Reaper of the Martial World
970 100 Years 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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970 100 Years 2

Dyon didn't have much of a reaction to Olaf's outburst. He was just sneering at the fact the judge was allowing Olaf this much time to prepare without having said anything about starting the match. Was this really how they decided to do thing?

In a normal battle, would anyone have this much time to deploy their technique? Although it was quite good, it was clearly flawed. No one would allow anyone to just charge up their attacks like this.

On top of all of that, restrictions on cultivation weren't so easily removed either.

Originally, Olaf hadn't wanted to stroll in with his sainthood cultivation to look down on those around him and clear the assessment easily. However, unlike others, he was privy to private information.

According to Evangeline, the rule changes should have been a surprise to everyone, but was it really so shocking that this "everyone" she was talking about didn't include those with statuses as high as Olaf?

As much as a week before this day, Olaf had already learned of the rule change. However, he wasn't confident. In front of a core disciple, what the hell did saint cultivation mean?

So, his plan was to fake his cultivation, thus lowering the evaluation requirements. After all, if he was saint disguised as an essence gatherer, he would have proficiency far exceeding the normal bounds of an essence gatherer. If he could do that, then he would impress and thus his journey to becoming a core disciple would be far easier. Not to mention the fact that passing the trials a couple months from now, the very same trials that would decide whether he had the right to remain a core disciple, would also be far easier.

However, Dyon had ruined all of these plans. It was suffice to say that he was pissed.

To seal his cultivation in a way that wouldn't be detected by even the judges and elders was a massive feat, not to mention the fact it costed a ridiculous amount of money. Yet, he didn't even get what he needed out of it. It could be said that it was a massive wasted investment. But, it was still better than losing his family's technique… If that happened, he would have no chance of entering the good graces of the family again.

Seeing this abrupt change, it was only now that the disciples of Soul Rending Peak began to take Olaf seriously. To be a saint definitely gave you the right to be an outer disciple. In fact, considering he was a 10th stage essence gatherer first, being a third-grade saint was definitely enough to remain an inner disciple, albeit near the bottom of the rankings. But, considering they were the disciples chosen to come this time, weren't they all near the bottom of their respective rankings too?

"Can we start yet, judge?" Dyon looked over at the golden robed judge. Although he didn't say much, his words exposed exactly what was going on. What made it worse was that the judge couldn't control his eyes and accidentally glanced at Olaf as though asking for confirmation.

"Battle between Dyon Jafari and Olaf Caedes, begin!"

The moment these words were spoken, Olaf's body disappeared into the mist. But, it was clear that this technique far exceeded Unseen Peak's illusory steps. Even Dyon was having problems finding him because he had to constantly orient himself to the quickly changing directional rules.

It seemed that Olaf could change the rules of movement whenever he wanted. Dyon suddenly felt like he was back in the formation that protected the Elvin Tombs, except this time, it was all in his mind instead of being reality.

If Dyon's soul was unlocked, dealing with this would be as easy as flipping a hand, but, unfortunately, the biggest weakness of body cultivators were attacks on the mind. Every cultivation path had its own pros and cons.

Seeing Dyon not find him immediately like he had with Donari, Olaf's laughter echoed through the arena.

"Watch very carefully, younger brother. Let big brother show you that bastards birthed from whores will never be equal to those of true noble birth!"

Suddenly, Dyon's nonchalant expression froze over into an icy glare. "What did you say?"

"You heard m –"

At that moment, a Presence filled a malevolent aura blazed to life. There wasn't a single person in the coliseum left unaffected. It was as though all of their deaths were imminent…

Olaf froze midway through his speech, unable to speak clearly. His technique shattered completely, dispersing the thin grey fog in an instant and causing him to fall to the ground shivering.

Dyon walked over, his face completely expressionless. With one swift motion, he picked up Olaf by his neck.

In the silence of the arena, the odd sounds of dripping water were suddenly all they could hear. At first, there was confusion, but that was only before everyone's eyes widened to see a pool of yellow, emanating an acrid smell spread before his dangling feet.

The judge was completely flustered. Olaf couldn't concede because his throat was clamped, but if he allowed a member of the Caedes family to die, his place in the 98th quadrant would be forever lost!

"Dyon W –"

"It's best you shut the fuck up." Dyon's gaze sharply turned toward the judge, causing him to collapse in a heap the moment the Presence that was focused on Olaf swerved over to him.

Olaf's eyes panicked. He had so much he wanted to say. He wanted to threaten Dyon with his family's power, he wanted to remind Dyon that there were hundreds of members of the Caedes family within Soul Rending Peak, far more powerful than him, he even wanted to beg for his life! But, from beginning to end, he couldn't speak a single word… He could only allow himself to be held up, dangling with his life about to end.

The golden robed elder was the first to snap out of it, "Stop!"

However, Dyon paid no mind to him. "In your next life, learn who you can and cannot offend. Learn who you can and cannot talk about. Understand that my mother doesn't have a name that can be used by the likes of you."

Without any further words, Dyon crushed Olaf's throat, ending his life in an instant.


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