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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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965 Semis 2

"He did use a technique." Lilith silently mumbled to herself. "But what technique could amplify the body to such heights with such little backlash?..."

Although Lilith didn't mean for others to hear, Asyna still did. "Technique? You mean how his skin reddened? If my eyes weren't tricking me, his veins also with gold for a brief moment too…"

RolRol blinked her large eyes adorably, but her cultivation was too low to have seen through those things. Dyon was almost a blur to her.

"His power multiplied by at least three to four times." Lilith's frown deepened. Did it really turn out that they would have to get rid of him? But his power still wasn't enough to handle the 98th quadrant experts alone, let alone it being necessary for them to step forward themselves.

But, even if she thought this, the reality was that if Lilith had to fight the top most experts of the 98th quadrant, she was still lacking as well. Of course, that was because she was only 18 years old, but the fact remained true.

So, no. Lilith wasn't speaking in terms of her stepping forward personally, but rather if it would be necessary to call down experts from their clans or not…

"Asyna." Lilith communicated via a line of energy. "When you fight him, go all out. Don't hold anything back."

"But…" Asyna wanted to protest. They were in hiding for a reason. Until they entered the tower inner world, it wouldn't be safe for them to use all of their abilities.

In the martial world, their path of cultivation wasn't looked down upon for moral reasons. No one was so bored or righteous so as to go out of their way to punish them. The reality of the matter was that their path of cultivation only seemed 'evil' to a layman. There was no need for them to delve into truly evil practices like using cultivation cauldron, refining living beings into puppets, or killing the innocent for power.

So, the reason they would be hated here wasn't because of morality. Rather, it was because of their power and their secrets.

The quadrants in which RolRol, Asyna and Lilith came from had many secrets long since lost to the main stream cultivation world, many secrets which even Dyon would drool over. However, they had their own reasons for remaining separate, and now wasn't the right time for that to change.

All in all, them being ousted as devil path cultivators outside of the tower was a massive taboo to their clansmen's futures. Was it really worth risking the good of their entire quadrant for to probe one young man barely older than them?

"I'll handle it. Besides you and him, no one else will be able to surmise the techniques you're using. In fact, there's no guarantee that he would even recognize them." Lilith responded calmly.

"But… What if he does?"

"I plan on killing him regardless of the results. It's no matter." Lilith's voice was cold and devoid of emotion. If one didn't hear her words, she could very well be talking about something completely unrelated to killing another human being.

Asyna frowned, but still nodded. "You better make sure that RolRol doesn't find out about any of this. Or else I won't forgive you. You have better remember that while I'll cross over into the celestial realm in two years at the most, whether you will ever is still up in the air. Keep your heartless ghost queen tendencies to yourself, or I'll make you pay with my own two fists."

Lilith pretended as though she hadn't heard Asyna's words and simply refocused her attention to the fights below, only to find Dyon's eyes staring at her.

At that moment, her dark black eyes, in complete contrast with her flowing white hair suddenly blazed in red. For the first time in her life, it felt as though she was being seen through, and it pissed her off.

However, Dyon was completely unperturbed by her killing intent. Although he didn't know why she was so angry, he assumed that she didn't like being looked at.

Dyon had his own reasons for making sure that he was on the radar of these mysterious beauties. While others may be screaming at him to keep a lower profile, especially his wives, it just wasn't his style. If the underworkings of this odd 98th quadrant wanted to have a war of intelligence and scheming, he would happily oblige them.

The clash of wills between Lilith and Dyon was only a moment and resulted in neither of them backing down. However, it was noticed by no one but Evangeline whose own thoughts were just as mysterious.

In this way, the assessment continued without much suspense. Dyon blazed through his rounds, never again allowing the crowd to witness the flashiness of his group stage round. Instead, his actions were slower, and more deliberate. Often times, he would even give his opponent some pointers which would greatly benefit them in their spar against the Unseen Peak disciples.

Dyon's actions began to overshadow his persona as an arrogant individual and actually started to gain the respect of many of the participants. After all, they had no reason to be angry with Dyon for beating them considering they still had a good chance at reaching the top 200 and still entering the sect.

Just like that, Dyon won six matches in a row and had stepped into the semi-finals without much effort.


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