Reaper of the Martial World
974 Sleeping Dragon 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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974 Sleeping Dragon 3

Evangeline had no choice but to accept had no choice but to accept Dyon's proposition. If she backed out now, it would not only look bad on her, but also Soul Rending Peak as a whole. For the matter of face, she boldly signed as though she wasn't worried at all.

However, everyone knew something very clearly: if Dyon won this battle, there really was no need for him to take the core disciple trials. After all, if he defeated someone who could pass them, what need would he have for them? This was the other reason why Evangeline had no choice but to accept Dyon moving in without completing the trials.

Just like that, the crowd suddenly got something else to look forward to. The spars between the disciples and other participants were almost an opening act, just prepping for Dyon's opportunity.

Currently, there were two core disciples that had come today. In the entire Soul Rending Peak, there were only 12 of them, but these two were the lowest ranked. That said, even if they were the lowest ranked core disciples, they were still core disciples! None of the others dared to show them any disrespect.

That said, those two disciples had completely lost their sense of prestige. Under the eyes of everyone, the blatantly argued about who would get the chance to fight Dyon, even coming close to exchanging blows while the sparring sessions were still going on. Although Asyna knew that the answer would be neither of them, she said nothing, instead waiting for Lilith to handle it later.

At first, the three young beauties had been worried that Evangeline was protecting Dyon for some reason or another. But, the things that happened afterwards had allowed them to calm down. If Dyon really had the protection of a Vice Master, killing him would become hundreds of times more difficult.

However, now, they had a reason to do as they please. In fact, it was possible for Asyna to directly kill Dyon during their bout since it had turned from a spar to a true fight. This made everything far more convenient.

As for Donari, he said absolutely nothing from beginning to end. It was as though it wasn't his own brother who had died at all.

But, who could blame him? Didn't Olaf also insult Donari's mother before he died? If Dyon hadn't killed him, Donari would have on his own.

This was the first time that his elder brother had so blatantly provoked him, or else with Donari's personality, wouldn't Olaf have died ago?

That said, although saying this sounded good, Donari knew that he didn't have a shot at beating a saint. The fact he could beat high level essence gatherers was already stretching himself thin. So, he was caught between feeling grateful to Dyon for dealing with the situation for him, and being pissed off that he neither had the strength nor the opportunity to seek revenge for himself.

Thinking of his mother, Donari sighed. Maybe the only regret he had in leaving the Caedes family was leaving his mother behind. Although many might not know, Donari knew that his father didn't favor his mother for any wholesome reason, but rather because of her constitution. Donari didn't know much about it, but according to hints dropped by his mother, she had the ability to maximize the talent of bloodlines.

Donari had always known that there was some hidden reason like this. After all, his mother was just a mortal lady with no cultivation when his father met her. Even now, she was a mere foundation stage expert and that was after his father had poured centuries worth of cultivation resources into her, hoping to extend her life as long as possible.

For one reason or another, Donari's mother hadn't been able to give birth to another child. Maybe it was a consequence of her constitution, or maybe there was some other reason. In fact, Donari even suspected that it was all done by his mother to deliberately protect him. Knowing his father, if his mother ever gave birth to a child more talented than him, then he would be forgotten just like his elder brother was.

Donari shook his head, focusing on his spar instead. He hadn't thought about such sappy things in a while, maybe it was because his mother was only a few hundred miles from here that he had become so emotional.

By now, many of the participants had already gone. Even Virvor had already sparred with his respective inner sect disciple and passed with flying colors. Now, only Dyon and Donari remained.

Truth be told, Donari felt a lot of pressure fighting this inner sect disciple. She seemed to have a cold and serene mind that made it difficult for his killing intent to affect her, not to mention the fact that she was a saint who had lowered her cultivation to Donari's level so as to maintain fairness.

The worst part was that Donari's injuries from his fight with Dyon back on Unseen Peak still hadn't healed. He hadn't complained about it all because that just wasn't his style, but that didn't mean it wasn't affecting him.

Of course, Dyon noticed this. But, he knew that Donari would never accept any healing pills he could give him. Plus, the healing pills he had were personally refined by Clara and made with his celestial level body in mind, if he took them out publicly, it would cause another uproar.

Luckily, the inner sect disciple facing Donari finally nodded in satisfaction. With her cultivation, she could obviously tell Donari was injured too, so he had earned her respect for not bringing it up and instead fighting valiantly.

"You pass." She said with a light smile before her cold expression returned.

At that moment, it was finally time for what the crowd had been waiting for with bated breath. Which core disciple would Dyon fight? Did he truly have a chance? Even worse, while the disciples lowered their cultivation for the sake of a spar for others, the core disciples absolutely would not do this for Dyon! Would a young genius really have his future path cut off here?


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