Reaper of the Martial World
976 Ancient Family Conspiracy 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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976 Ancient Family Conspiracy 2

Newest core disciple? The two young men looked at each other before their eyes fell on RolRol and Asyna. Could it be?

Almost as if to confirm, Asyna stood, leaping over the curious core disciples and falling down like a meteor onto the arena stage.

Seeing that their chance to gain Evangeline's favor had slipped away, the two core disciples could only accept their fate and sulk away.

"A moment." Lilith said, not allowing the judge to start the fight.

Instead, a small dome appeared in her small, ice-like hands.

It floated downward gently before beginning to expand at an alarming rate. In a split second, the palm-sized dome reached hundreds of meters across before crashing into the ground with a muffle boom.

"Since this isn't a spar, but rather a true battle between core disciple level characters, some extra precautions need to be taken." Lilith said with a smile.

Seeing this, the frown in Evangeline's heart deepened, but she didn't dare to show her true feelings outwardly.

With this dome placed down, it was impossible for anyone to interfere at all. Even if one of their lives were in danger, the burden would be on Lilith to stop it… And something was telling Evangeline that Lilith's intentions weren't so pure.

Although others might fall for her words, she wouldn't. How could members of those quadrants even be comparable to their core disciples? They were so much further ahead of their younger generation that only some of their elders could defeat them with relative ease. To toss her out under the pretext of Asyna being the "easier" opponent, Lilith was full of shit!

Dyon, this entire time, hadn't given Asyna a glance. Instead, he was intently studying the dome he had just been trapped in.

Asyna wasn't too happy about this. Did he really think that she was just as easy of an opponent as those other opponents of his? However, she calmed herself. What use was there being mad at a dead man? Plus, he was handsome which made him easy to forgive in Asyna heart.

'Maybe I should refine him into a puppet after this… It would be too much of a shame if such a handsome man was wiped from existence.' Asyna blushed slightly thinking about what it might mean to have such a man as a puppet. By then, her heart had already calmed.

"Aren't you going to tell me where your Elvin Blood comes from?"

Dyon continued analyzing the dome around him. "Why do I need to explain anything to you?"

"Hmph. You don't even have the awareness of a gentleman when you're speaking to a woman."

"I treat my wives just fine." Dyon spoke offhandedly. "Are you saying you deserve the same treatment I give them? I'd say you should probably take that up with them."

Those around were completely engrossed in Dyon and Asyna's conversation. Although the dome had come down, it clearly didn't stop their words from coming out.

No one was surprised that someone on Dyon's level had wives despite being so young. Who wouldn't want to marry a Duke level character? Even the noble princesses of their quadrant would line up for miles at his door.

But, to see him treating such a beauty so coldly made them feel pain in their hearts. Although all of them were off-put by Asyna's murderous aura, they weren't blind.

That said, what truly shocked them were their talks about elves. Hadn't that legendary species gone extinct long ago? Why were they being talked about here? And furthermore, this Dyon character had their bloodline within him? What did that mean?

Everyone knew that even the weakest of Elves were born with Earth level constitutions at a bare minimum, while those with ancient bloodlines would have Heaven level constitutions at the minimum. If Dyon really had an Elvin Bloodline, that would definitely explain his combat prowess… In fact, it would more than explain it!

By this point, the judge had said to begin long ago, yet neither of the two had moved. It was as though Asyna was studying Dyon who was, in turn, studying the dome.

Asyna was clearly dissatisfied with Dyon's answer. This was the first time a man had treated her this way. Although many avoided her, those that dared to talk to her would never be so disrespectful. "Even so, I'll have to insist you tell me. I'm quite interested in what my fellow clansmen have been up to."

"Fellow clansmen?" Dyon finally turned a piercing gaze toward Asyna. "You still have the audacity to say something like that?"

Dyon had learned the story of the elves long ago. The short of it was that they utilized their legendary prophesying technique, sacrificing the life of the user, to see into the future and witness their own destruction. In order to survive, they sent all of their people away, but three of the ancient families stayed back because according to the prophecy, their race would be wiped out if they didn't.

In the end, only the dregs of the Acacia family escaped, allowing Ri and her father to eventually reawaken their bloodline much later. But, the Florence and Mathilde families completely disappeared from existence, leaving behind Universe Chaos, the supposed only uninhabited universe in existence and also the very same universe that was adjacent to Dyon's home land and the resting place of the Demon Sage's Legacy and daughter.

But, was that really true? Even if Dyon was beaten to death he would never agree that there wasn't some sort of conspiracy at hand.

Why? Because here stood a member of the Mathilde family, clearly very much alive.


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