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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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967 Virvor 1

Dyon walked over to help Donari up, sighing inwardly. Although the Unseen Peak core teachings weren't enough to make him envious, he was lamenting something else entirely.

After the Celestial Deer Sect was attacked, its library was ransacked and its core teachings were stolen. After all, if the devil path's Eclipse sect was founded on core teachings that surpassed the divine grade, how could the former number one sect not also have had such caliber of teachings?

Unfortunately, they were all now gone. Even worse, Dyon's master's memories didn't have such teachings within it. As for the reason why, Dyon's master was the guardian beast of their sect, while the core teachings were meant for humans. Why would she have knowledge of them? Unlike Dyon's little brother, Zaire, Dyon's master didn't follow both the beast and human path, she only followed the beast path.

The good news was that this wasn't the case for all of their core teachings. Being a soul centric sect, Dyon's master had thoroughly learned the core teachings related to array alchemy theory.

This truth made Dyon wonder though. His current Soul cultivation technique, Soul Rend, was already a peak divine level technique. Could it be that his celestial deer sect had an even better one?

That idea was truly mind boggling. Dyon's soul cultivation was already going at break-neck speed, even his wives who didn't have good soul talent were cultivating at inconceivable speeds. Of course, that was also due to Dyon dual cultivating with them, but dual cultivation alone couldn't account for everything.

That aside, as much as Dyon wanted to know what happened to his sect's core teachings, he didn't even know where to start looking for them, so he could only leave it be. At least for now, divine level techniques were more than enough to keep him occupied. He wouldn't reach a bottle neck in their cultivation for a good long while.

Donari took Dyon's hand and stood up. Although fighting intent was still brimming in his eyes, he calmed himself.

He usually found it very difficult to control his killing intent, but for some reason he could do so easily in front of Dyon. This wasn't an effect even peak celestials had had on him, so he found it hard to believe a 29-year-old could do this to him.

However, he didn't have time to think about it. Immediately after their bout ended, the crowd was already anticipating the battle between Olaf and Virvor.

For obvious reasons, the meaning behind this battle was much deeper. Although Dyon was technically a commoner himself, the crowd had no idea. To them, he was born of the Jafari family and thus had status equal to Donari and his elder brother.

However, Virvor was a true commoner. In fact, he was an orphan.

From a very young age, he had been alone, having lost his family to the flames of war. Considering he was 170 or so years old, this war was obviously not the same one that drove the Jafari family away, but rather one of the many wars the populace of Planet Cathedral completely ignored.

Although Cathedral Universe was completely tranquil, there were still a whole 99 other universes that those who lived here seemed to never think about. In those universes, there was nothing but a overflowing violent that engulfed the lives of all those who were there.

Because The Cathedral completely ignored the plights of those people, it had become a hotbed for bandits and wannabe overlords. There was no shortage of individuals who wanted to rule over those lands and become the kings of what Virvor saw as nothing more than a pile of garbage.

It was no surprise, then, that Virvor had a disdain for the safe and noble life those of the fortunate lived in this universe. However, he didn't dare to show any dissatisfaction because he understood that he would be hunted down if those here came to know that he wasn't from Cathedral Universe.

Virvor had risked everything to sneak his way into this universe and gain a new lease on life, he wasn't about to lose that opportunity just for some petty revenge on an existence he had no chance against. But, that didn't mean he didn't have a brewing anger within him, waiting to be unleashed.

Unfortunately, he also understood his limits. Because he wasn't born in this universe, he was suppressed by being here as well. Although universal suppression wasn't as overbearing as quadrant level suppression, it wasn't to be ignored either.

Facing off against Olaf, Virvor calmed himself. Although the Caedes family was among the organizations he hated the most, along with The Cathedral and The Jafari family, he knew he couldn't afford to lose his temper here.

If he fought, he wouldn't be able to control himself, and if he revealed his true cultivation, it would become easy to investigate that he was being suppressed. If that happened, his ending wouldn't be good.

However, he wasn't discouraged. Although he hated Dyon, his words had inspired him as well. After earning a spot with Soul Rending peak and becoming an Inner Disciple, he would leave for the tower and temper himself there. If there came a day where he became truly powerful, he would lift this quadrant up from the dregs and forge a path for all the people less fortunate than himself.

So, before the judge could say a word, Virvor cupped his fists and bowed. "I concede."

Under the stunned gazes of everyone, he turned and stepped off of the platform.

Olaf sneered. "It's good that a commoner knows his place."


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