyna's reaction, Dyon didn't say anything more. His Perception had caught everything it needed to know that she knew nothing so there was no point in questioning her further. However, that didn't mean that he didn't notice Lilith's eyes contract at his words. Even if Asyna knew nothing, this Lilith clearly did.

That said, none of this increased Dyon's impression of Asyna. Even if these petty tricks meant nothing in the face of his absolute strength, even the strongest man would be annoyed by a swarm of mosquitos. Just how much did they expect him to endure?

Seeing that talking wasn't getting her anywhere, Asyna slowly took her large, three pronged spear from her back before slamming it into the ground.

The arena floor shook violently, bursting with cracks that quickly spread along its surface as though it was nothing more than glass.

This one showing forced those watching to take in a breath. If they had been apprehensive about the strength of this young girl before, they no longer dared. Throughout all of these proceedings, the only one they had seen even remotely damage the arena tiles was Dyon during his group stage match. To see Asyna do it so easily damage thousands of square meters worth of these battle tested tiles truly shocked them.

It was only at this moment that they realized that they couldn't see through Asyna's cultivation. Just what did that mean?

There was another thing. If Asyna was stabbing her weapon into the ground now, didn't that mean that she intended to fight Dyon without it?! Arrogant!

Before this match began, no one thought that Dyon had a chance. However, after seeing who his opponent would be, many began to think that Lilith and Evangeline had coordinated their efforts to make it seem as though Dyon was fighting a tough opponent when the reality of the matter was this he was being let off easy. However, seeing this, how could they continue to think so. Even if someone told them that this young lady was even more powerful than the two core disciples that came today, they might actually believe it!

Asyna charged forward, completely leaving her weapon beyond. Her speed and footwork made those who could see its intricacies sigh with admiration. Were these the core teachings of Soul Rending Peak? How profound.

Only those core disciples new well that these were no core teachings of their sect. They had seen them many times and none were this profound. Just who was this young lady?

Dyon felt an odd pressure envelop him, as though an eye in the sky had locked down his position and could see his every movement.

'Divine sense!' Dyon's eyes narrowed. This girl was at most 16 years old yet had a celestial level soul? What the hell was going on?

In his entire time in the martial world, Dyon had never fought an opponent, with cultivation similar to his own, that had senses sharper than his own. Even Saru, albeit because she was fairly young, seemed incomparably slow to Dyon. However, now, not only was his soul sealed, causing his senses to drastically drop, it could very well be his movements that seems slow to Asyna!

By the time everyone's ears register the reverberating boom of Asyna's acceleration, she had long since closed the distance between her and Dyon to a mere handful of feet.

Dyon threw out a simple punch, maintaining his calmness even in the face of the unease he felt having divine sense locked onto him.

However, Asyna seemed to have seen through it long ago. Her curvaceous body bent at an impossible angle, allowing only the very tips of her long black hair to graze Dyon's fist as she threw her own directly into Dyon's abdomen.

A muffled grunt left Dyon's lips as his body keeled over, but, he wasn't sent flying. Asyna's control over her strength seemed to have reached a level of mastery Dyon had never seen before as she unleashed a flurry of attacks.

Her fists were violent and unrelenting, even as they seemed to suck Dyon's body toward her with every blow. The laws that should have governed the world were completely shattered by this seductive beauty.

Lilith smiled watching this display. She was quite familiar with the Mathilde family's array of attack techniques because with Asyna's personality, to say that she was often challenged to sparring matches was an understatement.

This particular fist technique was difficult to master because it required intent level wind will, but also a level of control that was rare even among normal dao formation experts.

It was known as [Violent Void Fist]. It was a set of fist techniques that capitalized on taking the initiative, while also taking advantage of the laws of wind will to create suction vacuums that disallowed your opponent from creating space, which in turn allowed you to keep the initiative. It was actually the weakest of the [Violent Void] set of techniques, but to considering it was still a borderline divine level technique, it couldn't be looked down upon. Of course, this was something Dyon was learning first had as his body was ravaged with fist after fist.


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