Reaper of the Martial World
972 Sleeping Dragon 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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972 Sleeping Dragon 1

The crowd was in shock. At first, they thought that Evangeline was stepping forward because she had some sort of ambiguous relationship with Dyon. But, how could they continue to think that now?

Not only did she admit to Dyon being cheated, she actually said that it didn't matter!

One had to understand that Evangeline's words about "becoming a core disciple" weren't so simple as they seemed. Those who earned the core disciple spot within an assessment didn't become true core disciples until after they passed a certain trial coming in the future. On top of this, the very same truth was the reality for becoming an inner or outer disciple.

To put into perspective just how difficult it was to become a true core disciple, when Olaf revealed his true cultivation being at the saint level, the only disciples who batted an eye were the lower ranked outer sect disciples! Even the lower ranked inner disciples didn't care about the revelation even a little bit.

In everyone's eyes, especially those who were the most informed, even Dyon's chances of maintaining an inner sect disciple position was slim. In all likelihood, he would become an outer disciple, and thus be forced to endure 100 years of seclusion!

Even in the case where he gets lucky and manages to become an inner disciple of the lower rung, he would still have to endure 10 years!

Then there was still the daunting possibility that he might not become a disciple at all, or worse yet, become a working disciple. In that case, his cultivation would be crippled and his life would be completely ruined.

Anyone who knew even a small piece of this reality suddenly realized that Evangeline wasn't showing favoritism. Rather, the truth of the matter was that she was venting anger she had held within her for too long. The judges and Elder Claive had pushed her past her limits and she could no longer endure it.

What no one knew was that Evangeline still wasn't done with her punishment…

"In addition to this, your path to earning an opportunity for the Ranked Trials will also be increased in difficulty. During your spar with a disciple of my Soul Rending Peak, you must win. If you do not, it will count as failure and you will have your cultivation crippled."

The sharp intakes of cold breath filled the arena. How was this fair at all?! To be cheated and then punished in your attempt to vent your anger?! Was this truly the same goddess they had come to know? What was going on?

The worst part about all of this was that Dyon had just killed a member of the Caedes family. Even if he had his cultivation, his future prospects would be dim… What do you think would happen to him after he was crippled?!

Even the outer sect disciples were already saints. In the case that Dyon failed to beat a core disciple and an inner disciple, he would not only be tired after failing, he might even be heavily injured. At that point, he would still have a chance to challenge an outer disciple, but what would it matter if he only had a fraction of his battle power left? It was almost as though Evangeline was setting him up for failure!

At this point, even some nobles began to look at Dyon with pity. There weren't any members of the Caedes family here aside from Donari, so it was obvious that they found him insufferably arrogant. However, there were exceptions to everything. Those members of the four up and coming families seeking to taking the place of the Jafari felt that a massive road block has just been removed, allowing them to finally sigh in relief. Even if Dyon managed to become an outer disciple, 100 years of seclusion would completely destroy his future prospects, or, at the very least, slow him down to their level.

As for the red robed elder, he had an incomparably relaxed expression on his face. For some reason, after Dyon killed Olaf, he hadn't even reacted. It was as though that was exactly what he wanted.

At this point, the entire arena was completely silent with tens of thousands of pairs of eyes trained on Dyon. However, he had yet to react to Evangeline's words at all. From beginning to end, he simply looked her in the eyes, completely unperturbed by the air of an expert she was releasing.

Suddenly, Dyon grinned. "Many thanks for your leniency, Vice Master. I already expected to get cheated, but somehow it stings a lot less when the culprit is such a beauty."


The disciples sitting behind Evangeline suddenly stood up in anger.

"What right do you have to call Vice Master Moon's decision in to question?!"

"Apologize immediately!"

"Vice Master, allow me to teach him a lesson!"

Every disciple from outer to core was complete enraged. Even before this Dyon's challenge was difficult enough, why would he then give them such motivation to destroy him?!

Dyon, however, didn't think much about it. He didn't completely understand what this Vice Master's motive was, but he wasn't a fan of being manipulated, nor was he a proponent of bowing his head. If this Vice Master wanted to play games, he'd play right along with her.

"Say, Vice Master." Dyon spoke, not caring for what her response would be to teasing words. "One of my bets today was ruined because I was forced to kill a fool. What say you about my making another?"


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