Reaper of the Martial World
971 100 Years 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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971 100 Years 3

Dyon directly dropped Olaf's corpse in his own filth.

The sound of dead wet hitting a puddle was likely one those observing wouldn't forget for a long time. But, maybe what was even more memorable was Dyon's lack of reaction to killing a person… As though it was just an ordinary action.

Dyon had never had qualms about killing those who deserved to be killed. It had little to no impact on him.

He remember his first kill clearly. Madeleine's "fiancé", Akihiko. Dyon didn't blink before directly killing him for laying a hand on his woman, especially after seeing him abuse Madeleine in her memories.

Since that time, 15 or so years had passed. Considering it was easy the first time, why would it be difficult now?

Dyon's disposition was perfect for cultivation. He had never run into a heart demon, nor had he ever faced anything that tested his dao heart. With such a clear mind, it was only a matter of unsealing his cultivation before he would improve by leaps and bounds.

"You!" The golden robed elder had already begun to rage, but he was immediately stifled by a particular womanly sound of a throat clearing.

"Elder Claive. It's best you don't forget yourself. I've said nothing about liberties you and your judges have taken with the sect's proceedings, however that doesn't mean I haven't seen them." Evangeline's words were sharp and clear, yet still maintained that melodious quality to them that made the bones of those who heard them go soft.

"But, esteemed Vice Master." The golden robed trembled. He had never seen the Vice Master get angry. Even in the face of all of the rumors she faced and the backhanded compliments from those she clearly outranked, she had never said a word. So, why would she change that now?

If the Vice Master of their sect suddenly began to assert herself, the power dynamic of their Soul Rending Peak would definitely begin to shift drastically. Although she had no faction to speak of now, with her position, did she really need it? She could even directly suppress the Grand Elder if she so choose.

However, in all this time, people took advantage of her timid personality, directly defaming her and hoping to take advantage of numbers to outweigh her power in the end before stealing the sect master position right from under her nose. But… How was this the same timid woman they had come to know?!

Elder Claive steeled himself. "He very clearly attacked an elder of our sect. Even though his position is lowly, it is still higher than a disciple who hasn't entered the sect at all. He deserves respect!"

"Do you think me as blind?" Evangeline stood up, releasing a majestic aura.

"No -N"

"Where is your proof that Dyon attacked a judge? There are thousands of pairs of eyes here, yet which one of them saw the manifestation of an attack?"


The crowd was stunned. Not only had they never seen their goddess act so imposing, they couldn't understand why she was twisting what everyone witnessed to be in favor of Dyon so much. Even if they couldn't see an attack, wasn't it obvious that an attack happened?

"If you don't have proof, then don't speak on it. But, in this case, how about we speak on things we do have proof of?

"Did this judge not have bias? Did he not allow Olaf to prepare an attack before the battle began? Did he not try to end the fight before there was a concession or a ring out? What right did he have to do those things?

"And you. Do you think I don't know that you tried to skip steps during the second round, blatantly using your power to belittle a participant of my Soul Rending Peak's assessments? Did you think to make a joke of the proceedings? To use what little influence you have to sway hearts you have no business touching? Who do you think you are?!"

Decades of frustration, resentment and anger spilled from Evangeline's cherry lips. At that moment, Lilith realized that she had not even a small chance of defeating this woman in a battle, something she found shocking beyond belief.

"Adequate punishment must be handed out for all crimes!" Evangeline continued, her tone fiery and inspiring. "This judge will be expelled after having his cultivation crippled. As for you, Elder Claive, you will go into seclusion to think over your actions today for 10 years!"

These words for the trembling judge on the ground were like a call from hell, while Elder Claive felt himself trembling with an anger that he didn't dare to speak out. They had indeed been in the wrong, but such a punishment was far too harsh!

Evangeline then turned to Dyon who was currently staring at her without expression, as though he was absentmindedly pondering something. "As for you, your punishment will be decided based on your placement as a disciple.

"This isn't fair, but it is simply the way of life. The more useful you are, the more leniency you receive.

"Even if there is no proof of your attack, the fact of the matter is that you interfered and disrespected the decision of a judge of Soul Rending Peak.

"If you do not manage to become a disciple, you are forever banned from attending any future assessments and will have your cultivation crippled.

"If you become a core disciple, there will be no punishment as a judge has no right to question you.

"If you become an inner disciple, you will face 10 years of seclusion.

"If you become an outer disciple, you will face 100 years of seclusion!"


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